5 things I blame F.R.I.E.N.D.S for

Monica’s sex appeal, Rachel’s beauty, Phoebe’s frenzy, Chandler’s wit, Ross’s innocence and Joey’s blissful ignorance, this would largely spell out my addiction. I was one of those thousands who would sit with their eyes glued on the screen each time these 6 appeared. I am also one of those thousands who watched it over again and again and never seem to get bored.

But with time, it all changed, it started to send me on guilt trips each time I watched it. Not because of wasteful hours passed but because of its very content.

Weaved within fat-shaming Monica to blatant misogyny, Joey objectifying women to justifying society’s homophobia and how can I forget about the whitest caste ever in spite of the fact that it was shot in one of the most racially diverse city.

I love the show, and I keep thinking about the difference it would have made had it been written by writer who challenged the clichéd gender conformity. And now, each time I see it, I Keep wondering about these wrongly depicted sketches.

  1. LGBT, a mere JOKE!!

Though I love the fact that show features the lesbians and transgender but sometimes it leaves me wondering if they were added solely as a punchline.

May it be Chandler’s dad or Ross’s wife, any dig taken against them revolves around the fact that they were related to the lesbian and the transgender. I wish they had shown society’s acceptance at least once. Hence, thousands like us were swayed to believe that having one of them in our lives would leave us open in front of a laughing crowd.

Image result for chandler's father

source credit:www.youtube.com
  1. Objectifying women, Yet again!!

The men of the group are seen spending an undue amount of time defending their masculinity and hetero-status that they forgot to pay their homage to women. And this becomes yet another popular sitcom that uses women solely as sexual object. Their continuous “How many girls have you slept with?” conversations do not seem progressive. The background laughter nicely covered the fact that Joey was considered masculine only because he slept with numerous women. “CAN IT BE MORE DISGRACING?”

Image result for Joey with women gif

Source credit:www.murverse.com
  1. Slim women gets it all

Is it only me who finds it disturbing that on one hand Chandler is shown fat-shaming Monika and later he goes GAGA over her when she slims down. The show drills it in our head that teenage Monica who was fat was worse off as compared to the new slim Monica who is confident, attractive and much active sexually. Plus she is seen joining the laughter based on her weight.

I am sorry, but at least I wouldn’t allow anyone mocking my size; former or current.

Image result for Slim monica fat monica

Source credit: www.dietsinreview.com
  1. Rachel’s career advancements hurdles as a result of Ross’s insecurities

Is it just me for whom Rachel Greene stands as an epitome of all those women whose relationship crumbles because of her career. Though I am glad to see that Ross was the one who got judged here for his selfishness but it stays to be the ugly truth of our society.

Image result for Ross and Rachel

Source credit:www.screenrant.com

5. Gender stereotypes

One would hear background laughter yet again each time the GUYS hugged each other, or cried, or used a purse, or loved potpourri. Well, wats up with all that gender stereotyping.

Moreover, women having more sexual partners appall men but men can go around changing their partners like pajama was all cool. NOT COOL!

Image result for Joey with purse

Source credit:www.freedompowerelectric.net

I feel with time I have chosen my stand and I would rather not listen to HETEROSEXUALS call each other women as an epithet. I think this time I would give it a pass.

Featured image: www.vulture.com




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