7 Web Portals that can help you land into your Dream Internship!

Internship has become a buzz word for today’s youth and very rightly so. Employers in today’s workforce market rely heavily on resumes that illustrate a relevant work history, whether that’s from internships, volunteer work, or actual job experience. A practical work background carries a major significance when attempting to enter the job market. It’s all about competition. Not only are businesses competing against each other for a competitive advantage, but people are also competing to land that coveted position in a company.


Image: miinternship.com

Here, we try to list down 7 websites which can act as a bridge between you and the internship you are looking for.

Link: www.internshala.com


Image: www.internshala.com

Internshala is an internship platform, based out of Gurgaon, India. Founded by Sarvesh Agrawal, an IIT Madras alumnus, in 2010, the website helps students find internships with organizations in India. Internshala is no.1 internship & training website for students in India with 4000+ paid internships in Engineering, MBA, media, law, arts & other streams.

Link: www.letsintern.com


LetsIntern aims at providing a single platform for interaction between 10 million graduates across India and thousands of organization spread across the length and breadth of this country.  It offers internships across sector and disciplines, so whether you are law, architecture, engineering or art student, it caters to all of you. Similarly, it caters across firms.

Link: www.makeintern.com


Image: www.makeintern.com

MakeIntern is an online portal which provides the best internship opportunities in India. Such as Summer Internships, Virtual Internship, Paid Internship and many more. It helps in providing internships across various sector and disciplines, like law, architecture, engineering, arts or management student, it caters to all of you. Similarly, it caters across firms.

Link: www.hellointern.com


Image: www.hellointern.com

Hello, Intern is a new venture based on the idea of naukri.com but in a different field. hellointern.com differentiates from naukri.com by providing services in the field of training/internship, summer jobs, part-time jobs only. Right now they are focusing mainly on the domain of technical internships. They provide a FREE listing of companies’ internship positions and help them select the profiles best-fitting to their requirements. They already have more than 2000 students registered from premier institutions like IITs, NITs, ISM Dhanbad etc. in less than 3 months.

Link: www.linkedIn.com


Image: careers.publichealth.iu.edu

Well if you are in the Job market and don’t know about LinkedIn, then it would be like not knowing the sun. LinkedIn is a business- and employment-oriented social networking service that operates via a website and mobile apps.  500 million members in 200 countries, out of which more than 106 million members are active. It offers internship as well with major companies listing openings through the portal throughout the year.

Link: www.interntheory.com


Image: www.interntheory.com

Intern Theory provides you access to a variety of student-credit opportunities (paid/unpaid internships, volunteering at NGOs, virtual jobs etc.) that will ensure that you will cultivate the right amount of experience and the ethics of hard work, responsibility, discipline and of course the cool notion of ‘being at work’!

Link: www.naukri.com



Image: www.naukri.com

The word ‘Naukri’ translates to ‘Job’ in English. As of Dec 2016, Naukri.com had a database of about 49.5 million registered job seekers and an average of about 11,000 resumes was added daily while about 130,000 resumes were modified daily during the Fiscal year 2013-14. Those statistics in itself speak about the potential of the website and its capacity to get you an internship!

I hope this article gets you what you want and the company where you want to be. A suggestion would be to keep checking multiple portals for intern openings.

Till then, May the force be with you! 😋

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5 breeds of professors every college has

Fun, friends, unforgettable laughter, unrequited love stories, unattended lectures and memories for a lifetime, these words will definitely sum up everyone’s college life. But amidst of all this when studies interrupted, we were nothing but forced to think about our dear professors. So, with three cheers here’s to the ones who made classrooms memorable in their own peculiar way!

  1. Sarcasm is what I serve!

I am sure we all had that one professor who would scold us subtly and sarcastically. This one got mimicked the most. The smart ones would not just pick up the value from his lectures but would also learn some sugar-coated and not-so-obvious ways of insulting others. Isn’t it!

But you got to secondhand me on this that each time they scolded us, it would start like a trail of confusions till we finally realize that our a** is getting barbecued super-nicely.

Image result for sarcasmSource credit:www.theodysseyonline.com
  1. Punctuality is my religion

Here goes their pet statement, “If you cannot come to the class on time, don’t come at all”. Like seriously, these guys would not spare you even if you are 1 millisecond late. And the worst part is that there lecture is always in the early morning block. So, I never risked and went running, empty stomach to his classes to avoid being late. But guess who was late? HIM.

Image result for punctualitySource credit:www.myrepublica.com

3. Do you remember his name?

There is always this one professor (in some cases more than one) whose name is forgotten by all. Instead, everyone ritualistically calls him by the nick name that was assigned to him years ago by unknown super seniors. And if someone by mistake mutters out the original name, he would receive nothing but the shocked glances like, “who are you talking about?”

Moreover, here’s an inside story, these professors are well aware of their nickname too but you know, they have made their peace with it.

Image result for nick namesSource credit:www.livinginmalta.com
  1. I hate you…Like I love you

Here’s an ode to all those professors who were just too good with their subject. But at the same time, they would just not let us breathe. These are the ones who would not understand that their subject is not the only one that we have.

But, they are always so precise and articulated in their assignment sheets and would give such value lectures that hating them would be so damn unfair.  But mind you, they totally lack human emotions and definitely have favorites. So as soon as you decide on giving them nasty reviews at the end of the semester, you just can’t because they taught you so damn well.

Phew! Just can’t control my thoughts from swaying in either direction. Well, I can’t decide whether to love them or hate them. Can you?

Image result for love/hateSource credit:www.theplayersaid
  1. He has it all (literally all)

And finally enters the “topper” of the lot, the apple of our eye, and every girl’s dream, Mr. Smarty-Pants. Their vibe is their asset, every girl drools over them and they just make the class feel so interesting. He is cool, understands that you have a lot of burdens, comes down to your level to explain concepts and loves his job. OH! And how can I forget that untamed charm.

They have put with all our shit, late submissions, absenteeism and lack of responsibility but it’s all because of them that we have reached where we are today. So, THANK YOU.

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Featured image credit source: www.admissionado.com








Ten “love” posts that rule them all

Instagram is a great place! You can post your pictures, look at the aesthetics of other people’s profile, try to make your profile look the same and fail miserably. But all in all, Instagram is fun! But sometimes you come across posts and profiles and you think “this is the kind of stuff that can be used as an argument against net neutrality.” The cringe is so real and so hard that you wish for your eyes to un-see it but you can’t for that post and those words are now etched into your minds. Here are ten posts that you can send people if you wish to creep them out to the extremes.

  • When the possessiveness is very real:

source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/pin/680888037384927464/

I mean isn’t this what love is all about? Finding a special someone and never letting them go. Never. Ever. So if you’ve got a special someone in your life let them know about this. Think Shah Rukh Khan from the movie Darr. That’s right kids, THAT’S what true love is all about.

  • It’s called emotional blackmail just FYI:
source: http://www.pictame.com/media/1452985941948940281_1805238875

Even though this is a manipulative behavior and borderline psychopathic but hey, all is fair in love and war right? Even if it is threatening someone to stay with you. Totally normal behavior. So, go ahead grab your significant other, look them into their eyes and tell them how you’ll kill yourself if they ever left you. Nothing strengthens a relationship like emotional blackmail after all.

  • This one might have hit home:
source: http://bewafalarka.blogspot.in/2016/04/mohabbat-kitni-bhi-sachi-karlo.html

Too poor for plastic surgery and makeup? Even your genetics totally ditched you? Yep, you’re gonna die alone. Love is only for pretty people guys. Rest of us don’t get to procreate.

  • Umm have you ever tried cheese burst pizza?
source: http://www.pictame.com/media/1445039372260648063_1805238875

And you thought passing an exam you thought you were surely failing was the best feeling in the world. Pfft! So go ahead, grab hold of your significant other and get married at your nearest mandir/mazjid/church/gurudwara/ courthouse/bouncy house today!

  • Visit your nearest Optician today!
Screen Shot 2018-01-21 at 9.22.16 AM.pngsource: https://www.facebook.com/aawwwmelababy/

And you thought glasses were to just help you see. You are wrong. Glasses make you cute, like puppies. You’re irresistible now. All you glassless people are never going to find love whether you’re simple or have a dimple and no pimple.

  • And I thought this was known as an unstable relationship:
source: https://www.picbon.com/user/truelove.ia/1805238875/1456377192769620330_1805238875

Who even comes up with these? Honestly, such profound wisdom! Why not compile all these and make it into a book called “Jaanu why you no maanu”

  • ………..wow, okay:
source: https://plus.google.com/communities/111893915790279515081/stream/84f9b388-1575-4fd1-9f50-a063ae8e3eaf

You stayed with one woman all your life? Someone call Guinness Book of World Records we have someone who did the impossible. Here’s your Nobel prize, Oscar, Filmfare, Pulitzer, my first born child, a soul of a virgin. Take it, it’s all yours!

  • I have the purest of hearts then : )
source: https://twitter.com/amansinghahuja1

Actually, they might just need anger management classes but what does a loveless person like me know? Maybe this is love. People losing their temper at you and you forgive them thinking how their heart is so “SAAF” just like a floor cleaned with disinfectant.  

  • Is jaanu, shona, babu, laalu all done with?

source: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/angelkhanfa0634/l%C3%A2r%C4%91ki%C3%BFo%C5%84-k%C3%A9-b%C3%A2%C3%A1ta%C3%ACn/?lp=true

All you guys out there, take notes. Call your girlfriends your wife and ask your mom to refer to her as bahu and your siblings to call her bhabhi. Next, watch as she leaves you and runs away at the speed of life.

  • Where’s my Nobel Prize in bravery?
source: https://me.me/t/poorie?since=1492903676%2C13090329?since=1492903676%2C13090329

All you girls who manage their daily moods AAALLL BY THEMSELVES, this one for you. Rest of us women can hardly function without our personal mood trainers you know? Yeah, we’re not brave at all. This post just upset me, brb calling my mood trainer now.

Keep your mom off Facebook

Those were the days, the late 2000s. “Orkut” was shown the door by bubblegum Indian teens. The Facebook tornado had now engulfed them. The azure blue of Facebook was penetrating cyber cafes outside the schools and opera minis on good old Nokia devices faster than Eminem could rap “don’t tag me in stupid motivational quotes, you moron.”

Initially, the fad stayed limited to wannabe-celebrity teenagers pretending they had a life. The dopamine boost that they got when the most popular girl in the class accepted their “friend request” kept them hooked on to the platform. The most popular girl in return could brag about how many friendship requests she’d kept pending the next day in school. Gradually, the number of likes on Display Pictures and the number of shares your statuses had become the parameter by which the teenagers could measure their self-worth.

I was one such puppy-eyed teenager who joined Facebook, trying not to miss out on the latest fad, lest my friends think I am not cool. Hiding behind the display picture of Justin Bieber, I pretended to be someone whom I could never be in real life. The number of friend requests I sent to girls hiding behind Selena Gomez was humongous. The ones that did get accepted were by wannabe-Selena Gomez teenage guys. It was frustrating, creepy and disgusting, all at the same time, given that I always knew I was straight.

Like everyone I knew, I passed school and joined Engineering. I had followed the second fad after Facebook, and both of them would cause a ruckus in my life later on. Lesson learned, never follow fads.

But the bottom line was, I had grown up a little and my tastes had changed. I had grown especially wary of profiles hiding behind Selena Gomez. I had even stopped accepting requests from profiles with “Angel”, “Princess”, “Cool Dude” and “Superstar” prefixed to their names. I no longer spoke to people who were “not working, still studyyyyyyyying”.  Instead, I had now become a “Bhakt”, rooting for Narendra Modi for the general elections. I am not sure if it was any better or worse.

One thing still hadn’t changed though. I could still enjoy absolute freedom on Facebook. My friends could still tag me in Mia Khalifa pictures and I could comment “jaw-dropping!” on them, my newfound girlfriend could post “I miss you” on my “timeline” and I could reply with “I love you, honey”, I could post “inappropriate” jokes when Facebook asked me what was on my mind, I could tear apart a Congress supporter with a barrage of abuses and for sure, I could share “sanskaari” pictures from my new-year party.

Little did I know that Narendra Modi had become the Prime Minister and we were amidst a Digital India now. One such fateful morning, I woke up almost still asleep. I follow a strict routine when it comes to my early morning rituals. I religiously log in to Facebook and don’t stop until I have scrolled down until the core of the very earth. I had received a new Friend Request. It was from my Mom. I was taken aback. My mom who couldn’t handle the TV remote on her own had opened the Google Play Store, downloaded the Facebook messenger app, created a new account, looked me up and sent me a friend request. I was more likely to spot the great Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar himself under my bed than this happening.

I gave her a call, she picked up. I was about to utter something but was graciously interrupted.

“What kind of hairs do you have on Facebook? We never got you a hair-cut like that!”

My mind traversed back to my boyhood days and shuddered at the hair-cut my mom had once got me in a beauty parlor when I was 8. I reminded her how I had missed school for 7 days post that day. But she had none of it. She commanded me to change my Display Picture before our neighbor Gupta Ji, who also happens to be on Facebook got me busted for my crime.

I agreed and changed my Display Picture to Lord Krishna. Everything changed once that happened.

“I miss you” on my timeline by my lady love was now met with “Who are you?”. Mia Khalifa pictures were instantly removed and the taggers were mercilessly blocked. The Congress supporters had now found a new voice on my timeline. My new year party pictures were now replaced with photos of me participating in the temple Aartis.  I stopped discussing my semester results on Facebook altogether. Those mentioning it were duly unfriended, both on social media and real life. The worst happened when I came to know I couldn’t block the “Last Seen” feature. No more late night Facebook sessions trying to stalk random people.

Honestly, nothing changed for me, I was still pretending to be someone I was not on Facebook. But for people who knew me, things escalated pretty quickly after that. My girlfriend started believing I was ashamed to call her my girl. My friends started believing I was preparing for UPSC even though I am oblivious to whatever the dreadful acronym stands for. Congress supporters on my friend list thought I had taken to the right way of life.

So friends, if your freedom on Facebook means more to you than Rahul Gandhi means to the Congress party, block your mom on Facebook. You never know when you might face the wrath of Digital India.

(The above is a work of fiction)

Guest blogger: Parimal Paritosh


Life Lessons from epic movie “3 Idiots”

It has been just one year short of a decade since the Aamir Khan starrer “3 idiots” rocked the Indian cinema and Education system. Based loosely on the noted writer: Chetan Bhagat’s Five point someone, it became a national sensation through its witty quips. This great movie also encompasses varied life lessons in itself like:

  • All is well: The movie depicted Aamir Khan as a great problem solver who tries to help all. Rather than being emotionally drained, he tried to take best out of the opportunity. His lateral thinking and street-smart solutions made him a great man in the end (without a formal degree in his name). So rather than whining over spilled milk, make the best out of the situation. Positive thinking takes you to places and not flattery.

  • Need is the mother of invention: Creative energy is an outcome of physical or psychological needs. Till you don’t understand the importance of doing a particular thing, you are bound to ignore it. Further, no amount of religious blackmail is going to help in this (wink!). Have confidence and Higher power will support you in the endeavor.
  • Be practical and not theoretical: This link below will take you to the Chatur’s speech on teacher’s day. The movie brilliantly depicted how our Education system is churning out “90 percent scoring Chatur” and not the actual wonder “Rancho”. This relying on theoretical knowledge base has take a toll on the hands-on training programs which are passed off as extra subjects. The Labs work on teaching “how it was done” rather than “how it can be done”. Thus, supplement the knowledge base with relevant skills to enjoy a good career.

  • ‘Love what you do’ and even more ‘Do what you love’:  Following your passion is important. Take the case of singer Hariharan. Despite being an engineer, he decided to go with his passion of singing similar to Farhan Qureshi of the movie. (Madhavan who essayed this role is himself a pilot turned actor). Excellence should remain the focus of all activities. Rather than doing what others believe is good for you, introspect. This will ease out biggest problems and others will realize the importance of the task for you.
  • Truth triumphs all: The truth is easier to preach than follow. Initially people will mock your righteous behavior but will also respect you for standing by it. Jealousy is a result of insecurity and it should be used to propel the journey to excellence and not falling others. Be your own “brand” like Phunsukh to stay happy.

  • Take risks: It is important to take risks in life. You only live once and why regret your actions later? Take the giant leap even if you will fail. In the end, you will have a great outcome: either benefit or a lesson.
  • Ask Questions: The key to success is asking questions and help. Knowledge doesn’t come from having a degree but from asking questions. Knowledge requires communication. Socializing helps to understand others and their actions. This gives learning a new edge. Remember: It is easier to fill an empty vessel rather than filling a brimming one. Hence, to learn you have to approach with a clear mind.

The movie had something for all aspects of human life: Love, Education, passion, patriotism. The movie remains an epic turning point for the way we take our Education system. It also showed how we rank our success in terms of monetary compensation and not in terms of social context.

Thus, we all should strive for a healthy society as well as focus on self actualization while meeting hardships with a smiling face.

8 Things People Don’t Warn You About When You Move Out Of India

India is a union of different cultures, languages, and customs. Our nation of diversity intrigues one and all. So, when it’s time to bid adieu, it goes without saying that nostalgia will kick in, sooner or later. Here are 8 things you’ll probably miss when you move out of India.

1. Stupid Questions



“Do you speak Hindoo?”
“Do you only eat spicy food ?”
“Is Diwali your Christmas ?”

Nobody warned you about such stupid and bizarre questions you are asked abroad about being an Indian.

2. Breaking the Ice



Making friends comes easy in India. You can make lifelong friends with the perfect stranger you bumped into while boarding your morning bus or your regular barber who knows your likes and dislikes like the back of his hand. Overseas, the art of breaking the ice and making friends isn’t so easy as everyone would greet you with the happiest greeting and then end the conversation there leaving you asking yourself why they even bother to ask “how are you” if they don’t care to know!

3. Ghar Ka Khana



Irrespective of the fact that you have memorized your favourite ‘butter chicken’ recipe by heart and exactly know how much of every ingredient you have to put but still, there is something about ‘maa ke hath ka khana’ which gives that distinctive taste and aromatic fragrance to the meals, something that the Indian restaurants around you will never, ever match up to.

P.S.  Saying “extra spicy ” becomes mandatory after placing every order.

4. Beauty of Bargaining



Everything comes with a price tag and leaves no room for bargaining when you are living abroad. Everything has a fixed price and all you can get if you ask for a discount is disapproving glances or sympathetic smiles, unlike India where you can literally negotiate the price of a vegetable to a car.

5. Magic of Maids



Yes, no matter how much your cursed your maid for her unplanned holidays and uncleansed spots on the floor, you will miss having a maid while you dust, wash, clean, dry, shop, chop, cook all on your own every day….phew!

6. Crazy Crowds



With a population of over 1.2 billion people, the one, you had been running away from and calling “crowd”. You will miss getting “lost in the crowd” once you are abroad. Whether you’re lost or in case of an emergency, Indians are forever ready to help and this warmth and spirit is something you will certainly miss.

7. Fun of Festivals



Festivals are the lynchpin of India. You will always remember your favourite sweets, the decorated markets, the preparations and shopping at home and, of course, the day off you got officially. Celebrating ‘Diwali’ on the same weekend since it fell on a weekday just never feels the same. No matter where in the world you’re at, you are bound to miss these festivals which keeps the whole nation abuzz and you’ll feel the urge to return and experience it all.

8. Cricket + Chai



One brings an entire nation together and on the other one keeps the countrymen going. You may get the Chai latte abroad or substitute it with coffee but it doesn’t match up to the ‘desi chai’ and surely doesn’t quench your thirst for tea. Likewise, you can watch India playing cricket online from any part of the world, but it will not be the same as in India amidst the action-packed energy and zest of the locals.

Irrespective of wherever you go, you will always miss your motherland and there is no place like our Incredible India.

8 Things you’ll get if you go to an all-girls college.

Yes, it’s the 21st century and only women colleges still very much exist. Studying at an all-girls college may not sound like a very exciting proposition at first (some may not even consider it) but it is for those of us who crave for brand new experiences and adventures in life and are brave enough to endure fairer-sex as their only classmates for the rest of their academic life.

Quick fact: Did you know Nobel Peace Prize winner and popular political leader, Aung San Suu Kyi did her graduation in political science from Delhi’s Lady Shri Rao College?

Like Suu Kyi, there are other many ultra-successful and famous women personalities who completed their education from only girls colleges. So, these institutions in any way aren’t below the level of their co-ed contemporaries.

This comes as no surprise as according to MHRD’s 2017 college ranking, three prestigious girls college made it to the Top 10 and the college which came on top was none other than Delhi’s famous Miranda House, an all-women institution.

In case you happen to be a part of those brave and adventure seeking women clan and go to an all-girls institution, below are 8 things which will leave you shaking your head and saying same.

1. Who runs the world? Girls!

Since our Indian society is patriarchal in nature and as a girl you were often told girls aren’t good with technical stuff and they don’t even know how to replace a remote’s battery! (btw total b.s.)
Well, all these notions are broken once you enter an all-girls college.
Remember the first time you successfully turned off an entire college floor’s power so that you can skip giving your presentation and the professor thought it was a normal power cut 😉
The best thing about studying in a classroom with just fairer-sex is that sexism is stripped from the classroom teaching and Feminism finds its way.


P.S. Not to forget those well- informed classroom and canteen conversations regarding women empowerment and the issues.

2. Why should BOYS have all the fun?

Who said that only boys are the mischievous ones and girls couldn’t be naughty?
Well, ask your all-girls college friends and their stories will leave you rolling on the floor crying happy tears.
When it comes to playing pranks, there exists this one girl gang in college who is infamous (or famous you decide) for always taking “pangas” with the professors and others are secretly glad they are there because without them classroom time would be no fun.

3. Makeup Vs No Makeup

On some days you love it and rest of the days you loathe it.
Yes! basically, there are just two looks. One is the quintessential diva look where you are dolled up enough to make people believe you just straightway dropped from Vogue’s cover shoot and the other one is no “makeup-shakeup” a.k.a deglam “homeless beggar avatar” characterized by night suit, flip-flops, and a greasy hair bun, thanks to that early morning class which you can’t afford to miss because 75% attendance.
But, you can’t deny that this made you see people beyond their looks.

makeup vs no makeup.jpg

4. Healthy Competition

Apart from the jizz and jazz, studying in an all-girls college is quite very competitive. Everyone turns into a nerd when finals come knocking at the door. Studying with a bunch of talented and intelligent female species only pushes one to give their best and study.
How can you forget the walk to the library with your girl pals, the assignment making days? And neck to neck competition in every field from co-curricular activities, sports to food.
Yep! food too….Remember those gol-gappa competition days in the canteen?

5. Sisters before Misters!

Your girl gang always come first and bf always ends up being the last. Sometimes, you and your girl pals spend so much time together that there were rumours of you all being a lesbian gang at some point. (Yikes!). Whenever there is an emergency or your friend needed a shoulder to cry on (post-breakup scenario) you are always there for each other. When it comes to misters, the entire gang together checks out the guy who somehow lands on the college premises and then every single one of you rate his look :p

6. Girls Night Out

Most girls appreciate girls night out with their respective college mates but when you are a part of an all-girls college every single night out or even night-in is with your girl pals. From having a slumber party to staying out late roaming the streets of the city at night, You’ve done it all with your girl pals which include the booze induced shenanigans and endless attempts with Ouija board.

slumber party.jpg

7. No filter!

Conversations in the hallway revolve around periods, body hair, sex and not to forget the overdose of cuss words. Your day-to-day discussions revolving around such topics don’t even make you wince anymore.
Added bonus- you can always find someone to borrow a sanitary pad from…or..share your PMS-ing symptoms with.

8. Female Friendships Forever

You prove those people wrong who always think women are jealous of each other and can’t be super close friends. Your close bond with this amazing bunch of women loaded with talent, brains and beauty 😉 is for life beyond college and you all are going to stick together with each other thick and thin!

But, you still can’t find the logic of having so many male washrooms on an all-girls college campus.

8 Weekend Getaways – Finding An Escapade From The Hectic College Life

College life, in a nutshell, is incomplete without getaways, with the best F.R.I.E.N.D.S of your lives. The friends who stick by your side, through the thick and thins, undaunted by anything. The assignments, mid sems, vivas, conferences, lectures and tutes and the blah blahs, suck on your very enthusiastic and venturesome vibes. But yeah, the perks of this hectic life is the extended holidays and weekends that you get – thanks to our diverse culture and festivals. This is the last phase where no boss is going to cringe, on you taking a leave, and you can explore the places and your friendship simultaneously.


Fasten your belts, put on your boots, settle those glares, pack your bags and go on a trip with your buddies! Here are 8 weekend Getaways from all the four directions of India that should be on your list, this weekend!  Rev up people, Kyuki – Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara!!

1. Auli – The Switzerland of India

Save yourself from the humdrum of the city life and explore this gorgeous location, sketched with snow-covered peaks, serene lakes, and astounding prayags. Enjoy a train journey to Haridwar from Delhi and take a cab up to Joshimath. Devour in the holy aura of the pith, founded by Adi Sankracharya. The 22km Longest Cable Car in India takes you from Joshimath to Auli. You will be left gaping at the awe-inspiring beauty of the Garhwal Ranges of the Himalayas. Experience the adrenaline rush as you ski in the Alpine like ranges – The Ghori, Nar, Hathi, Nilgiri Parbats. Get lost in the serenity of the Chenab Lake and the beauty of the Trishul Peaks.

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2. Yeh Jawani in Manali

If you are a student from Delhi or NCR. This is the best escapade for all you venturesome folks. With a superhit Bollywood film as a reference, picturesque mountains, cascading River Beas, woody forests, and a holy charm, Manali is India’s most visited tourist attraction. It is a great vacation spot for people who love adventure. This town also has a multitude of options for tourists looking for adventurous activities like trekking, paragliding, skiing, zorbing, white water rafting and the Hadimba, Raghunath temples for all the devotees. Push yourself a bit and extend your trip to Leh!

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3. Allepey- Venice of the East

Backwaters, Beaches, and Lagoons offer the perfect rejuvenation, one needs after a tiring expedition. Dotting the coastline of the sea, Allepey is the oldest planned backwater town in Kerela. Alleppey is also known for its beaches, temples, boat races and Ayurvedic spa and wellness centers. If you are lucky enough to reach there on the second Saturday of August, you can witness the madness and the josh at the Nehru SnakeBoat Race. Pallipuram with its white sand beaches, Krishnapuram palace – an epitome of Travancore’s Kerela architecture, Vembanad- the longest lake in India, the Alphuzza beach and the houseboats; offers a perfect destination for a well deserved holiday!

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4. Meghalaya- Abode of Clouds

Well known for Cherrapunji, Meghalaya can leave you spellbound, with its majestic hills, valleys, secretive caves, and lakes. The Double Decker living root bridge, a masterpiece of the amalgamation of nature and engineering; located in Tryna village, is the biggest attraction in Meghalaya. Watch agape, the Mawsynram Falls as it strikes you with eternal beauty. The Umiam Lake (lake of tears), is yet another gorgeous man-made reservoir, lined with beautiful conifers and Gulmohar trees. This Abode of Clouds will give you all the tranquility you need to rest in nature’s lap!

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5. Alibaug – The one with the beaches

Who doesn’t enjoy wading through the waves, crashing at the shores? Alibaug with more than 10 beaches is a perfect stop for you, this weekend. Discover the history of the Kolaba Fort, 1-2 km from the shores of Alibaug. Surrender to the beautiful yellow sand Akshi beach, lined with pristine suru trees. Enjoy the enchanted waters, beautiful weather and birds at the Mandwa. Witness the wooden Murud Janjira Fort, 54kms away from Alibaug and get lost in Shiva bhakti at the kanakeshwar forest.

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6. Kamshet – Fly with the wind

Located 45 km from Pune, it is a Paragliders paradise.  The area is surrounded by paddy and sunflower fields and it provides an awesome view while you are enjoying the world-class paragliding facilities here. Have a closer look at the village life in India with muddy huts and village markets. Breathe in the beauty of the Pawna Lake as it takes your breath away. Bedsa caves, dating back to 60BC is a perfect instance of architecture and nature. Shinde Wadi hills, is a beginner paraglider escape, with a height of 100-200 feet. Due to its proximity with Lonavla and Khandala, you can push your trip further.

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7. Chickmagalur – Coffee Land of Karnataka

What’s better than experiencing the chiming silence of the forests by actually spending a night amidst the forests. Known for its coffee estates, it is a 7-hour drive from Bangalore. The road trip is smooth with CCDs and A2Bs welcoming you throughout the Bangalore-Mangalore highway. Retreat to the verdant grass, the wonders of nature in its purest of forms at the Mullyanagiri and Kemanagundi hills. Experience the thrill of rafting in the Bhadra river. Head to the National Coffee Research Station to grab the perfect variety of coffee grown here. Stay at Homestays, situated deep in the forests with gaping hills at one side and the endless rainforest at the other. Enjoy activities like trekking through the forests and waterfalls, camping, shooting and coffee estate visits, organized by the homestays.

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8. Ooty- Queen of Nilgiris

Situated at 2500 meters above sea level, with roads entwined on the lofty hills, with the aroma of tea and the salubrious air, Ooty is a great destination for the weekends. On a road trip, you can visit the Bandipur National Park and encounter bathing elephants, posing deers and exquisite birds all along your way. On reaching Ooty, head to the beautiful Ooty Lake and go boating with your friends. The breathtaking Pykara Lake is yet another boating spot. Grab a cuppa tea at the Tea estates and take a toy train to Conoor, and pose amidst the tea gardens with astounding Sleeping Lady Hill Ranges. Hire a guide and take a trek up to witness the turtle rock. The hills present a beautiful sunset view, which shall be forever etched in your memories.

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I hope you are not going to waste any time and head straight to planning your next Trip with your friends. Discover more options and witness the enthralling beauty of our Incredible India. The giggles and an unforgettable trip with your ‘yaaras’, will always stay close to your heart. Ready Steady Po!



7 Budget Bytes to Satiate Your Hunger PANGS!!

The semester’s on! The stage is set with assignments, lectures & the clubs, ready to scavenge all your time. Your college life is an emotional rollercoaster, from fluctuating friendships, crushing on the hottest girl/guy to sour heart-breaks! And when food is your soulmate, strengthening you to survive through all odds, when you are all famished and ready to evoke the inner Adam Richman. You have to settle for the mess ki daal or the maid’s mercy( if you are renting a flat), which makes you homesick. To cope with your hectic schedule you need a healthy diet and need to feel good about yourself. However it’s always easier to order a cheese burst pizza, Hamburgers, Fried chicken wings, isn’t it?

giphy (1).gif

Ever wondered that it’s not too late to conjure up your inner Sanjeev Kapoor or Vikas Khanna? Grab the spatula, the ladle, the knife, and grater; fill your hearts with the fervor to cook as I am going to share 7 easy breezy recipes, which are delicious, healthy, rejuvenating and hold the power to soothe that aching heart of yours!

Note- I am going to add an ‘Author’s Twist’ after every recipe to share my tips and take on the dish!

1. Multi-grain Vegetable Sandwich

Starting your day with a Multi-grain Vegetable Sandwich is a wise option. You are free to experiment and add any vegetables, subject to liking and availability! The Multigrain bread has high dietary fiber and helps in weight loss.

Indulge in this healthier & tastier version of the Vegetable Sandwiches with the actress Shilpa Shetty-


Author’s Twist – Always go for a whole wheat variant of multigrain bread as the market is flooded with the white and less healthy ones!

2. Indian Masala Omelette

This dish is super-duper easy, pocket-friendly and a great way to satiate your hungry stomachs after workouts. Eggs are an inexpensive yet rich source of protein, Vitamin B12, D, and minerals. You can also have it as a mid-evening snack to prevent yourself from going for Junk!

Make this simple yet enriching dish with MasterChef winner Shipra Khanna-


Author’s Twist – To make your eggs fluffed up, add a tablespoon of milk into the beaten eggs and taste the clouds!

3. Poha

Poha is one of the healthiest meal to kickstart your day with. With the beaten rice, a whole lot of vegetables, it is a complete meal in itself and will keep you full for a long time. The most interesting thing about this Indian breakfast is that it can be consumed by people, allergic to wheat. Rich in proteins, carbs, vitamins, and minerals; it is gluten-free and good for people on a diet.

Relive the Golden Khana Khazana Days with this recipe by MasterChef Sanjeev Kapoor-


Author’s Twist – Avoid adding potato if you are on a diet. You can garnish it with a dash of crumbled paneer, rich in proteins.

4. Overnight Chocolate Oats

There couldn’t be a better way to serve oats. Chocolate and oats with the sweetness of ripe bananas, heaven! This is a no-cook recipe. It is super easy and customizable as you can add your favorite fruits and relish health! Oats are rich in fiber & omega-3. Bananas are rich in potassium and add the natural sweetness, cutting additional sugar intake.

Lose weight with this healthy recipe-


Author’s Twist – Drizzle some melted peanut butter over the cold Chocolate oats and dig in.

5. No Bake Mac-n-Cheese

Okay, this may not be the dish for health-freaks, but the most sorted out comfort food. I might sound like a cheese snob, but trust me cheese is rich in calcium, is a non-meat source of protein and good fats. Our body needs everything in moderation. So a cup of the gooey Mac-n-cheese is not gluttony!

Time to make this quick to make, 4 ingredients, No Bake Mac-n-cheese-


Author’s Twist– For Eggetarians- Serve this bowl of goodness with a sunny-side up egg. Thank me later!!

6. Grilled Vegetable Salad

Fresh Green and Raw salads are not everyone’s favorite. Grilled Vegetable Salad is a great alternative and it’s yummy! The salad dressing can be experimented with. Olive oil, which is loaded with health benefits, can be used generously and adds that subtlety to the dish.

Let’s Grill those veggies with this recipe-


Author’s Twist- If you do not have a microwave, use a grill pan or tava to grill the veggies.

7. Pancakes

The final addition to this list is my and everyone’s  favorite – Pancakes. Oh! Those fluffy little darlings are perfect for a Sunday morning. I won’t say it’s really healthy with the refined flour. But it comes with the goodness of eggs.

Here’s a recipe by Chef Chinu to make fluffy pancakes


Author’s Twist- Avoid sugar and take a step and drizzle that glazing honey for sweetness. Serve with a spoon full of Nutella richness or a generous scoop of ice cream.

Okay! Okay! This is a sin. But why not reward yourself for going healthy, with this delicacy?

Here’s an article dedicated to all of those living away from their parents, those who can’t spare much time cooking. These recipes are about to elicit a ‘Ma Ma Mia‘, from your mouths. Say Bye bye to junk when you can wear the hat and create magic in a snap!

Actually, these dishes are budget friendly and are made out of the common ingredients present at home or come really handy for those living in PGs and dorms. All these dishes can be prepared without the use of a microwave and won’t take up much of your time.  ‘Health is Wealth.’ When healthily is tasty and not hard on the pocket, why not do a little cooking for yourself?




15 Hacks to Smoothen Your College Days!

College Life is one hell of a rollercoaster ride! From managing early morning classes to club commitments; from hanging out with friends to finishing the horde of personal chores at the hostel, is difficult but not a Catch-22! So stop being a worry wart and start thinking smart.

Here are the 10+ hacks to help you make your life easy as a pie:

1. Remember Your Schedule!

Replace that SHERLOCK’s home screen on your phone with your class schedule and be that cool Freshman who isn’t Lost!


2. Mind that Flying Page!

Keep that flaying page of your Textbook at bay by using this simple tool- Your Pen’s Cap!



3. Differentiate Your Keys!

Swiftly sneak your drunk friend in your room before the hostel warden takes him/her in, without any unlocking struggles! Paint the head of the keys with your favourite nail paints, acrylic paints or markers to make them apart.



4. Manage Your Desk:

Are you tired with entangled wires and worried about losing stuff? Use the empty toilet paper roll and You got ’em all!


5. Use a Tic-Tac container to Hold Pencil Shavings.

Now no more dumping the pencil shavings under your bed and later crib about the mess you’ve created!


6. Spell of Colour Codes!

Use Colourful Markers to differentiate your Notes and waste no more time looking for that damned notebook!


7. Egg Carton as a Cooling Pad!

While using Laptop for a longer time, cool it by placing on an egg holder.


8. Brighten up those Dull Dorm Walls…

If you’re not allowed to drill nails in your dorm wall, use colourful tapes to decorate the doomed walls!


9. Convert Pizza Box into Plates!

Why to take up the challenge of washing dishes when your pizza box bears this property?



10. Reheat that Leftover Piece!

Who likes to throw away leftover Pizza when your Iron and Hair Dryer can bubble up the cheese?



11. Iron Clothes without Ironing?

Ironing every crease take a lot of time and is not everyone’s favourite job. Here’s how you can have a wrinkle-free shirt at the drop of a hat!


12. Start a Party Anywhere!!

Got over with your exams and feel like partying but you don’t have a speaker? Cut a slit into an empty roll of paper towels and pop your iPhone inside. Cut a hole into 2 solo cups and put the ends of the paper towel roll into each. Why worry when your phone can be the DJ of the night!


13. Fit Your Clothes in the Dresser:

 Stop bickering about the lack of space to fit in your new buys with this simple technique:


14. The Soda Tab Trick:

No place to put your hangers? Use Soda Tabs and save Closet Space.


15. The Magical Blow Dryer!

Be it menstrual cramps, aching arms or the annoying hiccups. Here’s how Blow Dryers weave magic:

Do not let the grass grow under your feet and include these hacks in your everyday college life! This is one of the many ways TheCollegeFever helps to make your college life easier, simpler and a hell lot more interesting. Read our articles to ace the art!

What made the #CampusStories

Interacting with young energetic students, helping them unfold and manage their dream college events — TheCollegeFever team felt they needed an addition to provide value. After all, it’s an interaction dais for students.

With pondering of the missing aspects, a question came up to our minds. Why not bring up a platform to read and write about fun, achievements and vibrant affairs in the campuses? The experience of indulging with young students in college made it evident that college life is beyond studies and fests. There’s more to it. So this is what happened a few days back:

#CampusStories in the making

One of the most beautiful chapters in the book called Life — cherished, treasured college days. The pranks played, the achievements during that time-frame, the friends made — all of this makes every bit of college life compound to mean a lot. Each person has a story to tell, of adventures and misadventures during college life! And so, we thought of exploring memories of the campus lives by capturing stories.

Be it motivating, as that of Sheryl Rebecca or aspirations of young Ishan Savio or life inside the IIM-B Campus.

Sheryl’s Will power moved us!

The journey of framing up and unearthing stories was a mixture of curiosity and happiness. The core idea behind the venture was to make a space for students to write amazing stories of themselves or their friends or anything related to their college life which they feel are worth sharing to the world.

This idea was very closely intertwined to our vision to create a student community which shares and works to catalyze a better world!

We got to know about Sheryl Rebecca, our protagonist of the first featured story, from a newsletter of the college she is presently studying in. Interacting with her made us realize that she was not just a young girl who has survived an accident which got her leg amputated, but someone with immense talent and willpower, no matter what! Same goes for Ishan Savio. We got a chance to showcase his talent and widen opportunities of turning his idea into reality.

Ishan following his heart’s call

Each story that we are gathering has been so personal and close to the heart of TCF team, that it became an enriching and a motivating experience for us all.

This venture will only be complete if you — our beloved students and dear readers start to pen down stories that you feel that the world must know…That’s what we, TheCollegeFever team is heading towards. We want you to showcase your college life or individual experiences, those that have different shades to paint the world with your hues!

Let the world know untold stories buried in the wonders of your world- the campus life!

This article has been penned down by Jisa Sara Mathew. Other #CampusStories can be found in TheCollegeFever Stories section. Do check them out! Get inspired to write!