7 Web Portals that can help you land into your Dream Internship!

Internship has become a buzz word for today’s youth and very rightly so. Employers in today’s workforce market rely heavily on resumes that illustrate a relevant work history, whether that’s from internships, volunteer work, or actual job experience. A practical work background carries a major significance when attempting to enter the job market. It’s all about competition. Not only are businesses competing against each other for a competitive advantage, but people are also competing to land that coveted position in a company.


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Here, we try to list down 7 websites which can act as a bridge between you and the internship you are looking for.

Link: www.internshala.com


Image: www.internshala.com

Internshala is an internship platform, based out of Gurgaon, India. Founded by Sarvesh Agrawal, an IIT Madras alumnus, in 2010, the website helps students find internships with organizations in India. Internshala is no.1 internship & training website for students in India with 4000+ paid internships in Engineering, MBA, media, law, arts & other streams.

Link: www.letsintern.com


LetsIntern aims at providing a single platform for interaction between 10 million graduates across India and thousands of organization spread across the length and breadth of this country.  It offers internships across sector and disciplines, so whether you are law, architecture, engineering or art student, it caters to all of you. Similarly, it caters across firms.

Link: www.makeintern.com


Image: www.makeintern.com

MakeIntern is an online portal which provides the best internship opportunities in India. Such as Summer Internships, Virtual Internship, Paid Internship and many more. It helps in providing internships across various sector and disciplines, like law, architecture, engineering, arts or management student, it caters to all of you. Similarly, it caters across firms.

Link: www.hellointern.com


Image: www.hellointern.com

Hello, Intern is a new venture based on the idea of naukri.com but in a different field. hellointern.com differentiates from naukri.com by providing services in the field of training/internship, summer jobs, part-time jobs only. Right now they are focusing mainly on the domain of technical internships. They provide a FREE listing of companies’ internship positions and help them select the profiles best-fitting to their requirements. They already have more than 2000 students registered from premier institutions like IITs, NITs, ISM Dhanbad etc. in less than 3 months.

Link: www.linkedIn.com


Image: careers.publichealth.iu.edu

Well if you are in the Job market and don’t know about LinkedIn, then it would be like not knowing the sun. LinkedIn is a business- and employment-oriented social networking service that operates via a website and mobile apps.  500 million members in 200 countries, out of which more than 106 million members are active. It offers internship as well with major companies listing openings through the portal throughout the year.

Link: www.interntheory.com


Image: www.interntheory.com

Intern Theory provides you access to a variety of student-credit opportunities (paid/unpaid internships, volunteering at NGOs, virtual jobs etc.) that will ensure that you will cultivate the right amount of experience and the ethics of hard work, responsibility, discipline and of course the cool notion of ‘being at work’!

Link: www.naukri.com



Image: www.naukri.com

The word ‘Naukri’ translates to ‘Job’ in English. As of Dec 2016, Naukri.com had a database of about 49.5 million registered job seekers and an average of about 11,000 resumes was added daily while about 130,000 resumes were modified daily during the Fiscal year 2013-14. Those statistics in itself speak about the potential of the website and its capacity to get you an internship!

I hope this article gets you what you want and the company where you want to be. A suggestion would be to keep checking multiple portals for intern openings.

Till then, May the force be with you! 😋

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Guide 101: Organising a TEDx Event in College

Kiran Bedi, Bhuvan Bam, Shashi Tharoor and Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, all these ultra-successful personalities in their respective professional domains share one thing in common. Guess what? No, it isn’t popularity! But, a simple one they are all TEDx speakers. Yes! and their TEDx talks on Youtube boasts views in millions. TED is short for Technology Entertainment and Design conferences. Usually, the duration varies from 3 – 18 minutes (you don’t want the audience to sleep or boo you away from the stage)

Difference between TED and TEDx

Most of us often take TED and TEDx as the same but there exists a definite difference between the two. The former is organised on a global scale by the TED organisation themselves whereas the latter, is privately organised on a local level with an aim to provide the audience with TEDx like experience and outlook.

So, it isn’t wrong to say that ‘x’ factor in a TEDx event are the organisers. If you are keen on organising a TEDx event, begin with applying for a license on TED.com 

The process usually takes about four to six months and once you are successful in getting the license and looking up for ways to organise the event, we have chalked out few major pointers which will guide you while organising the event and making sure its a successful one!


The first and foremost thing is to come up with a theme for your TEDx event. Remember how back in good old school days, there used to be a theme for fancy dress competition? Likewise, you have to pick a theme, for instance, the day on which your event is slated is International Games Day then you can set the theme revolving around various sports and select the panel as well as create your marketing strategy around the same.


The venue has to be selected very carefully as it will directly influence the audience’s experience. So, the venue needs to be easily accessible, should comply with required accommodation capacity and most importantly, should be within the budget plan. The venue should be equipped with proper facilities like projectors, audio system, restrooms and enough space to showcase sponsors material, etc. The chosen place will set the tone for your event and don’t go for a place which is easy to get lost in. Many of the organisers suggest that in order to cut down on venue cost, one should try to land a venue sponsor and save some bucks which can be further utilised towards other stuff.


Well as most of us are familiar with the saying, “Nothing in this world comes for free” same goes for organising an event like TEDx Talk. You have to rake in the moolah and it isn’t exactly a cake walk. You can begin with a blueprint regarding the audience expenditure estimates and after having an idea about the expenses start chasing sponsors. Yes! sponsors, unless you are Bill Gates or your last name, is Ambani. Make a list of potential sponsors who might be interested in associating with the event and are ready to dig into their pockets and hand you over a six-figure cheque. Establish contact with the sponsors, stay formal (stay away from slangs, fake accents and don’t be a grammar assassin), be armed with essential numbers and right arguments to convince them why it is profitable for them to be a sponsor.

finance gif.gif

Also, check out this blog to learn more ways to land sponsorships.


No, speakers here don’t refer to black ugly audio boxes but the people or personalities who are going to share their ideas, research and experiences with the audience. Try to have a diverse range of speakers and make sure their ideas, materials or research perfectly aligns with the theme of the event. Make sure to run a thorough background check on speakers to keep the frauds away. Begin by sending invites to potential speakers and try to bring in some known faces as speakers so that the event is easy to promote and looks more authentic. In case, you receive requests from people to be a speaker, set up a selection committee and then finalise the candidates who can fit in. Most of the organisers keep speakers in loop and review their speech material to ensure that the talks which are to be delivered don’t compromise with the standards set for the event.

gif tedx


No event these days is complete without marketing. In order to promote and spread the word about your TEDx event, you need to outline your target audience and once this step is taken care of start chalking out creative ways and strategy through which you can promote the event. If you are short on budget, then make social media your best friend. In a college scenario, you can get volunteers from marketing and management course to handle this crucial task. Also, you can promote the event through the social media reach of the decided speakers.

A majority of  TEDx organisers while sharing their experience of organising the event considered marketing as one of the most crucial elements in guaranteeing the success of the event. Many of them suggested influence marketing and strong media partnerships as the possible way of effectively reaching out to the target audience. Another side of marketing which is often ignored by debutant organisers is the selling of tickets. Most of them go for the conventional route of selling them i.e., offline way, instead of partnering with online platforms like The College Fever which gives you the opportunity to sell tickets online months before the event and that too, to a large audience.


Last but not the least, don’t forget to videotape the entire event. Who doesn’t want a million views on their TEDx Talk? And please, do it using the professional equipment because nobody these days is interested in watching videos in peanut quality, especially, in the era where mobile phones are equipped with powerful 16 and 20MP cameras.

video gif

If you are thinking of organising your very first TEDx event, try to start small and be in the audience of as many TEDx events as you can and closely observe the intricacies of organising a TEDx event.

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P.S. Don’t forget to enjoy and learn from the universe of TEDx.



Top 5 Merchandise Brands That Can Glam Up Your College Fest

The big fat college fests are the most awaited event in an academic year.  Colleges have been cashing in on the thirst of big merchandise brands for their college events to increase their popularity and add queendom to their event. They not only keep the fest up and running but also add a big draw rostrum to attract students from other colleges. In open-air quadrangles and electric enthusiasm, these brands help students pick up the best tees and hoodies for their cultural extravaganza. It is also a million dollar podium for the brands as these events help the brand connect with the youth and increase their brand mileage. If you’re thinking of organizing a college fest looking for merchandise brands to add a great zeal to the entire cultural fest then we have the best names-


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Gritstones is one of the first unisex casual brands to establish it’s presence in the online world. Since it’s launch in 2011, teens have been obsessed with it’s cool and edgy designs. It is the leading men T-shirts brand in India offering 600+ unique styles to cater the need for generation next. Recently, Bollywood actor, Amit Sadh became the face of the brand. This brand tied up with First-Ever Bollywood Mr & Miss India 2017 which happened in Delhi and made Delhi run onto its design theme in Dabangg Delhi Kabaddi event. Whether you’re looking for a customized T-shirt for college fest or bulk orders for big media events Gritstones helps you plan your dream event with their eye catchy designs. Browse onto their website https://gritstones.com/ to brighten up your event with their impeccable design palette and themes.

Alma mater

Alma mater is India’s first online brand dealing exclusively with school and college merchandise. This brand recently introduced a customized t-shirt play design tool that allows you to create your own unique personalized t-shirt design. You can also choose your favorite color and size while customizing your tee. It also introduced the first ever social tee networking which was a huge success. Alma Mater presently has about 15 schools, one sports brand and three colleges as their members. This brand has also been featured in over 35 newspapers and has exclusively designed customized t-shirts for students of St. Stephen’s college. If you want them to design merchandises for your school and college events then you can browse their website https://www.almamaterstore.in/.


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Redwolf is an Indian clothing label which uses quirky statements and graphics to echo your attitude and sentiments. Its designs are mainly inspired by the pop culture keeping the Genext in mind. Founded in  2011, it is the ultimate start-up story about a business idea skyrocketing. It has created merchandise for names like Norah Jones, Nucleya, Bhayanak Maut and Skyharbour. It showcases a wide array of t-shirts and sweatshirts designs to showcase your creativity and passion. It has the official Game of Thrones and Breaking Brand merchandise which will leave you awe-inspired. They have extended their lining with the latest accessory chain like badges, posters, laptop skins and fridge magnets. Head on to their website https://www.redwolf.in/ to check out their wearable, versatile, but still individualistic clothing range.


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 It takes only minutes to open an online store but generations to rule your customer’s heart. TeeStory has been pretty revolutionary in adding a flash of color in the mundane sea of everyday clothing. It is a leading online t-shirt store that tips its hat at unique graphic designs and cartoon characters.  This brand has the official merchandise of Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack and was the designer brand for the Cartoon Network fest. Recently, it organized an inter-college painting competition in Kolkata which was a huge success. It has also been the merchandise of the annual cultural fest of CNMC. It has the official cartoon network merchandise and you can check their website https://www.teestory.in/ to order your favorite cartoon character inspired T-shirt.

Psycho store

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Psycho store is the largest merchandise brand for the gaming and geek community. Its name reflects it’s obsession with craziness and out of the world attitude. It has a wide range of products from t-shirts to coffee mugs and posters for the pop culture audience in India. In 2015, they launched the Psycho store at Video Game Fest and have been the favorite merchandise brand for the badass college audience. They also sell portal gaming merchandise like t-shirts and coffee mugs which can make the actual physical in-game stuff speak out on your tee or in your mobile cover. You can head over to their website www.psychostore.in and check out those awesome designs on display like the ones inspired by Mario, Kunai knifes from Naruto, Fallout 4, One Punch Man or Dragonball Z.

College festivals are in full swing and we all want dollops of brand-dazzle at these events. If you want your campus to be a rocking place during the much-awaited events then these brands can add the much-needed glam and attention. The ear-splitting music, edge-of-the-seat contests, and chatter start here.

Your Guide to Organising a Cultural Fest!

Cultural fests are something we always wait eagerly for every year. As a college goer, we all love attending cultural fests, chilling with the squad, clicking and sharing selfies, exploring new fun things and getting the chance to meet different people from various other colleges.
But, have you ever thought what it takes to organise such a huge event and that too by a bunch of regular college going kids?
Well, if you are curious or someone planning to organise a cultural fest, here are few things you would need to keep in mind while organizing a cultural fest:

1. Know Your Resources

The first and foremost thing that you need to do is to evaluate what are all the resources that you have at your disposal and which ones you don’t. After evaluation of the resources, your next step is to gain support from the faculty members and get all the necessary permissions to hold the fest. Once you have successfully gained their support, keep them in the loop about your further activities and take their advice if you hit a roadblock!

2. Team Up

Organising a cultural fest is not at all a one-man show, you need to have people managing various aspects of the event. You can start by estimating the number of members you would need to form a core team and then, assign to each one of the members a particular department to lead. Some of the departments which are common to all cultural fests are –

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • PR
  • HR
  • Sponsorship
  • Security, etc

Remember, organising a cultural fest isn’t a child’s play and demands experienced core team members with a specific skill set and knowledge related to the department they are leading. Although, this doesn’t mean amateurs can’t contribute. You can take volunteers, freshers and amateurs for non-specialised activities and make sure you have a defined selection procedure.

3. Planning the right way!

Once the dream team is ready, start with the planning of the event, like regarding its theme, any particular social cause which will be associated, pre-fest activities, duration of the fest, the line-up of the fest and the most important, budget. Take cues from other college fests but, don’t forget to come up with out of the box ideas of your own. Don’t forget to begin the planning few months before the event as the blueprints prepared will take time to get approved by the concerned college authority.

4. Connect with your Audience

You need to spread the word about the cultural fest and get them excited about the event. Make social media your best friend and make them aware of the exciting line-up of the festival, enticing them to attend it. Try to come up with a social media strategy with the online sponsors and strike a chord with the people who may not be within your reach.

Here’s an interesting story of Gunjan Mudgal, a member of the PR and Sponsorship team for IIT- Madras’ annual cultural festival Saraang (the biggest student organised fest ) shared his side of the story of organising a huge event like Saraang. He shared how preparations for the fest started six months earlier with a huge 400-member team of coordinators. Their biggest hurdle was getting the money. But, with an online sponsor like The College Fever gave them an ideal opportunity not only, to promote the sales of their tickets to various musical nights but also, expanded their reach to people all over the nation, otherwise, it’s reach was limited to southern part of the country only. The five-day long event was a huge success and he counts the experience of being a member of the organising committee as an unforgettable one and the best of his IIT days till date.

5. Spend Wisely!

Spend the money wisely. Call in favours wherever you can and make sure you are holding up your end of the deal with the sponsors. Try to be realistic and don’t go overboard with the jizz and jazz. For instance, if the venue of the fest is far from bus or train station, try to strike a deal with local transport companies and save a great deal of money and foster partnerships which are will last for coming years, with greater benefits. And here is a quick guide to help you in selecting the venue for the event.


6. Serve them Variety

Yes! cultural fests are events where people want more than just same old quizzes and debates. You can organise a classical night on day one, go for Bollywood the next day and EDM the other. Keeping in mind event’s budget and duration of the event, try to add as much variety as you can.

7. Tell people what you’ve done

The weeks after the fest aren’t just to sell early bird tickets for next year. Your audience will be checking back to make the good feeling last that little bit longer. So, don’t disappoint and use this opportunity to celebrate what they achieved and make those looking for a new festival pick you over anyone else next year. Again, use your social media to full advantage.

Organising a cultural fest not only adds up to your resume but also gives you a hands-on experience regarding event management. On a personal level, it enables you to expand your skill set, polishes the which you already have and you end up learning a thing or two about teamwork, coordination, leadership and management.