7 Unusual Statues And Monuments Across The Globe!

There are some monuments and statues that instill a sense of pride, beauty or emotions among the viewer. Those are unforgettable pieces of art that you get to see on field trips or in the pages of history books. But then there are some less-explored monuments, which are in a way an ode to the weird, the wonderful, and the just plain wacky which would make you think, “Seriously Bro? Seriously? Were you high or something before you ended up making these?”

Let’s look at some of them, One cautionary advice would be to just enjoy the view instead of trying to understand them (not if you don’t have something better to do).

7. De Vaartkapoen

Pic Courtesy : https://www.pinterest.com/pin/393572454909693397/

This statue was erected in 1985 in the Molenbeek area of Brussels. The scene it depicts is reminiscent of a comedy sketch: a man unexpectedly emerges from a manhole and pulls the feet from underneath a policeman. It’s author is Belgian sculptor Tom Frantzen.

6. Shit Fountain


Pic Courtesy : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Hr3jYKvydY

Artist Jerzy Kenar got tired of stepping out of his Chicago home and constantly stepping in dog poop. So, he decided to put his talents to good use and created a visual monument that would serve as a reminder to the dog owners of the neighborhood to scoop up what their pups leave behind. Enter Shit Fountain, a fecal-shaped bronze coil on top of a cement pillar with the monument’s title carved into the side.

5. The Headington Shark


Pic Courtesy: http://armchairtravelogue.blogspot.in/2010/04/headington-shark-which-survived-attack.html

The significance of this sculpture is much greater than may appear at first sight. It was erected on the 41st anniversary of the nuclear attack on Nagasaki at the end of World War II. The sculpture depicts a beautiful , if potentially deadly lethal weapon falling from the sky.

4. Die Badende


Pic Courtesy: http://www.panoramio.com/photo/56875945

Artist Oliver Voss created the sculpture as an advertisement for British beauty company Glory. The company wanted to make a “big splash” in thanking the German people for embracing their latest line of products. The advertisement proved very successful; customers and a large crowd gathered to watch the woman hoisted from the water. The movers had a large towel ready to conceal her lady bits from peeping eyes.

3. Jimmy Carter Peanut

Jimmy Carter Peanut.png

Photo credit: National Park Service

The Jimmy Carter Peanut might give you nightmares, standing at 4 meters (13 ft) tall with a wide, toothy smile and no eyes. The peanut can be found on the side of the road in Plains, Georgia. The structure started out far from Georgia, however. It was actually constructed in Indiana in 1976 to honor Jimmy Carter’s visit to the state during his presidential campaign tour. Why was a giant, smiling peanut, of all things, used as a tribute? Well, before he was president, Carter was actually a peanut farmer.

2. Jeju Loveland

Pic Courtesy: http://thetravellingsquid.com/2017/01/08/sexciting-visit-to-the-jeju-loveland/img_0951/

The salacious monuments found on Jeju Island in South Korea were made to honor sexual acts. The park itself is called Jeju Loveland and arouses more than just curiosity from its many visitors. The theme park opened in 2004 and has a collection of more than 140 erotic statues depicting sexual encounters between both humans and animals. The goals of the theme park are to break down barriers and taboo feelings surrounding sex and promote the “natural beauty of sexuality.”

1. Brownnosers

Pic Courtesy: https://www.trover.com/d/rZqN-futura-gallery-%C4%8Dernys-brown-nosers-prague-czech-republic

Brownnosers, created by Czech artist David Cerny, takes the term “brownnoser” to an entirely new (and literal) level. The two statues stand, or rather bend over, outside the Futura Gallery in Prague. The two figures are positioned side-by-side with the lower portions of their torsos protruding from a cement wall. Viewers are invited to climb ladders attached to the open anuses of the figures and stick their heads inside the openings.

Featured Pic Courtesy : http://www.siteadvisor.com

Lesser known Harvest Festivals of India

India is a land of festivities and various different festivals are celebrated. Being the colorful nation that India is, the most vibrant harvest festivals of India involve interesting mythological legends and joyous celebrations. They are incredible and diverse just like its people and landscapes and let’s one experience the beauty of the Indian culture.

Some of the lesser knowns of these harvest festivals are :

Jallikattu also known as eru thazhuvuthal and manju virattu, is one of those traditional spectacles(started from about 100 BC) in which a Pulikulam or Kangayam bull is released into a crowd of people, and multiple human participants attempt to grab the large hump on the bull’s back with both arms and hang on to it while the bull attempts to escape. Participants are supposed to hold onto the hump for as long as possible, in an attempt to bring the bull to a stop. In some cases, participants must ride long enough to remove flags on the bull’s horns.

Image Source: youthkiawaaz.com


Pulikkali originated from the state of Kerala as a recreational folk art. It is performed by trained artists to entertain people on the occasion of Onam, an annual harvest festival. The fourth day of Onam witnesses (Nalaam Onam) where performers painted like tigers and hunters in bright yellow, red, and black dance to the beats of instruments like Udukku and Thakil. The literal meaning of Pulikkali is the ‘play of the Tigers’ hence the performance revolves around the theme of tiger hunting. The origin of Pulikkali dates back to over 200 years when  Maharaja Thampuran od Cochin is said to have introduced the folk art, who wanted to celebrate Onam with a dance that reflected the wild and macho spirit of the force.

Image Source:  http://www.arnabmaity.com/2013/01/experiencing-onam-at-thrissur-keralas-cultural-capital-all-about-grand-meals-and-giant-tummies.html


Madai festival is one festival originating from Chhattisgarh. The festival reflects the rich culture and tradition of the state, celebrated by the Gond Tribe from the month of December to March and tours from one place of the state to another.  The local tribes of the state along with other communities worship the presiding deity during the festival. The tribal people of Chhattisgarh launch a procession in the beginning on an open field where a large number of devotees and general tourists gather to witness the rituals, followed by the Puja ceremony where the priest or similar figure starts worshiping the goddess. When the worshiping finishes, several cultural events like folk dance, drama, songs etc. start taking place in the open space.


Image Source: https://htoindia.com/blog/madai-festival-tribal-event-full-fun-joy/


Mim Kut Festival is a post-harvest festival celebrated in Nagaland and also in parts of Mizoram by the Kuki Nagas. It is one of the many popular festivals of Nagaland. It expresses exhilaration and triumphant over the harvest of Mim (Maize), which is the last harvest crop for the season. The Kuki people hold strong belief that the souls of their deceased ancestors rise from their graves and visit their family homes. The people offer tribute to the dead souls in form of wine that is naturally prepped from rice at every home. These dead souls are also worshiped by the villagers. The Mim Kut festival like most festivals of Nagas includes tradition singing, dancing, playing musical instruments and proud display of culture.


Image Source: netourism.shillong.com


Vautha Fair originating from Gujarat is one where tens of thousands of donkeys, as well as hundreds of camels, adorned in an array of colors and bright embellishments, are brought where they are traded on the fairgrounds at the Sangam tirtha. For some, this place is as divine as the Sangam in Allahabad, while many communities consider this fair even more important than Diwali. This is the meeting place of seven holy rivers: the Vatrak merges with the Meshwo, Hathmati, Shedhi, Majum, and Khari before it then meets the Sabarmati, so the locals call it Saptasangam (i.e. the meeting of seven).

Vautha Fair

Image Source: dainikbhaskar.com


These were a few. If the same tingles your inquisitive self then follow the link for more https://traveltriangle.com/blog/harvest-festivals-of-india/.

Image Source Of Featured Pic: fantasticpixcool


Desi Christmas: 5 Ways Indians Have Indian-ized The Merry Festival

Ho! Ho! Ho! Merry Christmas!

santa dance

We hope your Christmas preparations are in full swing. And by that, we mean the typical Indian joyous tradition of celebrating Christmas desi ishtyle, a.k.a another day at office spent cursing the boss.


Nonetheless, we are INDIANS! The most awesome aspect of that is how we celebrate all festivals, whether or not it even belongs to our own religion. So, celebrate we shall!

But I repeat – we are INDIANS. And the one thing we love most, after Cricket and Bollywood, is INDIANIZATION. Yep, give us all the Chinese food or German cars you want, we will still find a way to Indianize it. Hell, give us Bill Gates for a month and we’ll make him Billu Guitarwala! And so, it is no surprise that we have managed to create a Christmas edition of our own too. The firangs might not be too impressed, but who cares anyway. Here’s 5 ways how Indians celebrate Christmas differently from the rest of the world –

1) Dinner Time

friends dinner

Traditional Christmas dinner is a lavish, sumptuous affair on Christmas eve. The turkey, the beef, the mashed potatoes, the pumpkin pies, the fruitcake… suffice to say that Christmas is a festival created for a typical Joey.

how you doin

The best part is that the joy of the dinner isn’t just limited to the dinner itself. The festivities continue well into the night, with wine, music, carols (and often snow) filling up the streets all over town. Because that’s how a God’s birthday is done justice, isn’t it?

jesus happy

Cut to India, and what do you get?

indian dinner

In India, the only thing we get is a tharki, not turkey! With a routine aalu-bhindi ki sabzi for “dinner”. With a glass of Pepsi just to signify that it is indeed a “merry day”. If you’re “lucky”, you may be served some pizza. Cold. 1 hour 45 minutes after you order it. Because as a great saint from the Dominoes School Of Lame AF Excuses always says, “Sir thoda internal issue tha…”

And then off you doze off at 11 p.m. Gotta catch that dreaded 8.32 local again tomorrow, as usual… #WretchedLife

2) The (m)art of Gifting

baby gift

Traditional Christmas implies giving – selflessly. Everyone gifts everyone a present (or is it “presents a gift”?). In fact, it is customary to keep gifts for everyone under the Christmas tree and then have a gala of a time on Christmas morning unwrapping it together.

christmas tree with gift

And the best part – those are no chindi gifts given just for the sake of it, unlike the Indian counterparts. Indians treat Christmas like their Diwali – “ye Sharmaji ne Diwali pe diya tha. Isko Guptaji ko dede abhi tak khola nahi hai”. We Indians have in fact, created a festive gift-chain of our own – the gift of Diwali is a pass-on for Christmas to another, and vice-versa!

gift meme
The Great Indian Jugaad Way

Also, does anyone in India even hang a sock at the window, unless it’s to keep one for drying? Our kids are too genius to fall for the Santa-chimney hoax…

3) Coz there ain’t no cosplay!


Ask an Indian what “Cosplay” means, and chances are, you’d be met with an expression as quizzical as Joey’s smell-the-fart-acting

smell the fart acting

Well cosplay refers to dressing up as characters and acting like them. And so, you have people in the west all dressed up as various Christmas-y characters, such as Santa Claus, Rudolph The Reindeer, Elves,etc.

joey elf

Dramas depicting Jesus’ story, various folktales etc. are a hot favourite in most of the Western world. Some parts even have charitable drives, where people readily donate to the artists voluntarily for a cause.

Our Indian version?

santa in mall

The same old routine repeated every year – set up a Christmas tree in a mall, and make a guy stand in an inflated santa costume, whose only task is to wave at children. Besides getting hit by them, of course. Because that’s how a fun game goes in India – when it seems fluffy, hit it to see how much pain it can withstand! Indian kids are geniuses I tell you…

4) Holidays? You mean those mythical things like unicorns?


The equation is simple in the West – Christmas = Holidays. No work, all play, make the Jacks and the Johns and everyone make the most of a truly merry Christmas! Companies, even the big ones, give almost a week’s off, and they make the most of it by decorating their houses with lights all over. Hometowns are visited, families are re-united, snowmen are made and destroyed every day… even as you, a poor Indian, are still forced to work everyday. Your Amricawaala cousin uploads all those cool photos on FB, and all you can do is scroll with envy and anger like


What’s worse? When the foreign client you were working with calls you and says “Hey, I’m going to be off for the next week, so just work on the files and mail them. I’ll check them, like… whatever. Merry Christmas! See Ya!”. And off they go from the radar to enjoy, leaving you with tonnes of work that destroys not just your Christmas, but even your New Year!.

Yep, that’s the Indian way of “celebrating”.

life kharab

5) Kissing under the mistle-toe? Chi chi chi anti-national!


A common tradition, followed in the west since centuries, is to kiss under the mistletoe, which is a type of a plant. It is the perfect way to usher in something joyous with your loved ones, or so it should be. Could be…

But indian sanskriti bro! How can a boy and a girl… in front of everyone… corrupt anti-national trying to erode Indian culture! Nope, un-imaginable in a country which has produced 1.2 billion humans…


Seriously, be a true Indian! Sanskar-ize yourself!


Suffice to say, Indian’s have one of the most joyous styles of celebrating Christmas, don’t you think? Call it sarcasm, but we still do a better job of creating fake copies of a foreign product than China atleast? Maybe it’s not the festival of 80%of the population, but we Indians have still managed to imbibe it into our culture and our economy and done a pretty good job thus far. So Merry Christmas everyone! Keep loving the festival, keep loving the country, and keep loving The College Fever too!

10 Most Happening New Year Parties That Are Easy On The Pocket!

This New Year Eve we’re not going to let the parties burn a hole in your pocket. We have some epic parties you can enjoy with your fun squad and have the time of your lives without the budget stressing you out. Escape the city crowd, party in the hills, enjoy great music festivals, dance away at the beach party and live it big this New Year’s Eve.


  1. Kasol Music Festival from Delhi

If you want to escape the crowds for this New Year’s Eve then we have the perfect event you can be at. Kasol is one of the most popular getaways from Delhi. Having been a hub for music festivals and social gatherings that bring together art lovers across the country, this year Kasol is up with a massive Music Festival this New Years. Catch some popular bands live with the recent music trends, enjoy the fireworks and bonfire.

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  1. New Year Eve Party at Delhi

Catch the best bands in the city, live at the New Year Party at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. Catch the talented Sharry Maan live with the band 3 Pegs, DJ Sonali and many more. The event has unlimited drinks and food to keep the party up and going. The passes are on an Early Bird offer now. So hurry!

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  1. New Year Eve Secret Camping at Bhandardara

We’ve got the perfect escape plan for you if you are looking for some event to with your friends, away from the city. This camping event this New Year’s Eve at Bhandardara is going to let you give a fun twist to a new year celebration. With fun games, scrumptious food, fun camping out and tent stay this would be a great fun thing to do as a group.

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  1. Delta House 2.0 at Mumbai

Delta dart, Chugathon, Beer Pong, all of these aren’t just the fun things that you can tap into at the Delta House party this New Years Eve. Kick off the college fun and go party with your squad, there’s going to be unlimited drinks while you catch the best DJ’s in the city live!

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  1. Sky Lamp Music Festival near Bangalore

Sky Lamp at Sakleshpur is going to be one of the most happening music festivals happening this New Years. Escape from the city and enjoy the party at the serene Sakleshpur. Enjoy the jungle stay, with unlimited alcohol, party through the night and join in for an after party too. The event features some of the popular artists like Beat Projekt, 9th Clef and more.

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  1. Gokarna Beach Trek New Year

Join Nature Walkers and party away this New Year’s Eve at Gokarna. There will be super fun beach treks, being at the kite festival, beach games and more. A perfect event if you are an adventure lover who would love to unwind and chill at the beaches for a change. Early bird offers and discounts on group booking are still available. Don’t miss it.

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  1. Sunkissed 2018 – NYE Beach Party

Looking to make a fun trip to Goa? Then you need to be at this most happening beach party in town. Beach party at La Cabana features fireworks, DJ, great music, groovy dance floor, mind-blowing drinks and food on the menu. If you want to party the Goa way, then this is the party you need to be at.

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  1. Adlabs Imagica – NYE 2018

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  1. PonBurn Biggest Open-Air Seashore Concert

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  1. New Year Party at Kaveri River

Escape the city crowd, head to the soothingly calm banks of river Karveri this New Year’s Eve with Muddie Trails. Visit Sivana Samudra Falls, enjoy some peaceful time of fishing, camp out and enjoy some fun time of outdoor sports too.

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Top 5 Merchandise Brands That Can Glam Up Your College Fest

The big fat college fests are the most awaited event in an academic year.  Colleges have been cashing in on the thirst of big merchandise brands for their college events to increase their popularity and add queendom to their event. They not only keep the fest up and running but also add a big draw rostrum to attract students from other colleges. In open-air quadrangles and electric enthusiasm, these brands help students pick up the best tees and hoodies for their cultural extravaganza. It is also a million dollar podium for the brands as these events help the brand connect with the youth and increase their brand mileage. If you’re thinking of organizing a college fest looking for merchandise brands to add a great zeal to the entire cultural fest then we have the best names-


Image may contain: 1 person, sitting

Gritstones is one of the first unisex casual brands to establish it’s presence in the online world. Since it’s launch in 2011, teens have been obsessed with it’s cool and edgy designs. It is the leading men T-shirts brand in India offering 600+ unique styles to cater the need for generation next. Recently, Bollywood actor, Amit Sadh became the face of the brand. This brand tied up with First-Ever Bollywood Mr & Miss India 2017 which happened in Delhi and made Delhi run onto its design theme in Dabangg Delhi Kabaddi event. Whether you’re looking for a customized T-shirt for college fest or bulk orders for big media events Gritstones helps you plan your dream event with their eye catchy designs. Browse onto their website https://gritstones.com/ to brighten up your event with their impeccable design palette and themes.

Alma mater

Alma mater is India’s first online brand dealing exclusively with school and college merchandise. This brand recently introduced a customized t-shirt play design tool that allows you to create your own unique personalized t-shirt design. You can also choose your favorite color and size while customizing your tee. It also introduced the first ever social tee networking which was a huge success. Alma Mater presently has about 15 schools, one sports brand and three colleges as their members. This brand has also been featured in over 35 newspapers and has exclusively designed customized t-shirts for students of St. Stephen’s college. If you want them to design merchandises for your school and college events then you can browse their website https://www.almamaterstore.in/.


Image may contain: 1 person, standing and text

Redwolf is an Indian clothing label which uses quirky statements and graphics to echo your attitude and sentiments. Its designs are mainly inspired by the pop culture keeping the Genext in mind. Founded in  2011, it is the ultimate start-up story about a business idea skyrocketing. It has created merchandise for names like Norah Jones, Nucleya, Bhayanak Maut and Skyharbour. It showcases a wide array of t-shirts and sweatshirts designs to showcase your creativity and passion. It has the official Game of Thrones and Breaking Brand merchandise which will leave you awe-inspired. They have extended their lining with the latest accessory chain like badges, posters, laptop skins and fridge magnets. Head on to their website https://www.redwolf.in/ to check out their wearable, versatile, but still individualistic clothing range.


Image may contain: 1 person

 It takes only minutes to open an online store but generations to rule your customer’s heart. TeeStory has been pretty revolutionary in adding a flash of color in the mundane sea of everyday clothing. It is a leading online t-shirt store that tips its hat at unique graphic designs and cartoon characters.  This brand has the official merchandise of Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack and was the designer brand for the Cartoon Network fest. Recently, it organized an inter-college painting competition in Kolkata which was a huge success. It has also been the merchandise of the annual cultural fest of CNMC. It has the official cartoon network merchandise and you can check their website https://www.teestory.in/ to order your favorite cartoon character inspired T-shirt.

Psycho store

No automatic alt text available.

Psycho store is the largest merchandise brand for the gaming and geek community. Its name reflects it’s obsession with craziness and out of the world attitude. It has a wide range of products from t-shirts to coffee mugs and posters for the pop culture audience in India. In 2015, they launched the Psycho store at Video Game Fest and have been the favorite merchandise brand for the badass college audience. They also sell portal gaming merchandise like t-shirts and coffee mugs which can make the actual physical in-game stuff speak out on your tee or in your mobile cover. You can head over to their website www.psychostore.in and check out those awesome designs on display like the ones inspired by Mario, Kunai knifes from Naruto, Fallout 4, One Punch Man or Dragonball Z.

College festivals are in full swing and we all want dollops of brand-dazzle at these events. If you want your campus to be a rocking place during the much-awaited events then these brands can add the much-needed glam and attention. The ear-splitting music, edge-of-the-seat contests, and chatter start here.