Have you seen those fur slippers people wear at home? They are not supposed to be worn outside, they are too fluffy for that. You feel at home as soon as you put your feet in them. Introverts are like those fur slippers. They become your comfort zones once you get to know them. They don’t talk much, don’t prefer going out unless it’s necessary. But these are the things they are judged for.

There is always more to every person than they let on. Every person is a story and world altogether. And not everyone is an open book. Few prefer to be like those private lock-able diaries only a selected and special few can read. Otherwise what would have been the difference between Sheldon and Penny?!

It’s true that they would prefer chatting over a conversation on call because they would not want to put themselves too much in the open (you cannot expect Damon Salvatore to go out in the sun without his ring, can you?). But in that chat, they will give you all of themselves. You can trust them with your deepest secrets and fears. They will listen to you and observe keenly. And isn’t listening to the key to good communication (unless you are Arnab who gets paid for not listening most of the time). They are the perfect human-diary-material.

But have you ever tried to look from the perspective of an introvert? They might enjoy their own company but they need a good friend as much as any other human. They might be strong and comfortable in their own skin but once in a while they also need a tight hug, an ear which listens patiently and a heart which understands. Even the Hulk needs a Black Widow.

If you have an introvert friend/person in your life then cherish them because they are the truest and the realest people you will ever meet.

PS: Date them! You will never regret it. Trust me 😉 😉

The following Dos and Don’ts might help:

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 7.40.58 AM.png


According to Judith Butler, using language itself is a form of censorship. The blue sky I see might be a lot different to the blue sky you perceive. Language makes us sort everything as binaries, every good has a bad, white has black, happy has sad, love has hate, weird has normal and introvert has extrovert. And everything is defined in such a way that one cannot exist without the other. It is only when we move beyond the binaries and see through multiple perspectives that we actually start to see things as they are instead of as we are.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 7.29.17 AM

We think as we think because we are a sack full of memories and experiences. It is only when we are oblivious as kids or old people that we question everything around us.

“Last scene of all,
That ends this strange eventful history,
Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.”
                                                     – Shakespeare

And before we enter the last stage of life, let’s be more. More than the binaries that make us who we are, what we see, how we see and who we see.


Let’s see people as people and not by the tags which the world gives them because all of us have a little bit of every one woven in our soul


Life Lessons from epic movie “3 Idiots”

It has been just one year short of a decade since the Aamir Khan starrer “3 idiots” rocked the Indian cinema and Education system. Based loosely on the noted writer: Chetan Bhagat’s Five point someone, it became a national sensation through its witty quips. This great movie also encompasses varied life lessons in itself like:

  • All is well: The movie depicted Aamir Khan as a great problem solver who tries to help all. Rather than being emotionally drained, he tried to take best out of the opportunity. His lateral thinking and street-smart solutions made him a great man in the end (without a formal degree in his name). So rather than whining over spilled milk, make the best out of the situation. Positive thinking takes you to places and not flattery.

  • Need is the mother of invention: Creative energy is an outcome of physical or psychological needs. Till you don’t understand the importance of doing a particular thing, you are bound to ignore it. Further, no amount of religious blackmail is going to help in this (wink!). Have confidence and Higher power will support you in the endeavor.
  • Be practical and not theoretical: This link below will take you to the Chatur’s speech on teacher’s day. The movie brilliantly depicted how our Education system is churning out “90 percent scoring Chatur” and not the actual wonder “Rancho”. This relying on theoretical knowledge base has take a toll on the hands-on training programs which are passed off as extra subjects. The Labs work on teaching “how it was done” rather than “how it can be done”. Thus, supplement the knowledge base with relevant skills to enjoy a good career.

  • ‘Love what you do’ and even more ‘Do what you love’:  Following your passion is important. Take the case of singer Hariharan. Despite being an engineer, he decided to go with his passion of singing similar to Farhan Qureshi of the movie. (Madhavan who essayed this role is himself a pilot turned actor). Excellence should remain the focus of all activities. Rather than doing what others believe is good for you, introspect. This will ease out biggest problems and others will realize the importance of the task for you.
  • Truth triumphs all: The truth is easier to preach than follow. Initially people will mock your righteous behavior but will also respect you for standing by it. Jealousy is a result of insecurity and it should be used to propel the journey to excellence and not falling others. Be your own “brand” like Phunsukh to stay happy.

  • Take risks: It is important to take risks in life. You only live once and why regret your actions later? Take the giant leap even if you will fail. In the end, you will have a great outcome: either benefit or a lesson.
  • Ask Questions: The key to success is asking questions and help. Knowledge doesn’t come from having a degree but from asking questions. Knowledge requires communication. Socializing helps to understand others and their actions. This gives learning a new edge. Remember: It is easier to fill an empty vessel rather than filling a brimming one. Hence, to learn you have to approach with a clear mind.

The movie had something for all aspects of human life: Love, Education, passion, patriotism. The movie remains an epic turning point for the way we take our Education system. It also showed how we rank our success in terms of monetary compensation and not in terms of social context.

Thus, we all should strive for a healthy society as well as focus on self actualization while meeting hardships with a smiling face.

11 Career Option that don’t require a College Degree.

Times have been changing, evolution taking its course, people shifting from theoretical aspect of life to the practical realm, chasing their dreams and doing what they want to do instead of what they should do. That’s exactly where the concept of having a degree to suffice in this world is no more a necessity.College dropouts have set examples in front of us showing why a paper doesn’t matter but the practical approach to bridge the gap between what’s needed and what’s available does. Not only does it help you out of the rigorous pressure of going through the 3-4 years of the curriculum but also provides for a head start ahead of your peers.

Let us try to list a few.

  1. Ethical Hacker

All you need is just an interest in computer operations and a free mind to be an ethical hacker! Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification is provided by many institutes which offer courses on the same which can be pursued right after completing your 10th examinations. To make it more lucrative, salary ranges anywhere between 1.5 lakhs to 20+lakhs!

Qualification needed: 10th Pass.
Opportunities: 1.5 – 20+ Lakhs.


  1. Photographer

How about me telling you that you could make a living out of your passion for photography? Apparently, all you need to do is, get a diploma/certificate course in photography right after completing high school. Try beginning by being a supporting staff or a freelance photographer. Honestly speaking it does take time to be a high-paid photographer, but then the starting salary is not bad enough at an average of  3 lakhs.

Qualification needed: 10 +2 Pass.
Opportunities: Avg. 3 Lakhs.  Camera-on-Ground

  1. Politician

All you need is 25 years of age, the Indian citizenship and some Chai( don’t start hating me for this already :P) to be a politician in India. No minimum educational qualification has been provided yet, although we hear talks regarding this topic happening all the time. Want to be the change you want to see? Well here’s your chance. The salaries range from 1lakh to 12LPA plus other allowances(this is where the real fun lies).

Qualification needed: NIL.
Opportunities: 1 – 12 Lakhs.

4. Writer
Aah, so here we are talking about being me, Sweet!  To become a writer, the only criterion is that you need to write. And when I say write, I mean a whole lot of writing! There is no mandatory educational qualification per se but clearing your 10+2 is advisable. Ergo, keep reading & writing if you aspire to be read someday. The average starting salaries are 2.4LPA, which increases as and when your quality of writing improves.

Qualification needed: Formal/informal training after 10+2.
Opportunities: Average starting salaries are 2.4LPA.


  1. Modelling/Acting

This is most lucrative career choice of all and revolves around confidence, appearances and how you carry yourself. If you think you have the mettle to pull it off, join a diploma course in modeling/acting and make a career out of it. The pay-scale varies according to the quality of your work and connections you make.

Qualification needed: NIL
Opportunities: Varies.


  1. Personal Trainer

There’s a rising demand for personal fitness trainers in India with the rising health consciousness among the masses. Hence, it can prove to be a great career choice. Having passed your 10+2 examinations is a plus, after which a 3-15 month course depending on your preferences is what’s needed. Even if you start at 10k per month, it can go up to 1 lakh per month!

Qualification needed: NIL
Opportunities: 10k – 1lakh Per month.


  1. Professional Blogger/ YouTuber 

No minimum educational qualification required. You can earn through AdSense, Sponsored Videos, and Affiliate Marketing.

This is supposed to be one of the most interesting career options that one can venture into. The Blog/Channel can be about just anything which interests you ( which should attract viewers). There is no age bar or educational requirement. You can earn through AdSense, Sponsored Videos, and Affiliate Marketing. The only word of caution is that make sure that you come up with interesting content often.

Qualification needed: NIL
Opportunities: Varies (Can earn through  AdSense, Sponsored Videos and Affiliate Marketing.)


  1. Dance Instructor

It is considered ideal to train for someone who is highly proficient in the art to improve your skill-set and to lay a strong foundation. Academies all over India offer courses in dancing, where the minimum qualification needed is 10+2. Once done with the course, you can intern under someone and thereafter go on to open your own academy.

Qualification needed: Initial training is needed.
Opportunities: Varies (Pay increases over time.)

Screenshot (46)

  1. Graphic Designer/ Web Developer/ Designer

After completing your 10+2 you can pursue a career in graphic designing/ Web Designer, enrolling in a 1 or 2-year diploma course. As experience strongly matters in this field, if you have an insight on how things are done and what’s the need of the hour, it enables you a head-start. Creativity is a very important factor for a career in design. A fresher in graphic designing can earn more than 2.5LPA

Qualification needed: Diploma courses after 10+2
Opportunities: Average beginning salary is 2.5+ LPA.


  1. Make-up artists

Educational qualification is not a mandate to be a make-up artist. Although, there are institutes offering diploma/certificate courses for the same. The integral skills required are Creativity, patience and an eye for detail. Even for a newbie, the pay starts from 15k per month which can go up to 15k per day in the film industry!

Qualification needed: NIL.
Opportunities: Ranges according to your skill set (15k a month to even 15k a day.)


  1. Radio/Video Jockey

Honestly, a high school certificate is sufficient enough to pursue a career in this field. All you require is an ability to entertain the audience, being witty and quick at thinking on your feet is a bonus. The starting salary is low but it increases with experience.

Qualification needed: NIL
Opportunities: Varies .

2278634289_cb533529e7_bAnd hence in today’s world, it’s really not necessary to participate in the rat race and pursue what everyone else is. You can give your career a different turn by following your passion and engaging in something you really want to do

7 Daily Habits Of Ultra Successful People

     ” It’s easy to  be envious of someone’s success,

        But difficult to assess the magnitude of tears & sweat they put in.”

We constantly pressurize our puny brains as to why are we not there, where success is? We feel success is for the successful, whom we imagine having been born with a silver spoon. The world seems to have one more discrimination. The successful who live on the other side and us, who are busy harassing ourselves with whys and hows.

Are they born successful? Are they born with the glitz and glam or maybe a crown?

Well, success isn’t limited to one’s IQ, bank balance or looks. There is no formula or recipe that will give you a taste of success.


But, certain ultra successful people advocate similar traits which you and I, can imbibe in our own lives.

7. Early to bed, Early to Rise!

You cannot expect your brain to work properly with a hangover or in a  drowsy state. Albert Einstein used to sleep for 10 hours a day. The body works at its best when we follow the nature’s clock- Sleep after sunset and wake up with the rising sun. Notable early risers include Sir Richard Branson of Virgin Group, Disney CEO Robert Iger and Yahoo’s Marissa Mayer. Tom Corley in his best-selling venture ‘ Change Your Habits, Change Your Life‘, says that an overwhelming 89 percent of self-made millionaire sleep seven or eight hours each night, or more.  If this is the way to success, I am on it!

6. Don’t Break the Chain!

Want to be acclaimed and acknowledged?? You gotta Work! Practice! Work! You can’t expect success to come to you. You have to make your way to it. People who are successful are disciplined and exhibit a high level of perseverance. They have tasted failure more than we have ever tried. Serena Williams, since her childhood, has been practicing tennis every morning from sharp 6:00 a.m. Dallas Mavericks owner and famous Shark investor didn’t take a vacation for seven years when his company was just starting up. That’s dedication! You will lose the grip of everything you have acquired if you break the chain.

5. Hush the Gratification Monkey


The monkey in your brain hops and jumps around causing confusion, procrastination anxiety and guilt.  It’s very essential to feed the monkey with some sanity and peace. Unless your minds are focussed enough, you cannot materialize your ideas into concrete plans leading to success. Hugh Jackman discussed the benefits of meditation with Oprah Winfrey saying,

“In meditation, I can let go of everything. I’m not Hugh Jackman. I’m not a dad. I’m not a husband. I’m just dipping into that powerful source that creates everything. I take a little bath in it.”

Meditation improves your ability to focus instead on getting overwhelmed with everything that’s happening around you.

4. Exercise!

A healthy mind resides in a healthy body. In fact, using ‘too much work’ as an excuse not to exercise is counterproductive. Studies show that exercise can boost creativity and productivity by as much as two hours!  It makes you smarter, too. According to Corley, 76 percent of the rich carve out 30 minutes or more for aerobic exercise like jogging, biking, or walking each day. Barack Obama, 44th president of the United States exercises for 45 minutes a day, six days per week. He exercises first thing in the morning, alternating between lifting weights one day and doing cardio the next. Mark Zuckerberg works out at least 3 days a week. Wanna win big,  get your butt off that couch!

3. Read, A LOT!!


Reading is the best habit one can imbibe. It acquaints you with the knowledge and the mysteries and the mantras of this world. Reading provides you with a mental map, which you can use to surpass the undulating phases of your life and avoid the rookie mistakes people make in their lives. Mark Cuban insists on reading 3 hours a day, while Bill Gates reads for 1 hour as part of his bedtime routine. J.K Rowling, the first ever billionaire author, read ‘absolutely anything’ as a child. So find the coziest corner of your house, brew some instant coffee and delve into the virtual reality of the books!

2. Build & Nurture Positive Relations

Your network is your net worth! You need to be around equally motivated people and devoid yourself of all toxicity and negativity. A circle from where you can draw inspiration, helps you develop and grow as a person. If you share a healthy relationship with your family and friends, you can focus better on work. Being entwined in the maze of uncertainties and negativity will hinder your growth. Successful people aim at building healthy relationships with similar motive-driven people. Tom Corley says- “You are only as successful as those you frequently associate with.”

1. Train the Muse

What separates people winning laurels and etching their name in history from us? Pros work even if they don’t feel like. When you feel this isn’t the right time to paint your muse or devise some nuclear formula; that’s the time when you act upon it. The 15 minutes of derailed faith, if fought with, can help you shun all your inhibitions. There is no ideal time for anything. You just have to guide your forces NOW!


You all must be feeling charged up and must have planned to include these habits in your daily life. Well, stop and reflect upon it. Pick up one habit and work upon it for 3 – 6 months till it has blended with your routine before moving on to another. Remember that success is hard-earned and it comes to those who have faith in themselves and do not worry about the fruit!

Tag your friends whom you see as millionaires and successful people and let them know you believe in them!!


7 Inspirational TED Talks For College Students!

Inspiration finds a seat in the untouched, unheard and unimagined of places within each one of our lives. You just need a trigger, to witness their actuality, resourcefulness, and relatability. Life as you may see it has varied things to offer. You have answers to the most intricate of questions when you start to observe yourself and become more alert to your surroundings. College life is not only about framing your professional career. It’s more about shaping yourself as Who you really want to be!

Okay! Okay!  without doing much talking, I am just going to be in a seat beside you and ensure that theseTEDTalks inspire you the way,  they did to me.

7. A simple way to break a bad habit | Judson Brewer

It’s very easy to pave a way for addiction into your college lives, on the pretext of stress busting. Are you like- The test didn’t go well? Let’s have pizza! Oh! How could she break up with me? Need some Belgian chocolate ice-cream to soothe my burning heart. I can’t take the pressure anymore. Let me smoke it away! Before you realize, you are addicted to the notion of feeling good-by smoking or careless eating.  Psychiatrist Judson Brewer, in this video, explains how habits are mechanized by ‘Trigger, Behavior & Reward‘. He studied the relationship between mindfulness and addiction and discovered a simple but profound tactic that might help you beat your next urge to smoke, snack or check a text while driving. That’s being CURIOUS! Learn how you can free yourself from the shackles of addiction with this video.

6. How to speak so that people want to listen | Julian Treasure

You and I or anyone, want to be heard. Especially, when you want your opinions to be considered in a non judgemental way, the urge grows stronger. But has it happened to you, that what you said has been misinterpreted? Yes, it happens quite often and instead of realising where your words are falling short, you claim that No one understand you. With this talk you will realise what went wrong and how you can HAIL the positivity in your voice. In this video, the sound expert, Julian Treasure, demonstrates some useful vocal exercises and shares tips on how to speak with empathy, he offers his vision for a sonorous world of listening and understanding.

5. Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model. |Cameron Russell

I remember how important it was for me to have a flair for fashion and stand out among the college folks. How I’d wake up hours before college, go on a mad diet, to look great everyday. It was because people’s opinionated appreciation and approval was my driving force. But after witnessing how Cameron Russell, a supermodel, isn’t how she is portrayed in her Vogue cover or ramp walks; how she was a little girl who had not got her first period in her first photo shoot; how it’s simpler things and not her shinier hair or thinner thighs that makes her happy; I realised it’s not about how I look but how I feel. You are all unique and beautiful. Do anything that would make you feel satiated and happy rather than seeking approval of others!

4. Inside the mind of a master procrastinator | Tim Urban

Hail the Procrastinators out there! You have a miraculously surprising power to create masterpieces just before the deadline. Your Rational Decision Maker somehow replaces the Instant Gratification Monkey from the wheel to cast you out safely from the storm of deadlines. In this hilariously relatable and intriguing talk, Tim Urban- Blogger at Wait But Why,  delves deep in the brains of procrastinators and shares his experience of how he was casual for his TEDTalk  until the time he had his face on the website for the same, staring right back at him. Only the Panic Monster pushes you to complete your work but that doesn’t always produce the best out of you. But with entrepreneurial ventures or something you wish to start, has no deadlines as there is no work done. Here nothing can wake the Panic Monster and so you need to realise what is worth your time and get going!

3. The Wheel Of Modern Education | Gautam Khetrapal

Standing at the College- Corporate juncture, did you ever feel that the skills that they teach you in college, doesn’t suffice for the job roles you get? Well, we are taught about obsolete technologies and we suffer as we do not update ourselves. In his eye-opening speech – Gautam Khetrapal, a member of MindValley, asks people to break the bondage of outdated education and devise their own curriculum. One should find their TRIBE, seek DEEP IMMERSION and formulate Self Education. If you are a coder, find your tribe(like minded people driven with similar goals and interests), immerse yourself with the pleasure of doing what you like and Educate yourself to hone your skills! If you are a writer, join the Writer’s communities, seek knowledge, find courses that will improve your writing skills and improve your pre-existing knowledge. That’s a key to success!

2. The power of introverts – Susan Cain

Introverts are the Secret Superstars, who are found in the cosiest of places creating intelligent of things! College being a HubSpot demanding a little extroversion, outwardness and more social, can be a really tough place for people seeking solitude. It’s time you deem this introversion as a boon and stop feeling out of place. You are contributing in your own good way and with Susan Cain’s passionate talk you will realise the power you behold! It’s time you stop proving yourself or to the world to fit in and rather embrace your peace-seeking self. Introverts prove to be great leaders and creative thinkers as they have the wield power from solitude and efficaciously turn it into things of importance and relevance.

1. Thoughts on humanity, fame and love | Shah Rukh Khan

Emotions are gripping and overwhelming. In this world of uncertainties, reality becomes virtual and virtual becomes real. Your every move is judged, your decisions are discussed and you are interpreted or misinterpreted throughout your life. Shah Rukh Khan needs no introduction. The Super Star shares his transforming story from a broke Indian freedom fighter’s Muslim son to the ‘Baadshah of Bollywood’. He asserts on how love is the true essence to make things happen and to connect with humanity! He talks about how your actions will be misjudged by gruesome onlookers and how you can stop these things from failing you. Use the power of love to break barriers and make this world a better place, thereby enlightening your true self!

College is a step encompassing just a meager 4.4% of your entire estimated span of 90 years(We hope you live to be 100!).  Every minute of it compounds to who you will become. These people share the best and worst of their experiences which we all have lived or will live in the future. I am sure you are feeling all the more enlightened and inspired now. Share with everyone you know, organize a TEDx Talk event in your college with Go evolve and make a change!!

Do You Have It In You To Be A ‘SUITS’ Lawyer?

Tareekh Pe Tareekh! Tareekh Pe Tareekh! Is this your inner voice, when you feel life is being too lazy to give you what you deserve? Your friends don’t like to order food with you as they are well aware of your tagline – ‘Jo Vakil paise lauta de, Wo vakil nahi hota‘. You know what your friend’s forlorn face speaks, as – ‘Doctor se beemari aur vakil se pareshani, nahi chupti’. If your friends come upto you and say – ‘ Kis baat ka dar hai, Yaar apna Lawyer hai‘ , this article is for you. I am sure, many of you must have tried to ape that gait, the style, the brandishing attitude of the Lawyers from SUITS! And while binge-watching the famous American series, you must have tried to figure out whose personality resonates with yours. This article will help you find out your perfect SUITS Match!!

Without much Ado, let’s find out which ‘SUITS’ lawyer are you??

1. The ‘Winner’ attitude like Harvey Specter?

Gabriel Macht as Harvey Reginald Specter

Are you a charmer with all your confidence and the vigor to win big or win at all costs? Do you believe in goals more than dreams? Are people at your firm, envious of your good looks and your confidence easily slips toward into an arrogant, smarmy “know-it-all”-ness? If the answers to all the ‘Do yous‘ is a big Yes, you are a lawyer just like Harvey Specter! Harvey is a name partner at Pearson Specter. He makes sure, he goes beyond all hurdles to win a case, it may be through settlements or trial. He takes up clients he believes in and ensures he keeps his words to them. He has an air of defiance coupled with epigrammatic remarks. But also has a soft side for his loved ones – Donna Paulsen and Mike Ross!

2. You utter Legal Jargons like Mike Ross?

USA CORPORATE — “USA Network Upfront 2013 Talent Portraits” — Pictured: Patrick J. Adams from Suits — (Photo by Jill Greenberg/USA Network)

Lawyers insert legalese and other perplexing jargon into every other sentence so that they leave the average person dizzy and confused. Well, that is to claim who is the boss. But Are you genuinely passionate about Articles and Sections and Codes? Do you have a supersonic memory to actually hold all these laws carefully and apply it at the points, just where others are missing? Imagine you’re stuck in traffic and some random person breaks the signal and all you can utter, in dismay is – ‘ The 177 Motor Vehicle Act got you.’ Your ‘lawyer traits’ match with that of Mike Ross. Mike James Ross, a junior partner at Pearson Specter, is a passionate lawyer who breaks the law to perform law. He has all the legal jargons at his tips and makes use of his mind-boggling memory to find out solutions to difficult of cases. He wins Harvey’s trust by his compassion and dedication towards law, despite being a drop-out!

3. Arid Detachment- Jessica Pearson

Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson

Being a lawyer, one needs to have a hold over their emotions. Personal experiences or opinions cannot cloud their ability to judge and analyze a case. They generally are arid and dispassionate and try to maintain a highly unemotional disposition. If you’re the one for whom work is worship, it’s beyond your personal state of affairs and you can make threats, serious ones; hello to the Jessica Pearson in You! Jessica is the managing partner at Pearson Specter. She knows how to boss and can make people learn that she can control them. She is a fierce woman who knows that one can’t have the biggest law firms by losing. She never lets her love/personal life meddle with her work and even comprises the former for the sake of the latter. She is revered for her dedication and plays an important role in Harvey’ success.

4. Extremely Competitive like Louis Litt?

USA CORPORATE — “USA Network Upfront 2013 Talent Portraits” — Pictured: Rick Hoffman from Suits — (Photo by: Jill Greenberg/USA Network)

Lawyers can be competitive when they feel underprivileged. Every lawyer works really hard to prise out the requisites to build and win a case. If you’re the kind of similar feelings but you also have the heart to keep aside your issues for the best of the firm, Louis Litt defines you the best. He is a name partner at Pearson Specter Litt, who is the firm’s leading authority and expert on all financial matters and the direct supervisor of the firm’s associate attorneys. He knows how to bend laws but is highly competitive with Harvey as he feels his position is understated. However, he considered Harvey as a great lawyer and kept aside his personal issues when the firm’s future was at stake.

5. Personally Ambitious like Rachel Zane?

Rachel Meghan Markle as Rachel Zane

You cannot be a successful lawyer if you’re satisfied with your current state. Lawyers have the tendency to push their limits to the extreme, to achieve their aspirations. They love to work and learn beyond their capacities and put their endurance to test. If you are the one, who tends to work on improving yourself further, your personality resonates with that of Rachel Zane’s. Despite being a daughter to a famous attorney Robert Zane, she lives on her own to prove a point that she could be a great lawyer too. She starts as a Paralegal at Pearson Specter and works tirelessly to become a lawyer. Rachel fails to clear her LSATs due to test anxiety. However, with Mike’s help, she gets a decent score which gets her into Columbia Law School. She is the first associate to be hired outside of Harvard. She juggles between her law school and being an associate to Harvey Specter.

6. Determined & Challenging like Travis Tanner?

Eric Close as Travis Tanner

Lawyers at times can be extremely challenging and do not take defeats lightly. This attitude helps them to become better at their game. If you’re the one who is determined to carve your niche by hook or by crook and leave no stone unturned to go after people who steal your thunder; Travis Tanner complements your traits. He is introduced in the season-one episode “Undefeated” as a senior partner at Clyde McPhee, a firm in Boston. Before he met Harvey, Tanner had never lost a case. However after Harvey defeats him, he is all set to come again and again to dismantle Harvey’s position as a lawyer. But in later seasons, he shuns the consummate professional, well-known cocky confidence and becomes a milder person, adopting a ‘reacting rather than attacking’ approach with a confidence in his abilities.

I hope you are all suited up. And those who haven’t watched this amazing series, click here. If you have Lawyer friends, tag them and tell them which SUITS lawyer are they!! Till then the Article is Adjourned!!

Have you tried the World’s Second Best Exercise?

Are you one of those people who at the beginning of every month, promise themselves to eat healthy food, exercise daily and take care of the body? But, after two-three days of following the regime sincerely, all your spirits fizzle out and thanks to the frenetic schedules and sometimes, the lazy us, we forget about it and promise to properly follow the schedule at the beginning of next month. Well, most of us are guilty of making these empty promises and the consequences are ugly.

According to a research conducted on a global level, over two billion people are suffering from health issues associated with overweight and obesity, and a growing number of people are dying from these health maladies. Yikes!
So, when you are living in a world which is getting fatter day by day, it’s imperative that you convince your lazy self to sweat it out every day! And, if you are confused about how to get started?
Running, my friend is the answer. Yes! Running! It’s simple and anyone can do it.

Quick Fact: 26 bones, 33 joints, 112 ligaments, and a network of nerves, tendons, and blood vessels, in the feet have to work together when you run!

Below are twelve reasons, that will definitely send you running on your way:

1. Run Your Worries Away

Most of us are so entangled in our daily lives and stressed out that the mere idea of a gym session sends our mind into dizzy. But, running doesn’t put any pressure on your mental health. Instead, it helps fighting mental issues like anxiety, Alzheimers, and depression. And, all you need to do is put your one foot in front of the other and breathe.

2. Cheap

Kiss goodbye to your expensive gym membership and that super expensive workout equipment. You just need to invest a little in a nice, comfy pair of running shoes and you are good to go. Here is a quick guide to help you choose the perfect pair of running shoes.


So, save yourself some good bucks and go for a run without worrying about breaking your bank balance.

3. Do it Anywhere

Running is definitely one of those rare exercises, which you can do anywhere and doesn’t demand fancy infrastructure. It gives you a chance to move out of the four walls of your home and go out give some fresh oxygen to your lungs.

4. Go Socialize

friends running.jpg

Well, who said you need to run alone? Shut off your Facebook and Twitter for a while and go meet some real people and make some real friends while running. You can even join or form a running club with your ‘run pals’ and guide as well as encourage others to do it too.

5. Burn Crazy Calories

An extensive study performed by researchers at Syracuse found that men bust around 105 calories on an average running a mile in 9 mins and 30 secs whereas the women in the study, almost burnt 91 calories for the same time span. Although, metabolism plays a key role here, still burning calories equal to a half cup of ice-cream in less than ten minutes, isn’t bad at all!

6. Combat Diseases

According to a study done by British Journal of Sports Medicine Study, people who do any kind of aerobic exercise for minimum five days a week have 43% less chance of getting respiratory diseases compared to those who don’t do it at all. Experts say that a daily 30-minute run can help combat common cold even before it starts showing symptoms.

7. Take your furry friend with you

Dog run.jpg

Guilty of not spending enough time with your dog? The furry being cannot accompany you to your gym, but, you can take him along on a run with you and dogs are great runners, thanks to their bone structure and they enjoy running. So, both of you go and hang…run out together.

8. Do it Anytime

Who said you cannot run once the park is closed? You can run at any time be it 5 in the morning or 5 in the evening it doesn’t matter. Just, go out on the street and run along on the route of your liking.

9. Live Longer!

Run along to live along! Yes, this is very much true. According to a study conducted by Archives of Internal Medicine on about 1,000 adults, ages 50 and above for 21 years, found out that only 85% of the runners were alive whereas 66% of the non-runners had kicked the bucket.

10. Eat More Carbs!

Who said you have to give up your love for fries and pizza?
As carbohydrates are runner’s fuel for running, you can relax and still munch on those delicious fries and pizza that you like but do it in moderation as the excess of anything is bad.

11. 6/6 Vision

Running not only burns those crazy calories but also, reduces the chances of having any vision related illness like cataract,
age-related eyesight loss, and even blindness. As per a research printed in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, claimed that people who run an average of 5 miles or more a day have 41% lesser chances of developing any vision-related diseases.

12. Jam it Up!

girl running

Put those headphones on and blast your favourite tracks while you are burning those crazy calories away. Play those upbeat and high on bass tunes, to boost your mood. A recent study done by the University of Northwestern confirmed that music can make one feel powerful. Well, what better way to show you power than going for a long run?

“Now if you are going to win any battle you have to do one thing. You have to make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do. The body will always give up. It is always tired in the morning, noon and night. But the body is never tired if the mind is not tired.”
— George S Patton

This motivational quote will definitely make you leave your seat, put on your sneakers and go out for a much-needed run!