8 Ways to Overcome Sadness and Despair

“Despair, despair, despair.”

I remember beginning an article with the above phrase in 6th grade because I couldn’t learn to ride a bicycle until that time. Sadness is something very transient as a kid. More temporary than a pinch mark on your hand. And at that time these young emotions seemed too hard to bear. With age not only do we grow, our problems and emotions start to grow as well. We tend to equate these seemingly larger problems with complications. Even if we fail to notice, none of our problems is bigger or more complicated than us. Sometimes we are so lost that we don’t even know what we are sad about. We might feel that we have reached a dead end in our life, but don’t let the darkness deceive you. Keep walking and you definitely will find a pinprick of light at the end of the tunnel. Here are some of the ways which might save you from drowning in your own head:

  1. Try to know the problem:

Remember how knowing a demon’s name in horror movies gives you power over it? Well, being able to pinpoint the thing(s) that is bothering you gives you power over it as well.


Image source: Pixabay.com
  1. Let it out:

Talk about what’s going on in your mind. Going into a shell might seem the easy and comfortable option, but take your time and talk about it to someone. You might as well write everything down. Just get it out of your system. That’s the important thing.


Image source: Pixabay.com
  1. Keep yourself busy:

An empty mind is devil’s workshop. Keep yourself occupied. Develop a hobby or take up a passion you lost when life happened. Read, write, draw, dance, sing, watch movies. Absolutely anything.


Image source: Pixabay.com
  1. Perspective matters:

When everything seems grey, try to change your perspective. Maybe, it won’t seem so pathetic after all. Don’t they say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder?!


Image source: Pixabay.com
  1. Is it going to matter so much always?

When I had almost given up on life, a friend who now means a lot to me asked me a question which made me think hard. He asked me, “Is the problem you are facing right now going to have the same importance in your life a few years down the line?” More often than not we get hung up on things which matter a lot now, maybe more than a lot, but is it going to be the same always? The only good thing about life is that it goes on. And so should you. Get yourself out of the spiral which is choking the life out of you.


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  1. The human touch:

We are social animals at the end of the day. And human touch is as beautiful as Midas’ touch. It won’t turn anything into gold but it definitely will leave you touched. Find that human who has the gift of understanding you when you can’t even understand yourself. It can be anyone, a friend, parents, siblings, a counsellor or maybe a long-awaited love? Someone who is willing to fix you for your happiness.


Image source: Pixabay.com
  1. Prioritize:

Life might seem the worst thing that has happened to you but make the most of it while it lasts. Mould it according to you. Craft it the way you want. You are the protagonist, narrator, writer and creator of this piece of art. Get a grip and prioritize your life.


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  1. You are worth it:

So worth it. Do not ever doubt that. You are worth it and you matter, if not to anyone then to your own self. Build a self that others can look up to and not one you cannot look in the eye. Love yourself. Care for yourself. For you are going to live with yourself till the last breath escapes your mouth. You are worth every bit of it. Period.

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5 Things that an Indian student never learnt

Education in India is not for the faint-hearted. In fact, it has always been like this, pressure-filled. Where kids are pushed harder and harder which makes education more like a cough syrup in India.

We fail hugely to gain success in the world market as we still want to stick with the education system that the colonial masters made to produce clerks and civil servants. It’s time we evolve or else the following problems found in current Indian students would continue to plague even the coming generations.

  1. Read more; Why?

India wouldn’t have become such a great nation if Gandhi and Nehru were running behind marks. Our parents and teachers put aside our common sense and judge our intelligence based on how much content we could vomit out on exam sheet.

Thus, Indian students never learned to read extra as education always remained marks bound and they never read things that were not “in syllabus”.

Image result for Knowledge or marks

source credit:LinkedIn
  1. Theory fails, practice remains!

Our education system wants to gear and test knowledge at every level but totally sidelines the importance of teaching skills. As they say, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for one day, teach him how to catch a fish and you have fed him for a lifetime.” But in India, rote learning and memorization are what prevails. We encourage cramming so much that the lifelong learning based on a student’s aptitude is lost.

Our engineers fail to grab high profile jobs as they search for answer scripts instead of revamping their imagination. Thus I feel that Indian students definitely never learned how to cope with problems in a practical way and are reduced to bookworms.

Image result for Theory v/s practical

source credit:WordPress
  1. Job-oriented, not Goal-oriented

“India is a country where people first become engineers, and then they decide what they want to do in life.”

For us, education is very closely related to money. That is why; one would find in India that people don’t follow their passion instead they run behind degrees that can fetch them good jobs in future. However, they fail to understand that lack of interest would not achieve them the prowess that is required in any field. People have to learn that education is not degree-bound but it goes beyond it and here I would like to quote Amir from 3 idiots (which I totally believe and agree with),

“ kaabil Bano, kamyabi jhak maar ke piche aaegi”

Image result for 3 idiots dialogues

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  1. Rat-race; I doubt if anyone will ever win it

One is healthy competition and other is what happens in India. Basically, a rat race is when you don’t have a goal and start running behind something merely because someone else is running behind it. Slowly and slowly, there is a gush of people running towards the unknown object. So, breathe and think if you have also chosen someone else’s goal as yours or are you striving for the product.

Image result for Rat race

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  1. Professionalism; What’s that again?

We took our assignments, home-work, teachers, and education as a whole lightly, and they took us lightly. Amidst all this ‘lightness’, we missed learning the essence of education, being diligent and professional about one’s work. And because our education system was always so laid back where no one really cared for what we learned (nor did we cared), we forgot to learn the most important etiquette of life.

And later when we enter the professional world, we compare ourselves with others and wonder what went wrong!

Image result for lack of professionalism

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“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one learned in school”

-Albert Einstein

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7 Web Portals that can help you land into your Dream Internship!

Internship has become a buzz word for today’s youth and very rightly so. Employers in today’s workforce market rely heavily on resumes that illustrate a relevant work history, whether that’s from internships, volunteer work, or actual job experience. A practical work background carries a major significance when attempting to enter the job market. It’s all about competition. Not only are businesses competing against each other for a competitive advantage, but people are also competing to land that coveted position in a company.


Image: miinternship.com

Here, we try to list down 7 websites which can act as a bridge between you and the internship you are looking for.

Link: www.internshala.com


Image: www.internshala.com

Internshala is an internship platform, based out of Gurgaon, India. Founded by Sarvesh Agrawal, an IIT Madras alumnus, in 2010, the website helps students find internships with organizations in India. Internshala is no.1 internship & training website for students in India with 4000+ paid internships in Engineering, MBA, media, law, arts & other streams.

Link: www.letsintern.com


LetsIntern aims at providing a single platform for interaction between 10 million graduates across India and thousands of organization spread across the length and breadth of this country.  It offers internships across sector and disciplines, so whether you are law, architecture, engineering or art student, it caters to all of you. Similarly, it caters across firms.

Link: www.makeintern.com


Image: www.makeintern.com

MakeIntern is an online portal which provides the best internship opportunities in India. Such as Summer Internships, Virtual Internship, Paid Internship and many more. It helps in providing internships across various sector and disciplines, like law, architecture, engineering, arts or management student, it caters to all of you. Similarly, it caters across firms.

Link: www.hellointern.com


Image: www.hellointern.com

Hello, Intern is a new venture based on the idea of naukri.com but in a different field. hellointern.com differentiates from naukri.com by providing services in the field of training/internship, summer jobs, part-time jobs only. Right now they are focusing mainly on the domain of technical internships. They provide a FREE listing of companies’ internship positions and help them select the profiles best-fitting to their requirements. They already have more than 2000 students registered from premier institutions like IITs, NITs, ISM Dhanbad etc. in less than 3 months.

Link: www.linkedIn.com


Image: careers.publichealth.iu.edu

Well if you are in the Job market and don’t know about LinkedIn, then it would be like not knowing the sun. LinkedIn is a business- and employment-oriented social networking service that operates via a website and mobile apps.  500 million members in 200 countries, out of which more than 106 million members are active. It offers internship as well with major companies listing openings through the portal throughout the year.

Link: www.interntheory.com


Image: www.interntheory.com

Intern Theory provides you access to a variety of student-credit opportunities (paid/unpaid internships, volunteering at NGOs, virtual jobs etc.) that will ensure that you will cultivate the right amount of experience and the ethics of hard work, responsibility, discipline and of course the cool notion of ‘being at work’!

Link: www.naukri.com



Image: www.naukri.com

The word ‘Naukri’ translates to ‘Job’ in English. As of Dec 2016, Naukri.com had a database of about 49.5 million registered job seekers and an average of about 11,000 resumes was added daily while about 130,000 resumes were modified daily during the Fiscal year 2013-14. Those statistics in itself speak about the potential of the website and its capacity to get you an internship!

I hope this article gets you what you want and the company where you want to be. A suggestion would be to keep checking multiple portals for intern openings.

Till then, May the force be with you! 😋

 Featured Pic: veolianorthamerica.com

Live-In Relationships ~ New Kid on the block?

A rush of chilliness ran down my spine when he asked me if I wanted to move in with him. I stood there, dazzled and confused at the same time. Did I hear it right? Or maybe he meant something else? A sense of delight was slowly chipping in but I kept a blank face on, holding my ground, waiting for him to come again. As startled as I was, I didn’t want to give that away. I slowly moved towards him pretending as if I haven’t heard him in the first instance. “Sorry,” I said. “I guess I couldn’t hear you”, gently sliding that strand of hair that was covering my left eye while the right lay glued at him, catching every last bit of reaction I could gather. He, for once hesitated, and then mustering up his voice said again, “Do you wanna Move in with me?”. And there I could see him turning pale as if he had seen a ghost. While I, on the other hand, was trying to control my laughter on looking at his face which was showing signs of uncertainty and fear. I leaned towards him wrapping my hands around his shoulders, staring him in the eye and said, “I thought you would never ask.” and that was our moment, A moment to cherish. While the sun was setting down, giving way to the moon, the sea met the horizon, crimson redness scattering all around as if it’s giving an approval for us to be together.


But it was a day later when reality struck. LIVE-IN was supposedly a huge deal for people around. I couldn’t understand why. I mean, It’s me who is the one who will be impacted and it’s everyone else around who are feeling the heat. Why so? Well maybe because it’s their job to judge! But then I don’t know what makes them judge it anyway. Two grown-up individuals who like each other decide to live together under one roof. Where in this world does that sound Corrupted? And yet, It’s frowned upon. It’s easy to judge others but then judging someone on the basis of a preconceived bias which is all but positive might be termed as a jerk move. (Oh Damn. Are the moral police reading this? :3)

maxresdefaultPic Courtesy: https://youtu.be/O6233wzermI

Let’s get into some statistics while we are talking about this to make it a solid research supported account about the new kid on the block, and most importantly, one who is here to stay, Live-in Relationship! The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development reports that more than half (54 percent) of all first marriages between 1990 and 1994 began with unmarried cohabitation. This said I guess more than half of the people can’t be that wrong. Eh?

BUT BUT BUT, There always has to be a but. Isn’t it? 😂

Live-In comes with its own share of problems and downfalls. Let’s me try to lay that down too :

  • Living together is considered to be more stressful than being married.
  • Just over 50% of couples who have lived-in ever get married.
  • Couples who lived together before marriage tend to divorce early in their marriage.
  • Compared to married individuals, those cohabiting have higher levels of depression and substance abuse.

Should that stop us from getting into one? Naah. We are the Millennials. We love to live dangerously. But then again completely ignoring the fact and the noticed patterns would be a foolish move. It’s always the decision of the couple. What can be done is put in the rationality of thoughts about your motivation for living together.
Is it just out of convenience?
Is it to spend more time together?
Are you uncertain about the relationship and want to make a more informed decision?
Or, is it just a prelude to marriage?
What’s need to be Kept in mind is that couples who live together seem to have the most successful outcomes when they have already made a clear commitment to each other.
Let me try to draw a line to this now for two reasons.
One, He is getting bored and I can’t see him wait on me while I am glued to my screen.
Two, The first reason is important enough. 😉

Last but not the least guys. Whether you choose to live under the same roof or miles apart. Distance is never a problem when you love someone. It’s always about priorities and if you could make the person of your life your priority. Then trust me, all these statistics and research would be of no use at all.

Featured Image: http://www.youthincmag.com/live-relationship-pros-cons

Sherlock: Real vs Reel!

Imagination is the real thing they say, makes you who you always wanted to be, and that brought me to the question, how about becoming the most intelligent detective the world has ever seen! Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock’s world is where everything happens following an order! Every situation has a set of definite outcomes. It assumes that the people’s habits or activities are absolutely perfect and Sherlock is the unsolicited King. In reality, we have problems in choosing Pizza over Burger.

f1f53888-db5d-44c6-a586-a5e1f13cd953_560_420                Image Source: http://cdn.playbuzz.com

Let’s take an example, Shall we? (That’s how he speaks, I suppose! 😛 ) in ‘The Blind Banker’, Sherlock identifies that the person is left-handed saying “The butter knife on the kitchen surface has butter on the right side of the blade because he used it with his left.”
In the real world, almost nothing is perfect! Even a left-handed person’s butter knife would have butter on both the sides, maybe some jam too, considering his delight for jam !! 😛

Screenshot (70).png

Image Source: http://www.khanakhajana.co.in/home/121-bread-butter.html

In Sherlock’s world, we are constantly reminded of the fact that he is a high functioning Sociopath who doesn’t really care about human emotion,  is far away from its clutches and likes to live life dangerously duping himself in drugs as if they were candies. Trust me when I say this, we would die, yes die even if we consider taking in that much drugs out of shock, leave alone doing it.

high_functioning_sociopath__by_harry_potter_addict-d4n0xuu.pngImage Source: https://darwinsfinch.wordpress.com/2015/07/08/dexter-sociopath-or-physcopath/

Sherlock Holmes in Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ Sherlock at times seems to be a genuinely nasty bloke going head over heels going to a point where he is seen telling children that their grandfather is rotting in the ground, and even being dismissively rude towards Russell Tovey’s potential client, for instance. Him telling Kitty Reilly, the journalist in The Reichenbach Fall, that “you repel me” was more than a little over the top. (Well, She was selfish, ambitious and a little manipulative, but she repels him? A man who deals with criminals more or less every day?) . Just consider telling that to a person on his/her face and see the world burn.

Image Source: https://www.bustle.com/articles/39056-9-things-you-should-never-say-to-a-fan-of-bbcs-sherlock

 Then again, comes the point where Sherlock is seen to be almost perfect at whatever he does and so does Moriarty, his nemesis, but really? In his infamous “Reichenbach fall” you want me to believe that you can fall off a building and then fly like a bird off to glory, that’s some fantasy ‘shizz’ going on there.

Falling is like Flying.gifImage Source: https://giphy.com/gifs/sherlock-benedict-cumberbatch-mvfkUUWCBEmZi

Oh Oh Oh!! how can I not talk about The Mind Palace when I talk about Sherlock, that’s one thing which has perplexed everyone with it aura on how clear can one’s vision and thoughts be, let me break it to you,  no matter how cool it may sound, it’s next to impossible to get such a high dedicated  sense of mind mapping.

giphy.gifImage Source: https://giphy.com/gifs/sherlock-benedict-cumberbatch-best-show-ever-KMsmPrCDrNGgM

Well, that is unless you are Chacha Chowdhary and your mind works faster than a computer. 😛

9Image Source: http://topyaps.com/chacha-chaudhary-becomes-next-prime-minister-india

I know this article is going to bring me in the bad books of all Sherlock fans and they might have even listed down various ways where I would end not in a condition I would like to be in, but then again, Anonymity is Bae and I am loving it. So I would want to end this saying Boo Yeah !!

Image Source: https://www.bustle.com/articles/39056-9-things-you-should-never-say-to-a-fan-of-bbcs-sherlock

PS: I love him, just like anyone of you do and it would be a shame if we don’t get to see more of him. *Drools*

*Awaits for the next season with the Bunny Cap on*

Image Source for Featured Image: www.sherlocked.se 


Have you seen those fur slippers people wear at home? They are not supposed to be worn outside, they are too fluffy for that. You feel at home as soon as you put your feet in them. Introverts are like those fur slippers. They become your comfort zones once you get to know them. They don’t talk much, don’t prefer going out unless it’s necessary. But these are the things they are judged for.

There is always more to every person than they let on. Every person is a story and world altogether. And not everyone is an open book. Few prefer to be like those private lock-able diaries only a selected and special few can read. Otherwise what would have been the difference between Sheldon and Penny?!

It’s true that they would prefer chatting over a conversation on call because they would not want to put themselves too much in the open (you cannot expect Damon Salvatore to go out in the sun without his ring, can you?). But in that chat, they will give you all of themselves. You can trust them with your deepest secrets and fears. They will listen to you and observe keenly. And isn’t listening to the key to good communication (unless you are Arnab who gets paid for not listening most of the time). They are the perfect human-diary-material.

But have you ever tried to look from the perspective of an introvert? They might enjoy their own company but they need a good friend as much as any other human. They might be strong and comfortable in their own skin but once in a while they also need a tight hug, an ear which listens patiently and a heart which understands. Even the Hulk needs a Black Widow.

If you have an introvert friend/person in your life then cherish them because they are the truest and the realest people you will ever meet.

PS: Date them! You will never regret it. Trust me 😉 😉

The following Dos and Don’ts might help:

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 7.40.58 AM.png


According to Judith Butler, using language itself is a form of censorship. The blue sky I see might be a lot different to the blue sky you perceive. Language makes us sort everything as binaries, every good has a bad, white has black, happy has sad, love has hate, weird has normal and introvert has extrovert. And everything is defined in such a way that one cannot exist without the other. It is only when we move beyond the binaries and see through multiple perspectives that we actually start to see things as they are instead of as we are.

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 7.29.17 AM

We think as we think because we are a sack full of memories and experiences. It is only when we are oblivious as kids or old people that we question everything around us.

“Last scene of all,
That ends this strange eventful history,
Is second childishness and mere oblivion,
Sans teeth, sans eyes, sans taste, sans everything.”
                                                     – Shakespeare

And before we enter the last stage of life, let’s be more. More than the binaries that make us who we are, what we see, how we see and who we see.


Let’s see people as people and not by the tags which the world gives them because all of us have a little bit of every one woven in our soul

11 Career Option that don’t require a College Degree.

Times have been changing, evolution taking its course, people shifting from theoretical aspect of life to the practical realm, chasing their dreams and doing what they want to do instead of what they should do. That’s exactly where the concept of having a degree to suffice in this world is no more a necessity.College dropouts have set examples in front of us showing why a paper doesn’t matter but the practical approach to bridge the gap between what’s needed and what’s available does. Not only does it help you out of the rigorous pressure of going through the 3-4 years of the curriculum but also provides for a head start ahead of your peers.

Let us try to list a few.

  1. Ethical Hacker

All you need is just an interest in computer operations and a free mind to be an ethical hacker! Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) Certification is provided by many institutes which offer courses on the same which can be pursued right after completing your 10th examinations. To make it more lucrative, salary ranges anywhere between 1.5 lakhs to 20+lakhs!

Qualification needed: 10th Pass.
Opportunities: 1.5 – 20+ Lakhs.


  1. Photographer

How about me telling you that you could make a living out of your passion for photography? Apparently, all you need to do is, get a diploma/certificate course in photography right after completing high school. Try beginning by being a supporting staff or a freelance photographer. Honestly speaking it does take time to be a high-paid photographer, but then the starting salary is not bad enough at an average of  3 lakhs.

Qualification needed: 10 +2 Pass.
Opportunities: Avg. 3 Lakhs.  Camera-on-Ground

  1. Politician

All you need is 25 years of age, the Indian citizenship and some Chai( don’t start hating me for this already :P) to be a politician in India. No minimum educational qualification has been provided yet, although we hear talks regarding this topic happening all the time. Want to be the change you want to see? Well here’s your chance. The salaries range from 1lakh to 12LPA plus other allowances(this is where the real fun lies).

Qualification needed: NIL.
Opportunities: 1 – 12 Lakhs.

4. Writer
Aah, so here we are talking about being me, Sweet!  To become a writer, the only criterion is that you need to write. And when I say write, I mean a whole lot of writing! There is no mandatory educational qualification per se but clearing your 10+2 is advisable. Ergo, keep reading & writing if you aspire to be read someday. The average starting salaries are 2.4LPA, which increases as and when your quality of writing improves.

Qualification needed: Formal/informal training after 10+2.
Opportunities: Average starting salaries are 2.4LPA.


  1. Modelling/Acting

This is most lucrative career choice of all and revolves around confidence, appearances and how you carry yourself. If you think you have the mettle to pull it off, join a diploma course in modeling/acting and make a career out of it. The pay-scale varies according to the quality of your work and connections you make.

Qualification needed: NIL
Opportunities: Varies.


  1. Personal Trainer

There’s a rising demand for personal fitness trainers in India with the rising health consciousness among the masses. Hence, it can prove to be a great career choice. Having passed your 10+2 examinations is a plus, after which a 3-15 month course depending on your preferences is what’s needed. Even if you start at 10k per month, it can go up to 1 lakh per month!

Qualification needed: NIL
Opportunities: 10k – 1lakh Per month.


  1. Professional Blogger/ YouTuber 

No minimum educational qualification required. You can earn through AdSense, Sponsored Videos, and Affiliate Marketing.

This is supposed to be one of the most interesting career options that one can venture into. The Blog/Channel can be about just anything which interests you ( which should attract viewers). There is no age bar or educational requirement. You can earn through AdSense, Sponsored Videos, and Affiliate Marketing. The only word of caution is that make sure that you come up with interesting content often.

Qualification needed: NIL
Opportunities: Varies (Can earn through  AdSense, Sponsored Videos and Affiliate Marketing.)


  1. Dance Instructor

It is considered ideal to train for someone who is highly proficient in the art to improve your skill-set and to lay a strong foundation. Academies all over India offer courses in dancing, where the minimum qualification needed is 10+2. Once done with the course, you can intern under someone and thereafter go on to open your own academy.

Qualification needed: Initial training is needed.
Opportunities: Varies (Pay increases over time.)

Screenshot (46)

  1. Graphic Designer/ Web Developer/ Designer

After completing your 10+2 you can pursue a career in graphic designing/ Web Designer, enrolling in a 1 or 2-year diploma course. As experience strongly matters in this field, if you have an insight on how things are done and what’s the need of the hour, it enables you a head-start. Creativity is a very important factor for a career in design. A fresher in graphic designing can earn more than 2.5LPA

Qualification needed: Diploma courses after 10+2
Opportunities: Average beginning salary is 2.5+ LPA.


  1. Make-up artists

Educational qualification is not a mandate to be a make-up artist. Although, there are institutes offering diploma/certificate courses for the same. The integral skills required are Creativity, patience and an eye for detail. Even for a newbie, the pay starts from 15k per month which can go up to 15k per day in the film industry!

Qualification needed: NIL.
Opportunities: Ranges according to your skill set (15k a month to even 15k a day.)


  1. Radio/Video Jockey

Honestly, a high school certificate is sufficient enough to pursue a career in this field. All you require is an ability to entertain the audience, being witty and quick at thinking on your feet is a bonus. The starting salary is low but it increases with experience.

Qualification needed: NIL
Opportunities: Varies .

2278634289_cb533529e7_bAnd hence in today’s world, it’s really not necessary to participate in the rat race and pursue what everyone else is. You can give your career a different turn by following your passion and engaging in something you really want to do