8 Ways to Overcome Sadness and Despair

“Despair, despair, despair.”

I remember beginning an article with the above phrase in 6th grade because I couldn’t learn to ride a bicycle until that time. Sadness is something very transient as a kid. More temporary than a pinch mark on your hand. And at that time these young emotions seemed too hard to bear. With age not only do we grow, our problems and emotions start to grow as well. We tend to equate these seemingly larger problems with complications. Even if we fail to notice, none of our problems is bigger or more complicated than us. Sometimes we are so lost that we don’t even know what we are sad about. We might feel that we have reached a dead end in our life, but don’t let the darkness deceive you. Keep walking and you definitely will find a pinprick of light at the end of the tunnel. Here are some of the ways which might save you from drowning in your own head:

  1. Try to know the problem:

Remember how knowing a demon’s name in horror movies gives you power over it? Well, being able to pinpoint the thing(s) that is bothering you gives you power over it as well.


Image source: Pixabay.com
  1. Let it out:

Talk about what’s going on in your mind. Going into a shell might seem the easy and comfortable option, but take your time and talk about it to someone. You might as well write everything down. Just get it out of your system. That’s the important thing.


Image source: Pixabay.com
  1. Keep yourself busy:

An empty mind is devil’s workshop. Keep yourself occupied. Develop a hobby or take up a passion you lost when life happened. Read, write, draw, dance, sing, watch movies. Absolutely anything.


Image source: Pixabay.com
  1. Perspective matters:

When everything seems grey, try to change your perspective. Maybe, it won’t seem so pathetic after all. Don’t they say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder?!


Image source: Pixabay.com
  1. Is it going to matter so much always?

When I had almost given up on life, a friend who now means a lot to me asked me a question which made me think hard. He asked me, “Is the problem you are facing right now going to have the same importance in your life a few years down the line?” More often than not we get hung up on things which matter a lot now, maybe more than a lot, but is it going to be the same always? The only good thing about life is that it goes on. And so should you. Get yourself out of the spiral which is choking the life out of you.


Image source: Pixabay.com
  1. The human touch:

We are social animals at the end of the day. And human touch is as beautiful as Midas’ touch. It won’t turn anything into gold but it definitely will leave you touched. Find that human who has the gift of understanding you when you can’t even understand yourself. It can be anyone, a friend, parents, siblings, a counsellor or maybe a long-awaited love? Someone who is willing to fix you for your happiness.


Image source: Pixabay.com
  1. Prioritize:

Life might seem the worst thing that has happened to you but make the most of it while it lasts. Mould it according to you. Craft it the way you want. You are the protagonist, narrator, writer and creator of this piece of art. Get a grip and prioritize your life.


Image source: Pixabay.com
  1. You are worth it:

So worth it. Do not ever doubt that. You are worth it and you matter, if not to anyone then to your own self. Build a self that others can look up to and not one you cannot look in the eye. Love yourself. Care for yourself. For you are going to live with yourself till the last breath escapes your mouth. You are worth every bit of it. Period.

Feature image source: Pixabay.com



Sneek Peak into the world of Sports Marketing

Almost every group of friends has at least one of those  “Man-U” or “Liverpool” (Chelsea peeps don’t get offended, eh!)  fan who seems to be on an oath to eat, drink and sleep the said clubs. On any random given time, these fans can be spotted flaunting the merchandise of their respective favorite clubs. How and why? Welcome to the world of Sports marketing.

A subdivision of marketing focusing on both, promotion of sports events & teams along with the promotion of other products & services. Generally, either a product or a brand name is promoted for the same. The basic goal is to expand the bandwidth of Marketing by building strategies to provide the clients with a platform for sports along with an opportunity for promotions of products & services. Sports Marketing is an element of sports promotion and includes a wide variety of processes involved in the sports industry like broadcasting, advertising, social digital media platforms, sales of tickets, and community relations.

Marketing Mix of Sports Marketing (4+4 Ps)
Along with the Traditional  4Ps of any general form of marketing, Sports Marketing encompasses 4 additional Ps. The reason for the same being that Sports is considered to be a service.

  • Product,
  • Price,
  • Promotion
  • Place 

The additional 4 P’s being,

  • Planning,
  • Packaging,
  • Positioning,
  • Perception.

 Divisions of Sports Marketing

  • The first is the advertising of sport and sports associations.
  • The second comprises of the use of sporting events, sports teams and individual athletes to promote various products.
  • The third category is the promotion of sport to the public in order to increase participation.

Pros of Sports Marketing
In common terms, sports marketing refers to the marketing of sports leagues and teams. With the changing Global Scenarios, Sports Marketing is responsible for creating fan loyalty for organizations and that should be used effectively.

  • Fan Attendance : Fans are the people who blow life into sports events. a Major League Baseball study found specific giveaway promotions had the strongest effect on fan attendance. Bobblehead dolls, for example, often are used as giveaways because of their ability to draw fans. Without them a stadium would look like a barren land in Arizona or The Thar (keeping in mind that we have Indian folks reading it :P).
  • Season Ticket Sales: Selling season tickets is the most integral foundation of any professional sports team. Studies of both Major League Baseball and National Basketball Association teams found that roughly one-third of ticket sales take place at stadium gates, compared with about 25 percent at more commercially successful National Football League stadiums. Loyal season ticket buyers create more interest from media coverage and hence need to be focused on.
  • Merchandise Sales: Sports organizations derive revenue from the sale of team merchandise. Programs, shirts, caps, jerseys, and posters are just a few common products sold by sports franchises. The New York Yankees are one of the most popular sports brands in the world. As evidence, the 2007 Street & Smith’s “Sports Business Daily” report on league license merchandise sales showed the Yankees with a remarkable 25.4 percent of market share. The Boston Red Sox were second that season with an 8.2 percent share
  • New Product Launch or New Market Penetration: When launching a new product, A brand’s prime need is to drive excitement and awareness through multiple marketing channels to get as much attention and sales as possible. And here Sports Marketing comes to the rescue in providing a huge platform both in physical and digital form.

Cons of Sports Marketing

  • Lack Of Technical Knowhow: Apart from major teams, most of these teams still are unaware of how to market themselves properly so efforts on those ground need to be made.
  • Heavy Cost Incurred: Lack of knowledge leads to errors which in turn are the reason for incurring of heavy cost.

Taking all the above into consideration, it can be well cited that Sports Marketing is a spreading its horizon very fast with Top Players signing Brand endorsement worth millions, that day is not far away from where we see Sports marketing becoming one of the most lucrative platforms for advertisements and promotions.



5 Ways Trekking Can Add Virtues To Your Student Life

Can you broaden your mind, acquire meaningful life qualities by locking yourself in one little corner of the college all your student life? Trekking is an antidote for the students helping them forget about the ‘stressful demands’ of routine life, and so the learning automatically follows. Here are few more ways trekking can be a life-long companion for students opening up their fatigued minds and hearts.

Conquer your anxieties and fears

Trekking is not about conquering mountains but ourselves. As students, you spend most of your days in the classroom and most nights in the library. But trekking helps you come out of your comfort to an alien place without any resources and rediscover yourself without the pressure of work, family, and home. The treacherous hiking and enchanting vistas provided by nature knock out the negativities from your life and help you change for the better. When you conquer the altitudes you know you can conquer the world.

Bonding with nature

Academic burden and stressful routine often bring us away from the tranquility and serenity of nature. But we cannot forget that the real beauty lies outside the boundaries of your classroom walls.While trekking you continuously observe nature, enchanting views and different culture which infuse tolerance, persistence, and perseverance in the student’s mind. It acts as a catalyst for togetherness and spiritual peace. After all, you can protect nature only when you love and appreciate it.

 Overall improved fitness

Woman With White Sunvisor RunningTrekking is the greatest way to keep a tab on the overall health. The entire experience depends on your stamina which restricts unhealthy eating practices. You can’t have a bowl of popcorn or a cheese burst pizza and think of climbing the altitudes. You’ll need extra energy during trekking as you’ll have to undergo severe pressure, so if you love munching on to the junk then this trekking trip is not for you. Build your stamina and revisit next time!

Disconnect from technology

If you’re a tech addict then the trekking experience can change your life. Have you ever thought of living without your phone, laptop and cool gaming console? Once in mountains, you’ll not have access to any of these, the only connectivity will be with nature. It helps in digital detoxification helping you spend time with yourself, know yourself.

Peace and serenity

How many times you’ve felt that the pause button is missing in your life? Besides the regular humdrum of life, we often forget to take time for ourselves. If you have ever felt like taking a getaway from life then you’ll find the stunning altitudes welcoming you with open arms. Mountains provide a distinct level of peace calming and soothing the withered mind. When you breathe in the fresh air your mind automatically turns into seeking more tolerance and painstaking. No other activity like mall visits, clubbing can relieve your mind as much as trekking does.

So what are you waiting for? Climb the mountains all by yourself with a backpack and add oodles of confidence and peace in your student life.

5 Women in Sports Making India Proud

From chiffon ghoonghats to wearing helmets on the sporting field, a paradigm shift in our patriarchal society is for all to see. Breaking gender stereotypes is too mainstream as our naari’s have gone beyond and are considered at par with men in most sports. Even Bollywood could not resist the temptation of covering success stories of our women in sports with movies like Chak de India, Dangal and Mary Kom gracing the silver screen. It’s now time to look at 5 women in sports who have not only brought laurels to the nation but have given us serious sporting goals.

Deepa Malik: A beacon for a brighter tomorrow

Deepa Malik is a rising star in the world of Paralympics! She has won several medals in shot put, swimming, and discus throw. But her vivacity and success mask the pain behind her true story. Her real struggle started when as a seven-year-old when she was hit by 2  successive spinal tumors which left her paralyzed from the waist down. But that didn’t stop her from fulfilling her dreams. She may have missed a bronze by a whisker at the 2017 Para Athletics Championship, but the supercharged lady from Haryana made India proud by finishing sixth in women’s shot put F-53 category. Her achievement is not just another inspirational tale; it will leave even the best of the best biting the dust. 

Mithali Raj: Flag bearer of women’s cricket

Mithali Raj has taken women cricket to new heights. She is termed the Tendulkar of women’s cricket considering the unbelievable records against her name. But long before she established her queendom in international cricket, she was aspiring to display her footwork in Bharatnatyam. Her impeccable dancing talent makes the bowlers and fielders dance to her tunes in the cricket field. She is the captain of Indian cricket team and holds the record for making highest score in women’s test history. In July 2017 she became the first player to make 6,000 runs in WODIs. After a brush with dance, cricket may have happened by chance in her life, but Raj has been adding glories to this profession which has always been considered as a male bastion.

PV Sindhu: The Unstoppable Badminton Star

PV Sindhu is the first woman in India’s sporting history to bag a medal in World Badminton Championship. Bur her achievements have always been grappled with the fulfillment of her aspirations and goals.  She started playing at the age of eight and since then she would literally travel 56 km per day to get to her training center.  She could not even think of missing a session or taking a break from the tedious routine. She wakes up as early as 4:15 am to train and gave up on her favorite ice cream to stay in shape. Her dedication made her win the silver medal at Rio 2016 and she is also the first Indian ever to win Korea Open Super Series in 2017. Beyond the euphoria and awards, she hopes that her achievement will finally be reason enough for us to encourage our athletes in a more sustained and systematic way.  

Sania Mirza: The unforgettable sports Icon

Sania Mirza’s journey has been a stream of struggle. The critics have continuously questioned her credentials arguing that she has not managed to find success in the highly competitive singles. The orthodox Muslim clerics have also attacked her saying that she is a disgrace to her religion. But her deep-rooted passion for tennis made her stamp victory above all difficulties.  She also faced a career-threatening wrist injury in 2012, after which she had to shift her full attention to doubles. The most heart-wrenching time of her life was when she got married to Pakistani cricketer Shoaib Malik and people started calling her “Pakistan’s daughter-in-law” and Anti Indian. She has reached the zenith of tennis by making it to the top in the women’s doubles ranking. She made the nation proud by winning women’s doubles Grand Slam title at Wimbledon and two other doubles titles. She is not only winning big on the sports field but her achievements have put the modern Indian sportswoman on the international radar.

Sushila Chanu: The Hidden Hero

Sushila Chanu, the captain of the Indian women’s hockey team has a total of 121 international caps to her credit. But before emerging as a star, society’s scorn and disapproval brought many troubles in her sporting career. She initially started her career as a ticket collector when she was 18 but didn’t enjoy this job much. Chanu was introduced to Hockey by her uncle but she was not able to make it to the Manipal sub-junior trials. She almost decided to give up hockey at that time but her seniors and coaches came to her house and convinced her not to lose hope. Later, she played some tournaments with the senior team and India won it’s first ever Junior World Cup medal under Chanu’s captaincy. She got injured at the beginning of 2017 but returned with full energy and charm within eight weeks. She broke down barriers and punched her way into our heart through her winning spirit and die-hard performance.

These heroes have fought the stereotypes to rise up the ranks and achieve the unachievable. Remember everything is possible for those who believe. Keep your dreams alive. You are born to shine like a diamond. Celebrate yourself all in one swirl.

Have you tried the World’s Second Best Exercise?

Are you one of those people who at the beginning of every month, promise themselves to eat healthy food, exercise daily and take care of the body? But, after two-three days of following the regime sincerely, all your spirits fizzle out and thanks to the frenetic schedules and sometimes, the lazy us, we forget about it and promise to properly follow the schedule at the beginning of next month. Well, most of us are guilty of making these empty promises and the consequences are ugly.

According to a research conducted on a global level, over two billion people are suffering from health issues associated with overweight and obesity, and a growing number of people are dying from these health maladies. Yikes!
So, when you are living in a world which is getting fatter day by day, it’s imperative that you convince your lazy self to sweat it out every day! And, if you are confused about how to get started?
Running, my friend is the answer. Yes! Running! It’s simple and anyone can do it.

Quick Fact: 26 bones, 33 joints, 112 ligaments, and a network of nerves, tendons, and blood vessels, in the feet have to work together when you run!

Below are twelve reasons, that will definitely send you running on your way:

1. Run Your Worries Away

Most of us are so entangled in our daily lives and stressed out that the mere idea of a gym session sends our mind into dizzy. But, running doesn’t put any pressure on your mental health. Instead, it helps fighting mental issues like anxiety, Alzheimers, and depression. And, all you need to do is put your one foot in front of the other and breathe.

2. Cheap

Kiss goodbye to your expensive gym membership and that super expensive workout equipment. You just need to invest a little in a nice, comfy pair of running shoes and you are good to go. Here is a quick guide to help you choose the perfect pair of running shoes.


So, save yourself some good bucks and go for a run without worrying about breaking your bank balance.

3. Do it Anywhere

Running is definitely one of those rare exercises, which you can do anywhere and doesn’t demand fancy infrastructure. It gives you a chance to move out of the four walls of your home and go out give some fresh oxygen to your lungs.

4. Go Socialize

friends running.jpg

Well, who said you need to run alone? Shut off your Facebook and Twitter for a while and go meet some real people and make some real friends while running. You can even join or form a running club with your ‘run pals’ and guide as well as encourage others to do it too.

5. Burn Crazy Calories

An extensive study performed by researchers at Syracuse found that men bust around 105 calories on an average running a mile in 9 mins and 30 secs whereas the women in the study, almost burnt 91 calories for the same time span. Although, metabolism plays a key role here, still burning calories equal to a half cup of ice-cream in less than ten minutes, isn’t bad at all!

6. Combat Diseases

According to a study done by British Journal of Sports Medicine Study, people who do any kind of aerobic exercise for minimum five days a week have 43% less chance of getting respiratory diseases compared to those who don’t do it at all. Experts say that a daily 30-minute run can help combat common cold even before it starts showing symptoms.

7. Take your furry friend with you

Dog run.jpg

Guilty of not spending enough time with your dog? The furry being cannot accompany you to your gym, but, you can take him along on a run with you and dogs are great runners, thanks to their bone structure and they enjoy running. So, both of you go and hang…run out together.

8. Do it Anytime

Who said you cannot run once the park is closed? You can run at any time be it 5 in the morning or 5 in the evening it doesn’t matter. Just, go out on the street and run along on the route of your liking.

9. Live Longer!

Run along to live along! Yes, this is very much true. According to a study conducted by Archives of Internal Medicine on about 1,000 adults, ages 50 and above for 21 years, found out that only 85% of the runners were alive whereas 66% of the non-runners had kicked the bucket.

10. Eat More Carbs!

Who said you have to give up your love for fries and pizza?
As carbohydrates are runner’s fuel for running, you can relax and still munch on those delicious fries and pizza that you like but do it in moderation as the excess of anything is bad.

11. 6/6 Vision

Running not only burns those crazy calories but also, reduces the chances of having any vision related illness like cataract,
age-related eyesight loss, and even blindness. As per a research printed in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, claimed that people who run an average of 5 miles or more a day have 41% lesser chances of developing any vision-related diseases.

12. Jam it Up!

girl running

Put those headphones on and blast your favourite tracks while you are burning those crazy calories away. Play those upbeat and high on bass tunes, to boost your mood. A recent study done by the University of Northwestern confirmed that music can make one feel powerful. Well, what better way to show you power than going for a long run?

“Now if you are going to win any battle you have to do one thing. You have to make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do. The body will always give up. It is always tired in the morning, noon and night. But the body is never tired if the mind is not tired.”
— George S Patton

This motivational quote will definitely make you leave your seat, put on your sneakers and go out for a much-needed run!


Mard ka Dard: 5 Brutal Sports That Will Test Your Mardaangi like Nothing Else

So you do 50-kg sq lifts at the gym every day? Your benchpress record stands at an impressive 150 kg? Oh wait, did you squat 100 last night? That’s really badass stuff! Or so you think? Yo mama’s boy feels like Baahubali after just lifting a 14-kg gas cylinder, don’t you?

baahubali shivling

Well, sorry to break your egos, kids. We’ve got reasons to junk your claims of being a total #badass who’s always on #BeastMode, contrary to what your Instagram posts espouse anyway. If you think you stand and live by the motto “mard ko dard nahi hota!”, we challenge you to try your hands, feet, back, neck, head… basically anything that belongs on or in your so-called “toughened” and “gymmed” bodies at these 5 sports. 5 sports so grueling, you wish God had spared a few useless organs and replaced them with heavy testosterone bags instead. 5 sports so brutal, you’d be left wishing you were Superman with the additional healing powers of Wolverine!

  1. Rowing


♪Row, row, row your boat

Gently down the stream

Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily

Life is but a dream♪”

Go the lines of a popular nursery rhyme. Sure, as a kid, rowing seemed like a delight of a sport to us. Why not? There’s water, there’s splashing, there are boats, there’s racing… what’s to not like? Ask a professional rower, and he’ll tell you exactly why these childhood fantasies are nothing but a big scam!

So how strenuous can moving 2 wooden oars in circular motion be? Try it out yourself. Or maybe not, for the sake of your muscles. Instead, listen to the wise words of legendary 4-times gold-medalist Olympic rower Matthew Pinsent, who said “Towards the end, everything starts to go a bit weird, it all starts to go. Your senses are not in control anymore and they start to leave you. The hearing will go, the vision goes out of synch, there isn’t much left.” The rowing action involves a Hulk-esque amount of shoulder strength, and if the injury from a sudden jerk won’t kill you, the enormous soreness & fatigue surely with. The strain is so intense, it also forces the rower worth his salt to involve his legs so as to maintain balance even as his upper body is killing itself. If you think this is miserable, factor this – the near-death feeling starts accumulating after just a minute of rowing at that speed. A speed that is faster than the fastest human on land. A rower at the Olympic level has to maintain that level of intensity and brutality for a whole 2000 meters – 5-7 minutes approximately!

Olympics Day 8 - Rowing

Mind you – that’s just a sprint in the world of rowing! There are races which cover 5 km, and also some marathons that are the ultimate test of a human’s physical ability – races over 100 km long that last over 12 hours! To give you a proper scientific perspective of the ruthlessness involved, “The repetitive motion in rowing fills your muscles with lactic acid, which in turn is converted into ammonia, giving you humongous headaches.” It is not uncommon to see rowers throwing up at the finish line and appearing dizzy and disoriented. Mr. Pinsent goes on to add, “The lactate kicks in after about a minute and stays there, tearing at your muscles and mind for the rest of the race. The only way to relieve the pain is to stop and that’s not going to happen.” Think you have even 1% of the strength or stamina to survive this onslaught?

2) Calcio Storico

So you like football you say? And maybe you’re also a fan of the dives of the kinds Luis Suarez or Ronaldo are (in)famous for? We bet you find Zinedine Zidane’s all-time-epic headbutt one of the most brutal moments in football history.

Kids, welcome to Calcio Storico.

An Italian game developed and played in the city of Florence, this is football with a mixture of MMA. The only rule is – There Are No Rules! Zinedine may have got a red card for headbutting Marco Materazzi, but if this was Calcio Storico, all he would have got was a laugh and a jeer from the crowd. Along with the tag of “wuss”. For, how bad is headbutting in a game which allows players to punch, kick, wrestle, choke etc in order to net a goal? In a 27-to-27 match in a single square field, with each team out to bulldoze and steamroll the opposition in order to score goals, the mayhem down there is nothing short of a war!

Needless to say, a player considered to be extremely lucky if he escapes unhurt. Getting hurt is almost like an unwritten law of the game, with each team reporting 15-20 majorly injured towards the end of the match. This brutality is also the reason the game never made it out of Florence. It is played as a local sport there and close to 7,000-10,000 spectators turn up to watch their centuries-old famous cultural sport.

calcio storico

Suddenly, Suarez seems really cute with his biting, doesn’t he?

3) Mallakhamb

First, a little etymology. ‘Malla’ means gymnast, and ‘khamb’ means pole. Thus, the name ‘Mallakhamb’ stands for ‘a gymnast’s pole’. Which basically translates to doing gymnastics and acrobatic stunts using a pole (or a rope, in some forms). And no, this is not some creepy pole dance by men. This is a #MadeInIndia sport that involves a core so intense, it would put an 8-pack-abbed bodybuilder to shame. It’s nearly impossible enough for 90% of us to do any form of gymnastics on the plain ground itself – now imagine doing the same while balancing on poles the height of the first-floor balcony of most residential buildings! The discipline and vigor required for this are so immense, you need to start developing and honing your skills as a child and then practice it every single day for years before you can say you do professional Mallakhamb.

What makes the sport even more dangerous is the fact that it is done without any harness of sorts. Also, all Mallas have to apply oil to their bodies in order to reduce friction and avoiding burns and rashes. Which means, not only do you run the risk of slipping, but also severely injuring yourself if you do not manage to hold on in time. Also, the balancing acts are a hundred times tougher than they look. Sample this – what if someone told you to sleep with just your feet on the bed and your body in the air. Preposterous isn’t it? “gravity!” you ask? Well, that’s exactly what you need to defy as your body lies on the pole with all weight balanced on one hand.

mallakhamb 1mallakhamb 2mallakhamb 3mallakhamb 4

Really think you can do even 1% of any of it without breaking your back/hands/legs/neck/all of the above?

4) Ice Hockey


Remember that episode of F.R.I.E.N.D.S where Ross was hit by a puck and had to get stitches to get his nose fixed? It might have seemed funny when watching a comedy TV show, but trust us when we say IT’S SERIOUS BUSINESS! Ice hockey is another sport which seems all fun and exciting form the outset all thanks to our childhood fantasies of frolicking on the ice. How exciting does this sound though – falling headfirst on ice after slipping at high speeds; getting hit by the stick on any given part of your body in the process of battling for the puck; having the puck hit hard by a player only for it to slither in through your helmet and break your nose/eyes; banging into goal-poals or hences because of high-speed inertia acting against your braking mechanism… the list goes on. If your sadistic self is still itching to watch some blood and carnage, we suggest you check out this video-

With over 25,000 injuries reported in any given year, it is one of the deadliest sports ever played! Also, check out the various injuries a player can suffer –at Kintec.com

It’s not just the prospect of gruesome injuries, however, that make this sport as lethal as it is. Even without getting hurt, the sport demands a lot from you. That you have to run and balance yourself on the ice wearing metal blades is a testament to how much strain is forced on the lower body. And if that wasn’t enough, the constant stick-wielding and the need for power in shots exert tremendous pressure on your upper body too!  It is not surprising that are very few leagues played across the world despite a huge number of nations having the weather and the ability to organize ice games. Who wants’s life to be so dangerous, after all?



The terrific trio of Hrithik, Farhan, and Abhay may have given us trip goals with their movie Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, but in reality, their stunt of bull-racing was anything but fun. After all, whose dream fantasy is to have a bull’s horns stuck inside your butt? Racing and fighting bulls have been the favourite way of humans to impose their masculinity. So much, we even have an English phrase for it – “Taking the bull by its horns”. This is not just limited to the rodeos of Indiana or the matadors of Spain… even Indians have their own version of man-vs-bull sports in the form of Jallikattu, a culturally famous and a recently controversial sport of Tamil Nadu.

The cultural inflictions notwithstanding, messing around with 1000 kg beasts with horns is like fighting a hulk and wolverine together! There is no way you can possibly escape if a bull get’s his eye, and subsequently his horns/weight on you. A sport so brutal, one would wish it remained limited to mythological folklore. Only, it’s not!

So you still think you’re a Mard because you didn’t wince during that injection, or because you didn’t cry when the 20 kg weights fell on your feet? Real cute, kiddos! We suggest you man up!


(Inputs from TheTopTens, Sportskeeda)

6 Exercises You Can Do In Your Hostel Room To Stay Fit!

They“Fit is not a destination but a way of life.”

You“Eat right, Stay fit and die anyway! Duh!”

They“Stay fit to not be skinny but to be strong.”

You“What’s wrong with me, I don’t want to compete with anyone”, standing in front of the mirror.

They ” Look in the Mirror, that’s your competition.”

Are you the ‘You‘ in this conversation; ignoring the many ‘They’s‘ who are trying to solicit a positive attitude towards your fitness?  Irked by the daily doses of motivational and inspirational quotes, fitness profiles on Instagram? Then you must be one of the many lazy bugs who doesn’t feel like going out for a run, breathe in the salubrious air or feel the zeal of being fit. To compound to the gloom, you have made a permanent abode in your hostel room, scrolling through Facebook and liking Before & After photographs of people, who dared to step out and accepted that they need to be fit. And you are munching those vicious junks as you comment – ‘totally inspired, kudos to you’, and for you, the inspiration mitigated as you walked away.

giphy (3).gif

We understand you want to be healthy but food is bae, you want to exercise but the bed calls you back and dear lord, the snooze option! No Problem. We have a solution for you. Don’t leave your table or bed or room and make it a palette to paint a fit You! Here are 6 exercises you could do in your hostel to stay fit!

Exercises to be done in Bed

1. Marching Hip Raise

Marching Hip Raise is a beginner level exercise. You can do it while lying on your bed. No trouble of spreading that yoga mat on the floor. It basically strengthens your hamstring muscles thereby shaping your butt, thighs, and abs.

Source- Cosmopolitan

For the detailed instructions on how to perform this exercise, visit – MADBODYbeta

2. Side Plank with Twist

Cinch those bulging tiers around your waist and strengthen your quads, abs, and glues with this exercise. To make it easier, rest your top foot on the bed in front of you. Side Planks with Twists helps to shape your obliques and firms your triceps.

Source- Cosmopolitan


For the detailed instruction on how to perform this exercise, visit – POPSUGAR.Fitness


3. Leg Scissor

Worried about the dress you have to wear for the college fest? Try this simple exercise which will help you to gain thigh gaps. Leg Scissors, is an exercise which helps one to tone their inner as well as outer thighs. Just lie down on your bed, think about a beautiful moment and let the legs do their work.

Source- Cosmopolitan

For the detailed instruction on how to perform this exercise, visit – LiveStrong.com

For more such exercises in bed, watch this interesting video by Self Magazine and welcome the morning with a dash of fitness, health, and happiness-

Exercises to be done in Chair

4. Execute Jumping Jacks

Too lazy to get up from that damned chair? We have exercises lined up for you that you can do while sitting.

Jumping Jacks while sitting in a chair, helps increase the blood circulation, thereby oxygenating the body and making you feel rejuvenated. Feeling excited about the coveted date, next evening?  This is how you can exercise while showing excitement. Hip Hip Hurrah! 


5. Tricep Dip

This is a good exercise for beginners with loose triceps muscles. And you can do this without leaving your room on your favorite chair. The Elbow flexion and extension strengthens the tricep muscle groups. Perform them every day and say goodbye to jiggy muscles as you wave to your friends!


6. Leg Extensions

You do not need the leg extension machines for this exercise. Your chair is perfect. Leg extensions are a key exercise in strengthening the patellar ligament and quadriceps attachment for the knee. It’s great for people with pain in the knee joints.  Here’s a detailed guide to performing this exercise correctly.


My friend, it’s time you take these doses as counsel rather than an insult. It’s extremely essential for your personal benefit as a ‘Healthy mind rests in a healthy body’. A lazy start to a healthy life will prove fruitful, once you start witnessing changes in yourself. And yes, it’s never too late! If you’re reading this article on your phone, while lying on the bed, start doing the aforementioned exercises. A healthy diet shall be an icing on the cake.  Share in the comments below if this article helped you reach your goal to commence a fit and healthy life.


NoteEnsure that your body is relaxed while performing these exercises and you get the postures right to prevent any injuries. If you have certain medical conditions, consult your physiotherapist before going further with the regime.