7 Web Portals that can help you land into your Dream Internship!

Internship has become a buzz word for today’s youth and very rightly so. Employers in today’s workforce market rely heavily on resumes that illustrate a relevant work history, whether that’s from internships, volunteer work, or actual job experience. A practical work background carries a major significance when attempting to enter the job market. It’s all about competition. Not only are businesses competing against each other for a competitive advantage, but people are also competing to land that coveted position in a company.


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Here, we try to list down 7 websites which can act as a bridge between you and the internship you are looking for.

Link: www.internshala.com


Image: www.internshala.com

Internshala is an internship platform, based out of Gurgaon, India. Founded by Sarvesh Agrawal, an IIT Madras alumnus, in 2010, the website helps students find internships with organizations in India. Internshala is no.1 internship & training website for students in India with 4000+ paid internships in Engineering, MBA, media, law, arts & other streams.

Link: www.letsintern.com


LetsIntern aims at providing a single platform for interaction between 10 million graduates across India and thousands of organization spread across the length and breadth of this country.  It offers internships across sector and disciplines, so whether you are law, architecture, engineering or art student, it caters to all of you. Similarly, it caters across firms.

Link: www.makeintern.com


Image: www.makeintern.com

MakeIntern is an online portal which provides the best internship opportunities in India. Such as Summer Internships, Virtual Internship, Paid Internship and many more. It helps in providing internships across various sector and disciplines, like law, architecture, engineering, arts or management student, it caters to all of you. Similarly, it caters across firms.

Link: www.hellointern.com


Image: www.hellointern.com

Hello, Intern is a new venture based on the idea of naukri.com but in a different field. hellointern.com differentiates from naukri.com by providing services in the field of training/internship, summer jobs, part-time jobs only. Right now they are focusing mainly on the domain of technical internships. They provide a FREE listing of companies’ internship positions and help them select the profiles best-fitting to their requirements. They already have more than 2000 students registered from premier institutions like IITs, NITs, ISM Dhanbad etc. in less than 3 months.

Link: www.linkedIn.com


Image: careers.publichealth.iu.edu

Well if you are in the Job market and don’t know about LinkedIn, then it would be like not knowing the sun. LinkedIn is a business- and employment-oriented social networking service that operates via a website and mobile apps.  500 million members in 200 countries, out of which more than 106 million members are active. It offers internship as well with major companies listing openings through the portal throughout the year.

Link: www.interntheory.com


Image: www.interntheory.com

Intern Theory provides you access to a variety of student-credit opportunities (paid/unpaid internships, volunteering at NGOs, virtual jobs etc.) that will ensure that you will cultivate the right amount of experience and the ethics of hard work, responsibility, discipline and of course the cool notion of ‘being at work’!

Link: www.naukri.com



Image: www.naukri.com

The word ‘Naukri’ translates to ‘Job’ in English. As of Dec 2016, Naukri.com had a database of about 49.5 million registered job seekers and an average of about 11,000 resumes was added daily while about 130,000 resumes were modified daily during the Fiscal year 2013-14. Those statistics in itself speak about the potential of the website and its capacity to get you an internship!

I hope this article gets you what you want and the company where you want to be. A suggestion would be to keep checking multiple portals for intern openings.

Till then, May the force be with you! 😋

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5 Startups that will make a difference in 2018

Around the world, there are about 300 million persons trying to start about 150 million businesses. About one third will be launched, so it means 50 million new firm births per year and about 137,000 per day. But, there is only handful of these which are able to shatter the glass-ceiling and make a difference. Read on below to know five such startups that will make a difference in 2018.

1. Faircent


Source: Yo!Success

The post-demonetisation era saw a boom in FinTech startup ecosystem. These startups are working actively to bring innovation and disruption to the contrary conventional Indian financial sector. One such startup is Gurugram-based Faircent. It is a P2P lending startup which unites money lenders with borrowers. Started back in the year 2014, it offers a range of different tools like Auto Invest, it is an entirely-automated feature which pairs a lender’s loan conditions with that of the borrower’s requirements and itself communicates proposals to the borrower on behalf of the lender, based on pre-chosen lending conditions like loan tenure, amount, and risk profile.

2. Pymetrics


Source: SlideShare

“If LinkedIn and Match.com ever had a kid, Pymetrics would be it.”

Launched in 2014, the brainchild of a Harvard and MIT PhD, built this with the objective of eliminating oblivious prejudice from the recruitment process. Thinking, how? You just need to play a few games for a short duration on the website and then its super-smart algorithms will calculate your natural individual traits like attention span or motivation—and determine which career is best suited for you.  Later, it will forward your profile to potential employers looking for people like you.



Source: Product Hunt

Tired of juggling between spreadsheets and docs? Well, two Google alums have come up with ‘Coda’ which will put an end to your misery. It allows flexible collaborations, has UI elements and new methods to fit data which you might find across different platforms like spreadsheets or documents. Its ability to combine documents together, infused with live data that updates automatically, has led prominent players like Uber to use Coda-like a wiki in some cases.



Source: TheTechPortal.com

Not to be confused with Naruto, the third-best selling manga of all time, Nauto is the name of a Silicon Valley-based autonomous vehicle technology startup which was founded in 2015. It has come up with inward and outward-facing cameras which are connected to the windshield of vehicles. The system catches the video and treats the big amount of data it collects in real-time and then gives personalized feedback to fleets and their drivers, to help reduce collisions. The aim is to apply the collected data to mirror and shape the autonomous systems in self-driving cars.

5. DocTalk


Source: TechGig

In today’s time when mobile phones and health apps which link you to doctors, serves consultations and delivers medicines, there still exists the difficulty of keeping a track with all the patient follow-ups and calls. This is exactly why DocTalk a mobile app was created to allows users to stay in touch with doctors easily. It runs as a Dropbox and WhatsApp equivalent for the Indian healthcare domain. A patient can subscribe to a doctor and then easily share files and past prescriptions to ensure that the doctor can quickly access it. Doctors too can upload and share any reports that they might have.

It is crucial to pay attention to how startups utilize unique business models to improve the results and the ones who can achieve a high level of success will find sustained growth.

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5 Workshops Every MBA Student Must Attend

First things first – congratulations on becoming an MBA! We know how difficult it can be to bell the CAT, or NMAT, or well… the hundred other entrance exams you guys have to take in a season in order to have a shot at your preferred B-schools. And that you did. You cracked the MBA code successfully, and now your visiting card (as well as matrimonial/tinder profile) boasts of “MBA” after your name. But any MBA worth his salt would know an MBA degree, irrespective of the field of specialization, is not the end, but the means to an end. An MBA degree sets the tone for your future business plans, but in a dynamic environment that exists today, constant upgradation is the name of the game. You need to keep honing your skills, as well as adding new ones, to stay relevant in the market.

And so, we bring to you 5 workshops every MBA graduate must attend!

1) Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

Unless you’re Captain America who just woke up after being frozen for 70 years, you would know the world runs online now. It would be a sin to not have your business go online and reap the harvest of immense profitability that lies therein, wouldn’t it? Eduwiz brings to you Digital Marketing 101, a one-stop shop to learn about the newest trend taking the marketing world by storm.

Topics to be covered include SEO, blogs, social media usage, components of digital marketing and much more! At 3 hours, the workshop is guaranteed to provide some nice fuel to your brain (unlike a Salman Khan movie)!

Date: 09th Dec, 2017

Venue: Connaught Place, Central Delhi

For bookings and more info, click here!

2) The Aeonian 2017

The Aeonian 2017

Don’t let the exasperating farrago of a word confuse you. If you’re a newbie MBA graduate who is looking to sprout wings as an entrepreneur in life, make this event your phone’s wallpaper. And your WhatsApp DP. For this is your chance to step into the big, but awesome world of investors, start-ups, pitching, and everything that comes along with being a successful entrepreneur!

Organized by Aspire Media, the event is going to be a destination for all budding entrepreneurs to pitch their ideas in front of a panel of judges that includes prominent investors and venture capitalists like Prakhar Agarwal – venture capitalist at VilCap Investments, Vivek Kumar – CEO of Venture Garage, and so many others. It is the perfect way to ignite the spark of entrepreneurship within you and learn from the who’s who the ways of going about it and ensuring a successful venture for yourself!

Well, we can’t guarantee you TRP, but the event is going to be broadcasted live on NDTV. Who knows, you might end up being given more than just TRP next year after this steroid of inspiration…

Date: 22nd Feb, 2018 – 24th Feb, 2018

Venue: World Trade Centre, Mumbai

For more info about schedules, events, and passes, go here
(P.S – There’s a discount for early birds booking now! Go be a true Indian and avail the discount now!)

 3) Technology – It’s Impact on Supply Chains and Decision Making


The Indian School Of Business, Hyderabad – one of the topmost B-schools in India – has organized a 2-day workshop on the applications of technology in decision making and its impact on supply chains. It is the flagship event of the school which is presided upon by various influential speakers from all over the globe to provide students and professionals a global insight on the aforementioned topic.

The keynote speaker list this year is ‘lit’ as usual with eminent personalities from various top universities of the world. You wouldn’t want to give this a miss – it may sound boring, but when you have the world’s top personalities at one of the top B-schools… you better take it seriously!

Date: 14th Dec,- 2017 – 15th Dec, 2017

Venue: ISB Campus, Hyderabad

For more info regarding accommodation, travel, bookings, etc, click here.

4) Public Speaking

public speaking

“His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy…” goes your mind at the mere prospect of speaking in front of hundreds of people, doesn’t it? After all, it takes more than just guts to go out there and speak. With people judging every word, waiting to pounce upon the slightest error in grammar or otherwise, it can sure seem like a Herculean task to open your mouth…

No more! Join hands with Tushar Razdan, an eminent public speaking and personality development coach, to move over to the greener side of the grass – a place where you rule the world of speaking and fear none, be it 10 or 10,000 people. Over a course of 1.5 hours, you will learn the tricks of the trade required to excel in any given environment – be it an interview or an investor pitch. You will be guided on various fronts – how to overcome fear, build confidence, improve your vocabulary, etc. All this, at the cost of 1.5 hours of a lazy Sunday-afternoon sleep. Worth every night you will sleep peacefully after this though…

Date: 10th Dec, 2017

Venue: Saket, New Delhi

Click here to get your ticket!

 5) Advanced MS Excel – All India Tour

MS Excel

Well, you don’t need even need to be an MBA to know just how important Microsoft Excel is, especially when it comes to business management. However, for most people, the knowledge of MS Excel is limited to basic formulae and a few keyboard shortcuts. Most people are unaware of the real magic Excel has the potential to create with the help of advanced tools such as macros, PivotTables, VBA, etc.

So don’t be that idiot who sits and drags-down on excel all day! Be that wizard who creates a whole different world of his business using Excel tools. Join the bandwagon with Black Feathers, with workshops to be conducted in multiple cities across India from January to April.

What’s more, you get a certificate at the end of it too! And a free booklet for future references… well bargains never got better than this, did they?

Date: 13th Jan, 2018 – 29th Apr, 2018

Venue: Lucknow, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai, Bangalore, Indore, Chennai, Ahmedabad

For exact schedule, full list of specifics to be taught as well as bookings, click here!

If you have too much free time and don’t wish to waste it watching Big Boss or Saath Nibhana Saathiya (wise decision!), you can also check out various other events related to multifarious fields, such as HR, SEO, Web Designing, Blockchain Certification, Online money-making, etc. After all, what else can separate you from the thousand other MBA’s who pass out every year having studied the same stuff that you did? Surely not Heena Khan…

Guide 101: Organising a TEDx Event in College

Kiran Bedi, Bhuvan Bam, Shashi Tharoor and Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, all these ultra-successful personalities in their respective professional domains share one thing in common. Guess what? No, it isn’t popularity! But, a simple one they are all TEDx speakers. Yes! and their TEDx talks on Youtube boasts views in millions. TED is short for Technology Entertainment and Design conferences. Usually, the duration varies from 3 – 18 minutes (you don’t want the audience to sleep or boo you away from the stage)

Difference between TED and TEDx

Most of us often take TED and TEDx as the same but there exists a definite difference between the two. The former is organised on a global scale by the TED organisation themselves whereas the latter, is privately organised on a local level with an aim to provide the audience with TEDx like experience and outlook.

So, it isn’t wrong to say that ‘x’ factor in a TEDx event are the organisers. If you are keen on organising a TEDx event, begin with applying for a license on TED.com 

The process usually takes about four to six months and once you are successful in getting the license and looking up for ways to organise the event, we have chalked out few major pointers which will guide you while organising the event and making sure its a successful one!


The first and foremost thing is to come up with a theme for your TEDx event. Remember how back in good old school days, there used to be a theme for fancy dress competition? Likewise, you have to pick a theme, for instance, the day on which your event is slated is International Games Day then you can set the theme revolving around various sports and select the panel as well as create your marketing strategy around the same.


The venue has to be selected very carefully as it will directly influence the audience’s experience. So, the venue needs to be easily accessible, should comply with required accommodation capacity and most importantly, should be within the budget plan. The venue should be equipped with proper facilities like projectors, audio system, restrooms and enough space to showcase sponsors material, etc. The chosen place will set the tone for your event and don’t go for a place which is easy to get lost in. Many of the organisers suggest that in order to cut down on venue cost, one should try to land a venue sponsor and save some bucks which can be further utilised towards other stuff.


Well as most of us are familiar with the saying, “Nothing in this world comes for free” same goes for organising an event like TEDx Talk. You have to rake in the moolah and it isn’t exactly a cake walk. You can begin with a blueprint regarding the audience expenditure estimates and after having an idea about the expenses start chasing sponsors. Yes! sponsors, unless you are Bill Gates or your last name, is Ambani. Make a list of potential sponsors who might be interested in associating with the event and are ready to dig into their pockets and hand you over a six-figure cheque. Establish contact with the sponsors, stay formal (stay away from slangs, fake accents and don’t be a grammar assassin), be armed with essential numbers and right arguments to convince them why it is profitable for them to be a sponsor.

finance gif.gif

Also, check out this blog to learn more ways to land sponsorships.


No, speakers here don’t refer to black ugly audio boxes but the people or personalities who are going to share their ideas, research and experiences with the audience. Try to have a diverse range of speakers and make sure their ideas, materials or research perfectly aligns with the theme of the event. Make sure to run a thorough background check on speakers to keep the frauds away. Begin by sending invites to potential speakers and try to bring in some known faces as speakers so that the event is easy to promote and looks more authentic. In case, you receive requests from people to be a speaker, set up a selection committee and then finalise the candidates who can fit in. Most of the organisers keep speakers in loop and review their speech material to ensure that the talks which are to be delivered don’t compromise with the standards set for the event.

gif tedx


No event these days is complete without marketing. In order to promote and spread the word about your TEDx event, you need to outline your target audience and once this step is taken care of start chalking out creative ways and strategy through which you can promote the event. If you are short on budget, then make social media your best friend. In a college scenario, you can get volunteers from marketing and management course to handle this crucial task. Also, you can promote the event through the social media reach of the decided speakers.

A majority of  TEDx organisers while sharing their experience of organising the event considered marketing as one of the most crucial elements in guaranteeing the success of the event. Many of them suggested influence marketing and strong media partnerships as the possible way of effectively reaching out to the target audience. Another side of marketing which is often ignored by debutant organisers is the selling of tickets. Most of them go for the conventional route of selling them i.e., offline way, instead of partnering with online platforms like The College Fever which gives you the opportunity to sell tickets online months before the event and that too, to a large audience.


Last but not the least, don’t forget to videotape the entire event. Who doesn’t want a million views on their TEDx Talk? And please, do it using the professional equipment because nobody these days is interested in watching videos in peanut quality, especially, in the era where mobile phones are equipped with powerful 16 and 20MP cameras.

video gif

If you are thinking of organising your very first TEDx event, try to start small and be in the audience of as many TEDx events as you can and closely observe the intricacies of organising a TEDx event.

obama clap.gif
P.S. Don’t forget to enjoy and learn from the universe of TEDx.



Small Businesses: The Untold Earning Story

We strut across malls and are enamored by the dazzle of the few hundred lights shining upon every commodity put up for display there. We visit lavish, uber-cool cafes and spend a few hundred bucks on getting a coffee personalized with our name. And then we come out from those places and are greeted with people living and selling their wares on the street, with no more than a single 100-watt bulb illuminating their thatched-roof establishments. You look down upon such “downmarket” shops and feel pitiable for the poor souls rotting in oblivion. How do they survive? How do they manage to get up every day and go back to their menial jobs that provide no money at all? You wonder, don’t you?


The answer – they don’t! They don’t wake up to and sleep with the kind of poverty that is often fallaciously associated to them! They don’t “just survive”; they grow, grow phenomenally, grow more than they want their thatched roofs to make you believe. As a matter of fact, what we told you that they actually make more profit than even seemingly well-established malls and all other things with razzmatazz? We know you’re no Indian TV serial bahu, but,


shock laga laga laga shock laga?

Be prepared for more, for TCF is here to make you see how 3 seemingly small businesses make a lot more money than any of us could ever fathom!

  1. The not-so-humble-after-all Vada Pav Sellers

vada pav

One of the most essential qualifications for being a Mumbaikar is to love Vada Pav. No kidding – it is an absolutely mandatory degree that you must have if you do not want to be outcast by the society in Mumbai! Vada Pav is for Mumbaikars what Anushka bhabhi is for Virat Kohli. Thus it is indeed surprising that people still purview Vada Pav walas under the lens of poverty.

Here’s the truth though – as long as you have you a Vada Pav, you WILL make money! And the more Vada Pavs you have, the more money you’ll make! Don’t believe us? Let’s break it down-

Assume a Vada Pav seller sells, on an average, 20 vada pavs in an hour. The cost prevailing nowadays is generally Rs. 15. Which brings about the following math –

  • Earnings per hour: Rs. 300
  • Average hours worked each day: From 7 a.m to 10 p.m, i.e 15 hours on a normal day
  • Daily earnings: 15hrs x Rs. 300/- = Rs. 4500
  • Monthly earnings: 30 days x Rs. 4500 = Rs. 1,35,000
  • Yearly Earnings: 12 months x Rs. 1,35,000 = Rs. 16,20,000

Impressed yet? Carry on…

Almost every seller also sells Samosa Pav, at the same rates, being closely related to the prior snack. Assume he sells 15 Samosa pavs in the same one hour. If you’re sufficiently good at maths (in case you aren’t, head here), you’d know that a rough estimate can be quickly provided as follows – Rs. 16,20,000 x 15/20 = Rs. 12,15,000.

That’s Rs. 28,35,000 a year. From vada and samosa pav alone. And they don’t even pay taxes, because well, why will an I-T guy harass someone who looks poor and sells stuff on the road in his dhoti-banyan?


We’re not going to do the math here, but imagine the earnings of those sellers, like Anand Vada Pav, which also host a consortium of other dishes like sandwiches, frankies, dosas, etc.

To get a glimpse of the magnitude of the money involved here, check out the story of the crorepati vada pav waala – Dheeraj Gupta

What if we told you that this not just a Mumbai thing? Hell, what if we told you that this is not even just an Indian thing? Check out this awesome tale of a Londoner who is making crores by selling vada pavs there!

(Note: The expense side of the cost sheet not provided as it is subject to multitude of variables which is not feasible to be discussed or explained here)

2) Xerox-cum-stationery store

xerox banner

Ahh, the familiar yellow colored banners! How we desperately look out for a glimpse of those when we need to submit Aadhar Card copies for, well, everything nowadays. Admit it – xerox shops are the reason you’ve survived college. That last minute rush for notes, entire classrooms hoarding the poor guy with shouts of “bhaiyya mera kar do na abhi late ho raha hai”… it’s not surprising that this meme got so famous on Whatsapp –

xerox joke

While it is unfeasible to get down to the earnings per paper, let’s take rough estimates. At any given point, some school/college/institution etc will have some exam going on, or about to commence soon. Which means the demand for notes never really goes down. Also, with textbooks being faded out and making way for e-books and PDF files, combined with increased awareness among students about the effects of excess screen viewing, demand for bulk prints and Xerox is at an all-time high. So let’s try some maths here –

  • Estimated sheets black and white xeroxed a month, taking into consideration inter-day variations: Roughly 3000-5000@Re. 1/- = 3000-5000
  • Estimated colour xeroxes for special purposes: Roughly 500-1000@Rs. 5/- = 2500-5000
  • Estimated black and white printouts a month: Roughly 1000-2000@Rs. 5/- = 5000-10000
  • Estimated colour printouts a month: Roughly 500-1000@Rs. 10/- = 5000-10000

Going as per these established market rates which are unlikely to differ in a perfect competition market that exists, the owner is likely to earn anywhere from Rs. 17500-30000 a month from just xeroxing and printouts. And that’s just rough averages. For those located in close proximity to schools and colleges, the numbers can be a multiple of 2, if not 3.

Now think of the twist, when a shop runs additional services, like spiral binding and laminating, which most do. Also, when they start selling stationery like pens and files, which again, most do. Suffice to say, any xerox shop would earn close to 40,000-50,000 bucks a month minimum? How many graduates ever reach that level?

(Note: The expense side of the cost sheet not provided as it is subject to multitude of variables which is not feasible to be discussed or explained here)

3) Driving Home the Money

auto driver

The most irritating of the lot, some might say? Talk about constant demands and strikes for fare hikes, fare refusals for short distances, their uncanny ability to drive over every pothole in the best way to break your back… well you can go on complaining all you want. You won’t though if you’re the driver. Because these fellows have quite a laugh along with their merry ride to the bank! Their constant demands for fare hikes may make one think they’re getting peanuts out of their jobs, but the stats suggest otherwise.


Let’s do some costing here. All autos run on CNG, the cost of which is approximately Rs. 25 per kg in Mumbai, subject to minute deviations from 24-27 depending on the taxes levied by the Municipal Corporation holding jurisdiction in that area. Each kg of CNG gives an approximate mileage of 25-28 kms. Also, the base fare is Rs. 18 for 1.5kms, and Rs. 12.19 for every subsequent km. Assuming auto driver drives on an average, 100 km total on an average day, we get the following numbers –

  • Earnings for 100 kms: Approximately Rs. 1500-2000, depending no of trips making up the 100 kms, as also other additives such as luggage and waiting time charge)
  • CNG required for 100 km: Approximately 4-5 kgs.
  • Expense on fuel: Rs. 100-150
  • Profit per day: Rs. 1300-1900

That is a cool Rs. 40,000-60,000 a month! After providing for maintenance, a driver can comfortably earn close to 30,000-50,000 bucks a month!

And what if I told you that Ola/Uber drivers earn even more than that? Their costing works on different methodologies, which we are not going into length here, but the crux of the matter is, that our point has been proven! Even as you take that rickshaw in the sweltering heat, jostling with a dozen other commuters, and reach your office for the pesky 15000 a month job (worse if you’re an intern!), your ragged rickshaw wala uncle has twirled his mustachee for a happy 40K-odd a month. Which is why you need to ask yourself – Are they really ones driving us? Or is it vice versa?

Suddenly, life seems like a big lie doesn’t it? All these fancy white-collared jobs that you were lured into, and still earn a penny of what these “small”, “pitiable” people get.


Anyway, let us know when you open your own vada pav stall/xerox centre. We’ll visit sitting in our rickshaws. Front seat, screaming,


6 Awesome Career options for Wanna-be Entrepreneurs

We Indians are an amazing group of people. Especially the new, younger lot. Born into a tradition of “khaandani dhandha”, we have managed to sway away from this centuries-old custom of joining the family business established by our forefathers and are willing to take risks to create our own identity. As per reports published by popular business website BusinessStandard, a  whopping 87% Indians wish to be entrepreneurs at one point in their life. Almost 30% also reported being interested in opening up their own ventures immediately after completion of their studies.

So the question is – what’s stopping them? Here’s the answer – Funds, and a lack of sense of direction. Sample this –

Biggest stumbling block


The area of start 17%
Funds 28%
Fear of failure 9%
Entrepreneurship knowledge 11%
Don’t have partner 13%
Don’t have mentors 22%
(source: ISEED)

And so, TCF is right here, to give you the sense of direction that you need. We bring to you 6 cool career options for your entrepreneurial ventures. What’s cool besides them being cool? There’s potentially no risk in ending up as a huge loan defaulter like Mr. Mallya – because you wouldn’t need to take a huge loan in the first place! Cool, isn’t it?

  1. Your own eatery


The whole world earns so they can eat. Well now, you get to earn BECAUSE people eat! How better does it get? The lovely part about India is that everyone here is a foodie now, be it the middle class or the super-rich. Which means, that irrespective of whether you sell expensive 1000-bucks-a-plate authentic Mexican food, or humble yet satiating pakodas and vada-pavs for Rs. 10, you will always have takers. Simply put, if you have food to give people, people will always have money to give you! In this land, opening an eating joint is one of the most profitable and risk-free ventures one can take up. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a local fast-food restaurant like Shiv Sagar. You can also dedicate your cuisine to just a single, but authentic kinds, like Japanese or Lebanese. All you need is perfection and authenticity of that kind.  You also get a plethora of options to style your joint, e.g like a classic fine-diner

fne diner

or a vibrant and hip cafe


The growth potential is immense as well. The likes of McDonalds and Starbucks have catapulted into billion dollar chains. You too, can keep expanding across various areas – the kind of cuisine offered/extra services /franchising… the possibilities are endless!

2) Writing and blogging


Today being a writer is hot property especially when content is king., With  brands continously trying to capture the users attention with great copy if you can channel the inner J. K Rowling or Amish Tripathi then you are on to something. You can open up your writing agency and service clients in need of good content for their products.MNC’s look forward to tapping into local markets of India, but the 2000 plus languages is a hurdle in communication. As a writer or  agency you can help to provide local language support for such companies.


Writing does not only imply curating content for others. You can be your own client too. You can start your own blogs using platforms such as WordPress and choose your own domains at nominal prices. You can write anything – a travel blog, a food blog, movie reviews, latest gadget info and reviews, fashion blog, or even as a columnist for popular newspapers. Or you can go big like Indiblogger – where the creators built their own platform for blogging way back in 2007. A decade later, they’re churning out crores of business as an Influencer and have clients such as Lakme, Castrol, Apollo Hospitals, Mahindra & Mahindra, Cleartrip, Vodafone, Dove, Samsung, Surf Excel and Fiat, to name a few. Who said there’s no scope in writing, now?

3) Freelancing

self made

“Do whatever you want to do man!” are probably the wisest words ever to come out of Salman Khan (if not the only). Freelancing allows you to do exactly that! You do everything on your own, and still, get paid a lot more than others toiling about getting kicked around by their bosses. You can choose any field you excel in – be it writing, photography, dancing, musician, motivational speaker… as long as you have a skill that you have complete mastery over, you can be assured success. Of course, the only trick here is to get established. A brand name, an image, individuality – all of which require a lot of time and networks. Working on your own can get make it difficult to find clients, at least in the initial phase of your career, because no one knows you. You can manage that problem partially by signing up on websites such as Truelancer or FreelanceIndia which help to connect freelancers and clients – like a Tinder for freelancing! You can also visit Sutrahr for more info on websites.


It is recommended, however, that you take up freelancing only after working for some years and gaining requisite experience. Not only does it teach you the finer nuances of the trade, but it also helps to make connections, contacts, networks… the oxygen that any freelancer needs! An article by TOI can also help you realize and overcome the challenges coming your way. Check it out on https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/business/personal-finance/How-to-be-a-successful-freelancer/articleshow/29432235.cms. And if you need more reasons to compel you to try freelancing, well click here!

4) Tiffin and catering services


Who said you need to be a 20-something youngster to be an entrepreneur. Indian housewives should have a shot at this too, right? After all, who doesn’t love maa ke haath ka swaadisht khaana? The dabbawaalas of Mumbai have successfully been carrying out this business since centuries, at six sigma levels unachieved by even major billion dollar MNC’s. That too, by just cycles! With growing demand for food, coupled with the inability of most people to personally visit the restaurants due to the paucity of time, providing direct-to-place delivery of food provides the best solution to bridge demand and supply. Which is exactly what ventures like Spicebox are doing. The beauty about it is that even housewives with limited resources at home can start this business. Teeing off from providing tiffins for neighbours and friends, over a period of time, can result in immense expansion.

This of course, also brings us to parallel fields of catering.


In a country that revels in lavish celebrations – for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, success parties, product launches – the need for class caterers is at an all-time high. And in India, always will be. After a considerable amount of time, you may even end up having tie-ups with major conglomerates for all their functions. Talk about brand image! All you need to dish out is a quality performance!

5) Creative arts and gifts


Is creativity your forte? Do people always run up to you whenever they want to gift cards and presents to their loved ones? Then you’d do well to follow the wise words of the Joker – “If you’re good at something, never do it for free”. What seems like a hobby can very well earn you neat bucks! Since creativity is too limited a talent, and demands of girlfriends and wives for being pampered are constantly on the rise, pre-curated gifts as well customized accessories are the sought after heatedly. Fancy cards, boxes, custom-painted t-shirts, mugs, keychains, bouquets – people are always on the lookout for such items. Do the math yourself – 365 days, 1.2 billion birthdays! Not to forget anniversaries! The potential is mammoth! The youth of today is slowly recognizing the potential of this burgeoning market and is taking various steps towards creating a niche for themselves! Like 21-year old Nidhi Jadhav, who came up with Giftery, whilst still in college and caters to hundreds of orders through its Instagram page.


If you still think there’s no profitability, we’re here to make you see differently. Your brand doesn’t have to remain stuck on the plateau of gifts. Over a period of time, you can start selling merchandises of popular brands. The way TheSouledStore does. It creates official merchandises such as t-shirts, phone covers, mugs, etc for popular TV shows and movies such as F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Avengers, etc. The scope here is magnanimous!

 6) Advertising and marketing


Who doesn’t like being talked about? Having good features announced to the public and making money out of it! Which is why advertising and marketing is a profession that will never go out of vogue. More so, in today’s digital world that runs on clicks likes and subscribes, marketing has now an exciting challenge on its hands to tap into the obscurest of markets. All you need is the right way to do it! Usually by combining the Holy trinity of modern marketing – Technology – Strategy – Creativity. SEO and Geofencing are new-age but potent tools still being under-utilized by traditional marketers, and so, your mastery of these skills can guarantee you success in this field! Do we need tell you the money prospects?

There you go. An enlightened soul. Much more ‘wisdomous’. If you still need more business ideas, hop onto MoneyExcel for some more. Maybe now that figure of 17% as an area of start –  stumbling block can drop down? We’ll wait for the next report of Business Standard!  Meanwhile, you, get ready to be featured on Forbes, maybe?


5 Offbeat Careers To Embark Upon!

To every ‘ Where do you see yourself in five years?’, if your mind palace takes you to the deep seas, to the vineyards or to a Michelin star restaurant, but all you do is simply nod and say – software developer, doctor or a CA! Read on my friend. There are a plethora of the offbeat and unclichéd career options that will make you stand out from the crowd.


Unconventional career options not only are free from the unprecedented competition but also provides you with a sense of flexibility, recognition, satisfaction and the opportunity to prove yourself beside a handsome pay package. The icing on the cake here is, that you don’t require years of training, just a 10+2 and a certification in the respective field coupled with your innate talent!

TCF brings to you 5 such Offbeat Careers to kickstart your professional lives with.


If you love the sea more than the shore. and dream about swimming with the ocean currents, Scuba Diving is the most enticing career choice for you! Besides a high level of physical and psychological fitness, you require good communication skills and the patience of a saint. To be deemed fit as a SCUBA ( Self-Controlled Under Water Breathing Apparatus) Diver and Instructor, the PADI certification is a must which is offered by the Maharashtra Tourism, Barracuda Diving Institute, Goa and The Bangalore Mountaineering Club.

Job Prospects – The diving industry is a booming one, not only abroad but also in India. As per the degree of your specialization, you can work with shipping companies and world organisations like Animal Planet, National Geographic or Discovery Channel as a deep-sea explorer or photographer.  You can lead excursions to the cavernous waters as a diving instructor, own a SCUBA equipment store and help in rescue operations.


Most of us go ‘Aweee’ in admiration of their beauty and innocence. Yes, I am talking about the pets who sometimes seem better groomed and fashionable than us, maybe!  Pet Grooming is a brewing career option in our country and the client base is increasing. Weary of the materialistic world,  people are closer and share a ‘through the thick and thins’ relationship with their pets. For establishing yourself as a pet groomer, you need a deeper understanding of their behaviours as they may behave unexpectedly. You need to be familiar with all breeds of dogs and cats, you need to be an expert on everything from nail clipping to brushing to shampooing to trimming, removing fleas and ensuring their health.

Job Prospects-  Pet groomers can work in kennels, veterinary clinics, animal shelters, or pet supply stores. You can also operate your own grooming business by starting a salon or parlourAfter gaining expertise, you can take the supervisory or managerial position at big retails or kennels.


Do you have the knack for using your voice? Do you feel you can be the next Meghana Erande – who is the voice of ‘Dee Dee’, ‘Noddy’, ‘Shinchan’ and almost all the famous animation characters? Voice Acting can help you channelize the inner creativity in the right direction. Reach out to established professionals to get a leg up on your new career. Classes, teleclasses, seminars and voice coaches are invaluable to your search for voice over success. Read related books to master the profession.


Job Prospects- Umpteen number of video & radio programs, documentaries, presentations, radio/TV jingles, spots, Phone softwares, IVR, Multimedia, audio books, training and safety videos, tonnes of E-learning Content, require Voice over actors/artists. Once you have endowed yourself with industry knowledge, vocal training and a home recording studio, you are all set to flourish in the industry!


Equipped with critical taste buds and prolific writing style? Food Critic is the most sorted and respectable career for you. You will enjoy the luxury of walking to the finest of restaurants, taste free food and be paid for it. But to reach that benchmark, you need to develop a distinguished sense of taste, have the knowledge about exquisite food, taste bizarre dishes, have the perception for minute details and the ability to weave the taste into words appealing to the audience.

Job Prospects- Food critics submit reviews and articles about their experiences in local newspapers, magazines, review websites, TV programmes or on the radio. You can work as a freelancer or even start your own blog/website.


Are you a dead drop shopaholic and a fashion maven? It’s time you turn your passion into a profession by becoming a professional Personal Shopper. By giving personalized attention and providing advanced knowledge of products, services, and trends, Personal Shoppers become consultants to provide an aggrandized shopping experience and create a loyal customer base. To grow in this field one requires to interestingly communicate and deliver an enriching shopping experience marked by high sales ticket averages.

Job Prospects-  Personal shoppers always maintain the highest level of professionalism in both appearance and attitude. Retail employers will want their personal shoppers to be authoritative, ultra professional experts with an inviting and friendly demeanour. You can either work for famous brand retails or can start your independent personal shopping consultancy!

Instead of following the conventional path like a sheep, it is time you explore careers that resonate with your personal admiration. Parting with a quote that will redefine your definition of work, we’d like to know which career option clicked with you!

6 U-30 Indian Entrepreneurs For Your Weekly Dose of Motivation

Before you go on to read ahead, we have a warning for you – this article may make you feel very bad about yourself; make you question everything you’ve done so far in your puny little life. It may even cause you to worry about where your future is headed if your mother doesn’t already do that 10 times a day.

Or, you may choose to be an optimist for once, and actually, get inspired by the tales of these 6 epic Indians. 6 Indians that defied all odds and ensured success at an age where most people barely even get past dreaming about success. 6 young Indians that are making the world stand up and take notice of them.

We bring to you 6 Indian entrepreneurs, thirsty, but not yet thirty, making all the big noises for all the right reasons –

  1. Shashank ND


This guy barely made the cut here. He almost doesn’t belong in this list. Not because he isn’t worthy or meritorious enough – it’s because he’s about to turn over 30 next month! When it comes to merit though, the 29 ¾ -years old B.Tech from NIT, Surathkal, is right up there with the biggies. Co-founder and CEO of Practo, a healthcare website and App that primarily helps patients and doctors connect with each other quickly. Consumers can find doctors and book online appointments, chat online with doctors, order medicines and lab tests, store health records and even read health articles written by doctors.

Practo, valued today at over $500mn, has over 2,00,000 healthcare providers on its platform and is present in India, Singapore, Philippines, Brazil, Indonesia catering to consumers and providers and in 10 more countries with its software products for healthcare providers. Practo touches the lives of billions of people today and is responsible for over 50M appointments/year on its platform.

“I want to build something that lasts for decades,” says Shashank, with the steely resolve in his eyes determined enough to break mountains. If and how much he grows, is something only God would know. We, just have to sit back and watch him unfold his magic!

2) Ritesh Agarwal

Ritesh Agarwal

Yet another dropout-success story. This time, of 23-year old Ritesh Agarwal, who founded Oyo Rooms soon after dropping out of college at 17. That’s right – 17 years! An age where most children are worried about getting good scores in their 12th Grade exams, Ritesh Agarwal had worries of a different kind going on. The man who has stayed at numerous budget hotels himself – and juggled roles as the housekeeper, call centre guy, and startup founder  – now owns India’s biggest brand of budget hotel rooms.

Three years ago, he started off with a single Gurgaon hotel. It had 14 rooms, and OYO took over 11 of those.  Now, it boasts of over 5500 properties in more than 170 cities! A net-worth valued over $500mn, Oyo is poised to raise a further $500mn from Softbank Vision Fund, thus putting it on the elite list of billion-dollar startups!

Oyo Rooms has been largely successful by adopting a business model that takes up budget rooms and provides top-class amenities like clean bathrooms and AC’s, something that was long considered to be the monopoly of fancy, 5-star+ hotels. The startup controls the entire process, from discovery to booking to the stay itself. OYO claims to have a 150-point standardization checklist and a 30-point audit checklist, to ensure top quality to every consumer even at budget prices.

The startup, which now offers premium rooms too, would rather focus on leisure stays and pilgrimages. Wonder what other masterstrokes lie in the 23-year old, Forbes -30-under-30 brain of Ritesh Agarwal…

3) Nandan Reddy & Rahul Jaimini

swiggy co-founders

Unless you’re living under a rock, you must be aware of Swiggy, if not used its services already for a million times. Nandan Reddy & Rahul Jaimini, both awarded the prestige of Forbes India 30-under-30, co-founded Swiggy. Swiggy is a food ordering and delivery company based out of Bangalore, providing services in across NCR, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kolkata and Pune.

Rahul Jaimini, 29, an IIT Kharagpur alumnus, who was then working as a software engineer with online fashion retailer Myntra, was roped in by Nandan to build the startup’s technology infrastructure. It has a simple business model – It collects commissions from restaurants, and also levies a nominal delivery fee from customers. This simple food delivery business has worked wonders – Swiggy has raised a total of $75.5 million in funding from various investors, including Bessemer Venture Partners, Norwest Venture, Accel Partners, SAIF Partners, Harmony Venture Partners, RB Investments and Apoletto.

Reddy believes there is big headroom for growth. “We see a million orders a day as a very real possibility in the next five years,” he says. We’re waiting…

4) Dhruvil Sanghvi

Dhruvil Sanghavi

“Logistics” is a term that is not widely used by many normal “muggle” citizens. Hell, more than half of them may not even know what it means! Talk about B2B industrial circles, however, and the masters of the trade would tell you just one name – LogiNext. Founder and CEO of one of India’s largest logistics networks, Dhruvil Sanghvi’s dinner guest list would probably include the Ambanis and the Birlas in a few years’ time. LogiNext has been recognized by some of the largest players including Reliance, Microsoft and IBM as one of the top 10 B2B startups of India. It is also backed by some of the top Indian HNIs as a part of Indian Angel Network. It has also raised more than $10mn by funding from e-com giant Paytm.

The brain behind LogiNext is no ordinary one. Dhruvil Sanghvi has previously worked with Deloitte Consulting and Ernst & Young Technology Advisory. He has extensive experience of advising a variety of Fortune 500 companies, starting from logistics companies to state and federal governments, on how to convert Big Data into intelligence. Dhruvil was on the core team of advising the largest logistics company in US as a part of their last mile route optimization program.

With plans for global expansion – eyeing China, South East Asia, and the Middle East regions, the only way this lad can go is up North on the scale of success.

5) Richa Singh

Richa Singh

For most of us, Dear Zindagi was our wake-up call to the harsh reality of depression and other mental illnesses. For 29-year old IIT Guwahati graduate Richa Singh, it dawned much earlier, when of her batchmates committed suicide. And then was born YourDost, a one-stop platform for anyone in trouble with depression, for anyone who needs a dost to realize he/she is not alone.

Teaming up with Puneet Manuja, also a victim of depression, Richa, via her one-of-a-kind startup, has succeeded in making her presence felt. Today, YourDOST has 750-plus experts, conducts 1,200 sessions per day and has helped 9 lakh people. Based in Bengaluru, the startup currently employs 25 people. The platform has three layers—self-help (educational content to build awareness), peer-to-peer (stories of people who have been through difficult times) and one-to-one (speaking to experts).

What drives this startup, even more, is that both Richa and Puneet have personal reasons to do this, and therefore their drive and hunger are very high. In a country of 1.2bn people, each living with miseries unknown, Richa knows she has only just tapped the tip of the iceberg.

6) Malav Sanghvi

malav sanghvi

Ordinarily, people are too busy thinking of what sweets to buy from which shop after a baby is born in their family. Malav Sanghvi, 27 however, does not fit into the category of “ordinary”. Watching his cousin’s baby being taken care of by incubators at the hospital, Malav’s mind automatically sped into the direction of the poor, the destitute, who may not be so lucky enough to afford post-natal health care.

This thought slowly took the form of LifeCradle, a low-cost cardboard incubator that can be used even by the poorest of the lot to provide healthcare for newly-borns. LifeCradle is designed to provide hygienic living conditions as well as the technology needed for a newborn’s survival at home once it leaves neonatal care while keeping costs down. While the base is made of cardboard, the lid, which houses the technology, can be reused at care centres for the next child’s LifeCradle. The design makes it 90 percent cheaper than existing incubators and will be made available to neonatal intensive care units where such facilities are not affordable.

Already working on his another medi-care solution – Creoto, a programmable smart socket for amputees, Malav shows he is here to stay until everyone can afford the healthcare they deserve. With plans to reach out to the poorest of countries in Africa and Latin America with his innovative medicare solutions, his goal, he says, is to develop a system of sustainable and affordable health care at the grassroots.

What are you doing with your life, again, besides swiping right?

(All stories sourced from YourStory, ForbesIndia.)

Want to be a Successful Leader in your Career …

Then you must develop a reading habit. The greatest leaders, are voracious readers.

Listen to Robin Sharma on why great leaders are readers

These are books, Elon Musk says, helped trigger his imagination, and help him make billions.

And, finally

These are books that inspired Elon Musk, Satya Nadella and Jeff Weiner

Which books have you read, and which of them inspired you ? Let us know. We look forward to hearing from you.

source : Here


As the world seems to be moving towards a start-up culture, India also doesn’t lag behind. To ensure that, BITS Pilani K.K. Birla Goa Campus announces Coalescence’16:

Going Zero to One, targeted at being one of India’s finest e- summits. It will take place on September 4 and 5. The summit is aimed at providing one platform where the budding entrepreneurs of the country will get ample opportunities to showcase their talent in front of the experts from various industries. The participants will also get the opportunity to get their ideas funded by the partner incubators.

ACT, The Conference

ACT is committed towards being a stage where the flow of ideas and inspiration flows endlessly. After all, who can beat the power of an idea, especially when the inspiration comes from someone who has seen it all, and achieved a success story of his own! ACT hosts a panel of successful entrepreneurs of the country, who share their stories with the attendees, in order to inspire them and to create new stories. Some of the speakers from the past editions are:

  • Rahul Yadav (Co-founder, Housing.com)
  • Pawan Agrawal (CEO, Mumbai Dabbawalas)
  • Vijay Nair (Founder, Only Much Louder)
  • Kunal Shah (Founder, Freecharge)
  • Naveen and Jeetu (Actors, TVF Pitchers
  • Hussain Zaidi (Investigative journalist, Author)
  • A Muruganantham (Founder, Jayshree Industries)
  • Taapsee Pannu (Bollywood Actress, Entrepreneur)
  • Rajat Kapoor (Actor, Director, Writer)
  • Alok Shetty (Founder, Bhumiputra)
  • Biswa Kalyan Rath (Engineer and Standup Comedian)
  • Sanjay Nath (Co-Founder, Blume Ventures)


Coalescence 2016 brings to you the third edition of its B-plan competition, Novatia. It is one of the hallmark events of Coalescence. Novatia is that one platform that bridges the gap between the startups and the potential investors. The competition takes place in three rounds. After sorting out 200+ entries including those from teams from prestigious institutions like IITs and IIMs, the top notch innovators are given an opportunity to present their business models to panel of experts from various industries. The previous edition awarded the winners prizes worth 1,50,000 INR. With grander partners confirmed this year such as Kae Capital, Venture Studio, Ide-in Ventures, Forum Synergies to name a few, Novatia is all set to be the next level competition for those committed to entrepreneurial thinking. The finalists will be provided with a two-month long mentorship period. The registrations are open till 18 th June 2016. Register now at www.coalescence.in and get a chance to win prizes worth INR 2 lacs and seed funding up to INR 3 million!

For queries and information, reach out at novatia@coalescence.in

Start-up expo is the first of its kind start-up exhibition that provides a platform to start-ups to exhibit their products in front of its potential customers. The expo encourages individuals to associate with the growing start-ups of the country. It serves as a great meeting ground for the talented entrepreneurs, who encourage each other to tap the potential of ideas that count. The start-ups also get to recruit talented individuals who have the zeal to ideate and innovate. The start-ups are offered a marketing stall for displaying their products. The start-ups get to interact with the VCs and investors of well-known firms.

To participate in the Startup Expo, write to us at startupexpo@coalescence.in


Along with an idea, a team also requires a proper skill set in order to present its idea effectively. At Coalescence, the workshops are targeted at achieving the same. The attendees get to learn various skills that are necessary for raising a successful start-up.

The previous edition hosted four workshops out of which two hosted by Knolskape and 91springboard aimed at enhancing the ideation, business decision making and pitching skills.