Bookmark Your Dates: Your Official Guide to The Most-Awaited Movies of 2018 is Here!

So, we’re in the countdown towards the end of 2017 (wasn’t it like, 2012 just yesterday?), and once again, a new year beckons us. We hope you had a great year thus far, because the film fraternity certainly didn’t. Reigning amidst the hundreds of controversies, only a few films managed to add some glam at the box office this year, Hollywood and Bollywood inclusive. But hey, at least we came to know that Katappa ne Baahubali ko kyu maara! Sure, the box office may have been left high and dry this year, but 2018 promises to be a bang! With Marvel having 5 releases lined up, and DC just 1 (thank God!), angrezi fans are assured of a legen-dary schedule awaiting them. But why leave the desi maniacs out? Bollywood promises no less, with some unique content finally making its way to the mainstream cinema. As a cinephile, it’s time for you to circle these dates on your calendar, for you do NOT want to miss out on any of the movies we have meticulously picked out for you! Here, take a look –

Hollywood Logo

⇒ The Marvel Mania

Marvel is all set to have a gala of a year, with 5 big releases lined up over 2018. It will have 3 different super-hero universes out to do what they do best – entertain!

Marvel Films

You may check out their trailers here –

Black Panther Trailer

Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

Deadpool 2 Trailer

While the trailers of the rest haven’t been released as yet, expect them to be out in a few months’ time. One hell of a ride this year for Marvel fans. Brace yourself!

⇒ Fifty Shades Freed

Release Date: 9th February

Time to get naughty, for the third time! Mr. Grey will see you again now (vice versa, actually), and things are as bold as they can get (and as much as Indian Sanskriti can allow). It is the third and final movie of the series based on EL James’ Fifty Shades Trilogy novels, and it has a now-married Christian and Ana about to embark on the most beautiful journey of their lives. Only, fate has entirely different plans altogether and threatens to disrupt their life forever. Even as the plot unfolds, the mandatory sensuous scenes up the oomph factor that has garnered the attention of fans all over the world.

PS – Nice idea for a date with your better half, we say. Don’t you think? 😉

⇒ The Nun

The Nun
Release Date: 13th July

Fans of the popular horror movie franchise “The Conjuring” have more spooky stuff headed their way in 2018. How many of you remember the horrifying, uglier-than-thou nun Valak from The Conjuring 2? This spin-off is based on the tale of that nun, and promises to be a scare-fest as good as the previous ones. Wuss-hearted ones, keep the Hanuman Chalisa’s and the Crosses ready. While the rest, grab some popcorn and head away for some good ghost-busting!

⇒ Mission Impossible 6

mission impossible
Release Date: 27th July

Your mission, and you SHOULD choose to accept it, is to watch Tom Cruise reprise his most famous role for the sixth time, as the charming yet killer of an agent Ethan Hunt, in the next movie of one of the most successful franchises ever. Although the plot has not been revealed yet, we don’t really need that to go grab the tickets already, do we? Nonetheless, the makers have already assured us of a movie bigger and better than any before, by roping in Henry Cavill, the Superman of the 21st century. And there always is the extremely beautiful Rebecca Ferguson ready to charm the boys like she did in MI – 5. Can’t wait for this one…

⇒Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald

 Release Date: 16th November

Harry Potter fans, and by that, I mean everyone (because obviously!), has another reason to cheer. For, there’s another spin-off headed our way in late 2018 – the sequel to Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. Here comes Fantastic Beast: The Crimes of Grindelwald, with none other than ourrrgghh (read ahead to understand the relevance of this pun!) favourite Mr. Sparrow – Johny Depp playing the role of the evil wizard that duels with Albus Dumbledore, played by Jude Law. Whosoever thought the magic had ended with The Deathly Hallows in 2011, surely did not know that it had in fact, just begun.

Remember, happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to watch HP stuff!

Bollywood Logo



Release Date: 26th January

Move over Batman and Superman, the new-age, Indian superhero is here! Trust Mr. Khiladi to rock a movie on a topic that is too taboo to be discussed even in most friend circles. Akshay Kumar plays the reel-life version of a real-life superhero Arunachalam Muruganantham who took on society’s inhibitions for his wife and as an extension, all other woman, by creating low-cost sanitary pads. By doing so, not only did he provide an essential hygiene solution, but also created employment opportunities for thousands of women by handing over the manufacturing process to them.

Now is the time to shed all taboo around a process so natural, and make the women in your life understand that you’re there for them. Hail the new superhero!

⇒Parmanu: The Story of Pokhran

parmanu poster

Release Date: 23rd February

If you’re a history buff, you would know exactly what Pokhran stands for, in Indian history. For the lesser informed ones, Pokhran was the place where the India’s first ever nuclear bomb was successfully tested. The movie , with John Abraham and Diana Penty in the lead, seeks to bring forth a story to the masses that hardly anyone knows about. The hard work of the scientists, the army, the government… it’s time to know it all! Unique, and after John’s acting in Madras Cafe, promises to be entertaining!

⇒Robot 2.0

robot 2.0

Release Date: 27th April

Yenna Rascala! It is time for the Thalla! Rajnikant’s lovelorn robot Chitti is back. Only, much bigger (as if this was possible), with Akshay Kumar joining the ranks as the new monstrous villain. If the poster is anything to go by, be prepared for never-seen-before VFX, at a cost also never seen before – a mind-boggling 400 crore. That’s right, this is the estimated production cost of the movie. This is also the first ever Bollywood movie to be directly shot in 3D. The only thing that we are left wondering is – how many days will be announced as Holiday in Tamil Nadu?



Release Date: 15th August

Balbir Singh Dosanjh. How many of you have heard this name before? What if we told you, that he was considered the best Indian Hockey Player, after Major Dhyan Chand? It’s a shame the people don’t know the story of the man who gave their country 3 OLYMPIC GOLD MEDALS! Produced by Farhan Akhtar and starring the Khiladi of a different kind, Mr. Dependable Akshay Kumar as the lead, Gold is a biopic of the great man who left behind a legacy a whole sport cherishes even after 70 years. What better to give you the patriotic feels on the nation’s Independence Day itself?

⇒Thugs Of Hindostan


Release Date: 7th November

Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan is back with another historical movie. Thugs of Hindostan is a period movie in the 19th Century, based on the novel Confessions of a Thug by Phillip Meadows Taylor. It is about a gang of thugs, that threatened to usurp the British rule in the then-Hindostan. The movie also stars Amitabh Bachchan, Katrina Kaif, and Aamir’s latest muse Fatima Sana Shaikh. Diwali 2018 is set…

⇒Student Of The Year 2


Release Date: Unknown

The ladies’ latest, chiselled heart-throb Tiger Shroff is coming soon, in the sequel to the hit Student of The Year that gifted 3 wonderful actors to Indian cinema. Not much is known about the movie, including the release date, but if the first movie was anything to go by, this one too should be a mass entertainer. More details to be out soon. Keep updated!

Here you go, the stage is set for 2018 to come and enthrall all cinema viewers. We don’t know how your life will shape up, or how good/bad things might get, but we know one thing with certainty – cinema has your back this year. And your hearts too!

Artificial Intelligence: Throwback 2017

So, we’re in the last month of the year, bracing ourselves for those annual resolutions, terrible New-Year jokes and digital nostalgia. But before you and I shut off our senses and social media to protect ourselves from all those nuclear nonsensities, it’s time to have a bit of #throwback. Not the instagram ones with stock captions of “#majormissing #takemethere”, but rather, something that sounds artificial, but is very, very much real in the context of shaping the upcoming years! We’re of course, talking of Artificial Intelligence – the AI that is actually taking off, unlike its abbreviation-namesake in India…

Let’s have a quick look at the timeline of 7 events that made everyone stand up and take note of the most exciting tech-kid on the block…

emoji - crop JANUARY 2017

» AI Beats Humans At Poker

AI poker

Last year, AlphaGo made headlines for being the first AI to beat a human Go master. Come 2017, the AI juggernaut rolls on. Libratus, an AI designed to excel at Poker, just beat 4 of the best Poker players in the world. By a margin of – wait for it – $1.7 MILLION! That’s right. Even as the world cries over how foreigners come steal their jobs and money, a new money-stealer is already on the horizon. Watch out…

emoji - cropJULY 2017

» Microsoft releases AI-enabled app for the blind


Trust Mr. Benevolent Gates to usher in AI for the purpose it should be intended for – helping mankind. Microsoft launched SeeingAI, an app on the Apple store, to enable the blind to “see” what’s in front of them. The AI understands its surroundings and then describes it to the blind user by way of voice functionality. Smooth! Way to go, Microsoft. Maybe try and make MS Word as smooth too… #JustSaying

»Two In a Tango: Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg


When two of the world’s most dynamic young leaders and innovators debate over an issue, everyone better stand up and take notice! Earlier this year, SpaceX founder Elon Musk and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had a difference in opinion over AI, with Musk dubbing AI as “a greater threat to mankind than North Korea”. Mark lambasted him as “being a naysayer” and “spreading doomsday rumours”. Musk retorted back at him, tweeting “his knowledge of the subject is limited”. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? While the jury is still out there, it surely has spruced up the debate that has been going on ever since AI first broke on to the world stage… 

emoji - cropAUGUST 2017

» Facebook shuts down its AI bots after they create their own language


Even as the 2 stalwarts debated on the issue of AI, a month later, Facebook had to shut down a part of its AI program. Why? Because the bots started developing their own language! Suckers of the popular movie Terminator went berzerk with their comparisons of this incident with the Skynet AI portrayed in the movie. To be perfectly honest, robots doing their own thing… does sound pretty spooky doesn’t it? Well, the end had to come some day… #PrayForYourSinsMortals!

emoji - cropSEPTEMBER 2017

» Rahul Gandhi goes for AI conference, gets trolled royally!

Rahul troll

When “RaGa” and “intelligence” are used in the same sentence… kidding – they never are (duh!). So when Rahul Gandhi, already famous (read: notorious) among the Twitterati as “Pappu” announced that he would be speaking in a US conference on AI, the nation couldn’t be faulted for trolling him right-left-centre in 140 characters! As expected, Indians lost huge amounts of oxygen laughing their guts out at the irony of the situation. Sometimes, it feels sad seeing him face such harshness. After all, he is the only one who wakes up in the morning, at night… #TheRealArtificiallyIntelligent

» Apple forays into AI with Iphone X


At the much-celebrated 10th year anniversary of the Iphone, Apple made one small step that may one day prove to be the giant leap for mankind. Unveiling the new, much-hyped Iphone X, Apple made a foray into AI, by instilling in its A11 bionic chip a form of neural AI that can accurately scan and recognize human faces, without the need of a cloud-based system or internet! Although the technology is still in its nascent stages, Apple has once again set the benchmark when it comes to innovation. With competition growing by the day, expect more research and development in this field in the upcoming years. The ultimate winners? The consumers!

emoji - cropOCTOBER 2017

» AI makes ground-breaking progress (pun intended!)

AI Earthquake

At the fag end of the year, scientists managed to breakthrough in what might be one of the biggest life-saving technologies on earth! While it has been a centuries-long attempt by mankind to predict catastrophes and take precautionary measures, the efforts just got a major shot in the arm by AI, which managed to identify and pick-up seismic signals long before an earthquake was about to occur. Seeing as these signals had never been recognized before by existing technologies, scientists naturally are drooling at the prospect of finally having achieved the Holy Grail of modern geology!

It’s no secret that AI is the future of mankind. Chatbots are now passe, Japan is doing what only Japan can do – talk about sex robots. Facebook is testing newer AI, Tesla is foraying into self-driven cars… suffice to say that being human is so ‘normie’ now! Even as the debate forages on, one thing is certain – 2017 heralded a new era of advanced AI which is sure to impact our lives like never before. Read this and you’ll realize just how…


5 Common Interview Questions and How You Can Ace Them

What is the first thought that comes to your mind, when you hear the word ‘’interview’’? Tension? Sweat? Tears? The fear of answering questions that seem nothing less than grenades being hurled at you… we all have been there. The fear of giving interviews is so rife, we believe it warrants its own phobia name. But that’s a task for the makers of the lexicon. Meanwhile, we are still here, suffering from the barrage of questions and desperately waiting for the misery to end like-

shut up

But alas, life is not so good. As much as we may want this satanic ritual to be cast away, it is not going away anytime soon. Interviews will continue to be the most preferred means of selecting candidates to fill up job vacancies and it is a truth we have to digest, at least for now. So if you can’t get away with it, you might as well learn and be prepared to master it like a boss! We are not going to be the interviewers though, so in no way can we give you an exhaustive list of all the questions that are asked or are expected to be asked by different employers. What we can give, however, is tips for you to master the art of giving quick and suitable responses to some of the most common and generic questions asked by many employers. Have a look at what to do, and what not to do!

Q 1) Tell us something about yourself

who am I

One of the most common questions. Employers basically try to see how well you know yourself as a person, and what are the foremost traits of your personality that make you who you are. This is because what comes to your mind first is the most conclusive evidence of who you basically are as an individual. No one can fake a mask within a second – hence, by default, what you reply gives away who you are as a person.

*The Don’ts*

1) Never start with something that is already written in your CV. If the employer wanted to know those things, he might as well have just read it from the CV you gave him. Why would he need to ask you specifically? Never state things like ‘’I have done ____ course’’/ ‘’I went to ____ college”, etc.

2) Also, don’t try to be cheesy and over-the-top. Multiple movies show people cracking kickass lines, startling the interviewer and making him say ‘’So, how much salary do you want?’’ Well, life is not a Bollywood movie. So do away with being cheeky like “Well, I am the best!” or “I am the biggest mistake you will make by not hiring me”. It’s the sure-shot way to ensure you walk out that door and never get called in again!

3) Avoid getting too personal. So, you had 3 girlfriends who dumped you/a dog who died/almost got killed in a drunken brawl… well, those are your own personal issues. The employer gets no value or benefits from these responses. If anything, you end up portraying yourself as loose or unprofessional, and no employer wants an employee who goes about nagging team members with his personal life instead of focusing on the work at hand. It is an absolute no-go!

*The Do’s*

1) Say things about yourself that are not included in the CV – give them an insight as to who you are as an individual. Tell them aspects of your life which in some way or another can prove to be beneficial for the employer’s work. E.g “I am *your name*, a student of _____ college. But that’s already common knowledge – what is not that _____ was my favorite subject there.” Be wise enough to state that subject which is closely related to the job requirement.

2) Also, you can state your previous work experience in a way that highlights your good performances. E.g “I worked at _____ priorly, where one of my tasks was to _____. I achieved that by adopting a unique measure like _____, which is seldom seen in the industry. That unique method did a world of good for me, my colleagues and my boss’s profit chart of course”

3) You can try adding a bit of subtle humor to lighten the mood and ease things with the interviewer. Nothing hard or inappropriate, just light humor enough to make the interviewer smile and have a positive perception of you. E.g in the example mentioned above, you can continue like “…and my boss’s profit chart of course. I got a lot of confidence from it, and not to forget, an extra sick leave which I did exploit! :p” and smile yourself a bit. The interviewer will definitely view it as an acknowledgment of your sheepishness which will be welcome when he knows you provided value for the team. Again, keep it subtle of course!

Also, check out some more answers at UptoWork.

Q 2) Tell me some of your strengths


A more direct question by the employer to know what qualities you bring to the table. Hence, it has to be handled adeptly because if you do not portray your correct strengths, the employer will never know how good you are or could have been. This requires some homework on your part though – a saint-like self-introspection of your personality and behavior. Only then can you answer accordingly.

*The Don’ts*

1) Avoid irrelevant stuff. You may be the fastest eater in your family, but the employee is not hiring you for that. Nor is he looking to see if you have the ability to create 10 different types of sounds from your mouth (unless the job you’re looking for is that of a singer). Again, you run the risk of being called out as unprofessional.

2) Never lay out clichéd jargons like “My biggest strength is me”, or “My family and my friends are my biggest strength”. Yes, they might be for real, but that again adds no value as to what you bring to the table. Also, you’re no God to proclaim yourself as the ultimate source of strength. It all sounds cheeky and kickass, but again, leave that to Bollywood.

*The Do’s*

1) Bring out those strengths that are clearly relevant in making you fit to be hired. E.g “One of my best abilities is creating friendly bonds with people around and making them comfortable enough, that they can depend on me”, or “One of the things I have noticed about myself is that I don’t really get heated up, no matter how crazy the people are going around me. I like to think of myself as the Dhoni of my team”. 2 things here – not only do you showcase important strengths that are handy later on such as team management, you also do so in a subtle way without coming across as too pompous or boastful.

2) Bring out parts about yourself that are related to your personality, more than skills that are already mentioned in the CV. Thus, saying “I have mastery in SEO”, adds no more information about yourself. Stick to the intangible aspects of your personality that are not visible on the CV but would be felt as you start working for the employer. It acts as 2 pronged attacks on the interviewer – your skills as well as your personality, making you more eligible to be hired.

Check out some more tips at

Q 3) What are some of your weaknesses?
It is pretty much on the lines of the previous question, except that it is trickier. With interviews being all about what you can do, this is the question where the employer is prompting you to highlight negative aspects yourself so as to make you dig your own grave. The trick is to not let him.

*The Don’ts*

1) Don’t end up divulging your dirty secrets! You may be a lazy panda who hits snooze 10 times, ends up missing the crucial 8:32 train and ultimately walks in 30 minutes late to the destination – but this secret has to die with you and your family. Never say critically important stuff that can potentially jeopardize your chances of getting hired. So no blurting stuff about drinking addictions, heavy tempers, etc.

2) As mentioned before, no cheeky clichés. No words like “My biggest weakness is me”, or “My friends/family are my biggest weakness – I cannot see them suffer…”. Let Karan Johar do his job.

*The Do’s*

There is just answer to it – bring about those aspects that are not exactly relevant enough to jeopardize your chances, but just enough to keep the interviewer interested and intrigued to find out the results if you overcome them. E.g “I am a little too sympathetic in the sense that I end up helping others more than I should to myself… so it does hurt sometimes thinking others may be taking advantage of my nature. It’s something I have been working on but part of it still remains”. Not only do you portray yourself as someone who would go the extra mile if needed to complete a task, it also shows that you’re aware of the problem and are taking steps to improve it.

For more tips, refer BigInterview

Q 4) Why should we hire you?


Interviewers behave lazily themselves by asking this question, don’t they? After all, it is their job to think why to hire people – why should you be made to do it? You will obviously have just one answer in your mind – “Because I’m unemployed, idiots! Take me! I’m sick of sitting at home killing mosquitoes!” Folks, there’s a very important reason interviewers ask this question – it is to let you into their shoes, making you think what sets you apart from the hundred others vying for the same position. This is a dilemma that gives employers a migraine! So what do you do to get the job? Be the antidote to their suffering of course!

*The Don’ts*

1) Do not just repeat what all you said in the “strengths” question. Interviewers purposely ask this question after the SWOT questions so as to flummox you into thinking you have nothing left to say about yourself. By repeating your strengths, you hereby certify that you have nothing more left to say, thus falling right into their trap.

2) Re-iterating again – do not try being cheeky or flashy. Sentences like “I believe you should be asking yourself why you shouldn’t hire me” solve just one purpose – making the interviewer cringe!

*The Do’s*

The trick is to link the strengths you previously mentioned, with the job requirements that the employer must have put out in the vacancy posted on their website/newspaper. It follows a simple, logical process of demand-and-supply. For instance, if you need a burger, what do you do? Get yourself a burger, simple. No salad will quench that desire for a burger. Similarly, they will a have specific demand for the role they are interviewing you for. You may be a very delicious salad but if you want to be hired, you need to prove how great a burger you can be to satiate their desires! So what you basically need to come up with is something like “The role I am applying for requires a certain level of expertise in the area of ____, which was closely related to my area of specialization in college/was the field I worked on, through various tasks at my previous office and so I believe my experience/interest in that area can go a long way in doing justice to the work expected to be done.” Create and flaunt your USP!

More interesting stuff at TheInterviewGuys

Q 5) Where do you see yourself in 5 years?


As prompt as you may be to answer “in your seat”, you know that is not the answer. No employer wants to know his position is under threat! Jokes apart, this question is strategically very important. This is the question where it’s your chance to proclaim your expectations from the employer you wish to join. Negotiating it well ensures both employer and employee stand on the same page at the end of the interview, with both knowing what to expect from others.

*The Don’ts*

1) Don’t be too flamboyant. It is one thing to show ambition, but just daft to go beyond reason. So, an answer like “the CEO of the company” is just plain absurd. No one achieves such high managerial positions of a company after just 5 years of experience! By setting such high standards, you don’t come across as ambitious. You end up portraying yourself as someone who doesn’t think practically; a useless dreamer than a logical realist.

2) Don’t make it all about the money. Yes, it is everyone’s secret desire to earn millions and be rich, but making you rich is not why the employer would hire you, right? So answers like “earning 7 digit figures” only make the employer think you’re in it for the paychecks and not providing value to their brand.

*The Do’s*

1) Try to envisage a scenario that would work out well for both you and the employer. A future where both can be profiting from hiring you is the biggest reason why employers would look to have you on board. So the most fruitful reply would be like “On a personal front, I see myself as a much more improvised and perfected self of who I am today. I will have learned and developed a lot more and will be handling projects that are of immense strategic importance to both me and my company. I aim to be the right-hand man of the company because what’s more of a job satisfaction than knowing I’m irreplaceable because of the value I provide to the company. I also hope I will be in a position to inspire and mentor my juniors the way I was guided when I started. Oh, and of course, finally being able to afford that Lamborghini without worrying about loans would be nice! :p”. Again – subtle humor, not taking the focus away from the main answer, the answer that they are looking to hear.

There are a hundred other questions that every company can come up with. Now if it relates to technical aspects about a specific skill, then it is on you to have mastery over that skill to be able to answer it efficiently. The generic questions, however, can be sorted. Just one thumb rule – never try to get too fancy/cheeky/clichéd/over-the-top. Employers can see through the façade you try to put up there. Instead, let the work and skills speak for themselves. Also, you can visit various other websites like, careerride, etc. Also, check out this video –

Good luck, nail that interview! Remember to be yourself (but not too much!).

chandler interview

The Reality of the ‘Unreal’: Bitcoin and Other Cryptocurrencies

By now, we are Rap Gods when it comes to saying “Mutual Fund investments are subject to market risk. Please read the offer document carefully before investing”. Yes, we all are pretty much aware of how “Mutual Funds sahi hai” and thus, where and how to invest so as to get maximum returns. We gain our 4-5% on equities yearly, get tax benefits on it, and so it seems like a Utopian financial world.

donald duck money

You really think you’re doing justice to your money though? Honestly, the only time you should be happy with the figure of “4-5%” is when it represents the % of fat in your body. Not the money added to your bank! Think large, make your life larger! “How?” you ask?

trivago guy

That’s right. Bitcoin – The most interesting B-word since Virat Kohli. Most of the world is interested in knowing what it is and what it means, because the few who do, are reaping heart-warming profits (we’re still talking about Bitcoin!). That the world is fast on its way to becoming one single, digital economy is no mythological folktale. It’s the reality, and it’s happening fast. We as a country though, are still warming up to the idea of e-wallets like Paytm and are still skeptic about having money that we can’t physically put in our pockets. Which is why the surge of Bitcoin in Western countries like USA and UK has largely been bereft of our association with it. As a country with 1/7th of the world’s population though, it seems such a waste, doesn’t it? It’s time we Indians shed our ancient adulation of physical cash and opened our minds to the latest buzz of the finance world – Cryptocurrency.


What is Cryptocurrency?

As simply put by Investopedia – “A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography for security.” It is like any other currency – Dollar, Pound, Yen, etc. Think of it this way – it is Rupees that you have on your computer instead of in a physical wallet or a bank. With all the buying powers of ‘normal’ currency that you’re accustomed to. Easy enough?

When? How? Who came up with this idea?

While the real identity of the creator is not yet known, the pseudonym by which he/she goes is “Satoshi Nakomoto”. Back in 2009, Mr/Ms. Nakomoto was fiddling around with the idea of creating a digital cash system without a centralized agency, such as RBI. This ultimately led to a peer-to-peer system, much like other file-sharing systems like Torrent. And so was born Bitcoin – the world’s first ever cryptocurrency.


How does it work?

how it works

source: BlockGeeks

It works on similar lines as the currency we have been accustomed to. However, anyone would know security is a major issue when it comes to online transactions, isn’t it? Who knows what is masked behind what digi-identity? For this reason, the money has to be encrypted, that is, the money that you hold should be legitimized to be yours! How do you that? By encryption keys, of course. For the technically not-so-sound layman, encryption key refers to a key that is essentially yours and yours alone. Think of it this way – if you had to identify your phone from a whole bunch of similar models, how would you do that? Look out for signs that make it truly yours, signs that only your phone would possess and not others – like your child’s photo as your wallpaper, or the Google account signed in..  you get the gist. Similarly, each cryptocurrency user is given such a private key – digitally of course – and this key is used to authenticate transactions.

A cryptocurrency like Bitcoin consists of a network of peers. Every peer has a record of the complete history of all transactions and thus of the balance of every account. Think of it like one big ledger book. A transaction is a file that says, “Raj gives X Bitcoins to Simran” and is then signed by Raj’s private key. After signed, a transaction is broadcasted in the network, sent from one peer to every other peer. This is basic p2p-technology. Nothing special at all.

Confirmation is a critical concept in cryptocurrencies. You could say that cryptocurrencies are all about confirmation. As long as a transaction is unconfirmed, it is pending and can be forged. When a transaction is confirmed, it is set in stone. It is no longer forgeable, it can‘t be reversed, it is part of an immutable record of historical transactions: of the so-called blockchain. Only miners can confirm transactions. This is their job in a cryptocurrency-network. They take transactions, stamp them as legit and spread them in the network. After a transaction is confirmed by a miner, every node has to add it to its database. It has become part of the blockchain.

How is it different from ‘normal currency’?


The most critical aspect that differentiates the 2 forms of currency is control. Regulation. Authority. The money we know since years is regulated by the Central Bank i.e RBI. The RBI decides how much money should exist in the market: the government regulates where you can utilize that money and for what purpose. Not to forget the taxation system that applies to every transaction and keeps the money flowing through various sectors as required.

None of this applies to Bitcoin.

If you understood the concept of Blockchain as mentioned before, you would realize that all this money lies merely in “spreadsheets”, i.e databases. It is as simple as a 2-columned table on excel – one with your “name” i.e whatever identity you choose to put on, and the other column stating the bitcoins you own. The government cannot interfere here – it’s all encrypted. There is no taxation regime – you take something, you give bitcoins – and that’s the transaction. No question of 12%/18%/28% GST, octroi, Swachh Bharat Cess, anything!

The other major difference lies in the supply part of it. Traditional currenies have been known to increase in supply if the Central Bank deems fit. The RBI can easily print new notes and circulate in the economy, thus creating more supply. This is not the case with Bitcoin. It has been established in it’s algorithm that at no point can there exist more than 21 million bitcoin. It doesn’t matter how many people start using the currency – it could be 10 people holding 2.1 million bitcoins each, or 1 million people holding 21 bitcoins each. The supply is finite.

Why invest in bitcoin?

but why

The very fact that supply is finite, and continues to be even more so day by day, is reason enough to know that the only way the value of Bitcoin can go, is North. The logic is simple – the fewer the no. of bitcoins per person, more shall be the value of the each bitcoin. In mathematical terms – it’s . The numerator stays static at 21 million. Naturally, when the denominator goes on decreasing, the value per bitcoin will keep increasing. It’s basic maths!

In case you’re skeptic about it, we recommend you check out this case of an 18-year old who became a millionaire by just investing in bitcoin!

Holding bitcoins not only increases the value of money you have, but it also eases one major area that is currently facing major red-tape – international payments. Transfer of money from one country to another is log-jammed by a slew of international norms and Acts, such as FEMA, and it makes the whole process too cumbersome. Bitcoin, however, transcends that hurdle, and you can easily transfer bitcoins to/from that chachaji sitting abroad – be it “Amrika” or “Canedda” – at the click of a button!

spongebob money

How to start investing in bitcoin?

So now that you have made up your mind, how do you start investing in it? There are essentially 3 ways one can get in the midst of this –

  1. Bitcoin Exchanges

Pretty much like your normal stock exchanges, whereby stock refers to Bitcoin. Various currencies can be converted into Bitcoin from these exchanges. Sites like Zepbay allow you to convert your rupees to bitcoins. Famous exchanges like mtgox control more than half of the bitcoin exchanges in the world!

  1. Transacting in bitcoins

You know how digital payments work, like Paytm wallets. Similarly, you can set up your bitcoin wallets, (visit – for detailed steps) and start accepting payments in bitcoins for your products.

  1. Mining

As mentioned before, mining involves authenticating bitcoin transactions. It is done by solving complex IT and maths issues in the process, using computers with special software. For every successful mine, the miner can earn close to 25 bitcoins. This is easier said than done and requires extensive technical knowledge.

Also, don’t forget to check out a detailed explanation by The Guardian.

Is bitcoin the only cryptocurreency?

Not at all. Bitcoin was the first, but is not the only cryptocurrency existing today. There are various others like –

  • Ethereum

It has ascended to the second place in the hierarchy of cryptocurrencies. Other than Bitcoin its blockchain does not only validate a set of accounts and balances but of so-called states. This means that Ethereum can not only process transactions but complex contracts and programs. Ethereum is more a family of cryptocurrencies than a single currency, like Ethereum Classic, DigixDAO, Augur, etc.

  • Litecoin

Litecoin was one of the first cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin and tagged as the silver to the digital gold bitcoin. Faster than bitcoin, with a larger amount of token and a new mining algorithm, Litecoin was a real innovation, tailored to be the smaller brother of bitcoin. It is still actively developed and traded and is hoarded as a backup if Bitcoin fails.

  • Monero

It is the most prominent example of the cryptonite algorithm. This algorithm was invented to add the privacy features Bitcoin is missing. If you use Bitcoin, every transaction is documented in the blockchain and the trail of transactions can be followed. With the introduction of a concept called ring-signatures, the cryptonite algorithm was able to cut through that trail. However, the actual usage of Monero seems to remain disappointingly small.

In a nutshell, the values of major cryptocurrencies can be seen as under-

cryptocurrency values

You can check out more at

What’s the fine print?

Yes, we know what you’re thinking – where is the “*” mark? After all, if something seems too good to be true, it usually isn’t . Well, the unsinkable ship sunk in it’s maiden voyage. It is natural that bitcoin will have its share of concern too. Check out this video to get an idea –

Guess the dummies’ guide to Bitcoin has left you not so dumb after all. We’re pretty sure you’re intruigued – after all, who doesn’t like money? You know what else people cannot hate? Shows. Which is why we bring to you Banking On Bitcoin, a Netflix Original™ documentary on the rise and rise of Bitcoin. Do check it out!

Mission Impossible: Saving our farmers from the Ghost Protocol?

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to save the dying farmers of India. This country will otherwise self-destruct in 5 seconds”, is probably what the glasses would tell every Indian if he wore it and chose to see the plight of our farmers. Unfortunately, most of us do what Ethan Hunt does immediately, that is


but not what Ethan Hunt does eventually, like

mission accomplished

Which is why we still hear cases of farmers preferring the ghost world, and committing suicides, right? You and I, just like 1.1999999 billion Indians may think we’re incapable, but there will always be those 0.0000001 billion Indians that will still believe in a miracle. And half of those will actually set out and make those miracles a reality. So what if you can’t get down and dirty in the fields yourself? There is no paucity of brilliant minds in our country that has the ability to create tech marvels which strive to improve the quality of life our farmers. Here are 5 such wonders our farmers can only bless the creators for –

  • Bullet Santhi


How many of you remember this notoriously irritating song about fusing pens and apples, which did the rounds in 2016? If it was up to Mansukh Jagani, he would probably go like “I have a Bullet. I have a tractor. Uhh! Bullet Santi!” Because that’s precisely what he did. Forced to live in abject poverty and unable to complete even primary education, he came up with an innovation that will be studied about for decades in all the premiere IIT’s of the country. All he did was fuse a Royal Enfield (Bullet, as we lovingly call it), and a tractor. The result?

bullet santi

This simple but marvelous piece of technology has ensured farmers are able to get much more yield than they could afford to, in the absence of tractors. It provides all services a rich farmer could avail using expensive methods, such as sowing, plowing, trazing, kneading, etc. at a fraction of that cost. One of the biggest reasons for farmer suicides is their inability to repay debt. The Bullet Santi is a cure for just that. Farmers would no longer need to sell their blood and bones to buy and take care of tractors and bullocks. This low-cost technology, assembled within Rs. 50,000/-, promises to make life a lot easier for farmers. At least monetarily.

While it does pose a unique solution, it still needs some time to enter mass production, considering the mastermind behind it is still in search of adequate funding. You can check out more of the Bullet Santi’s features at SristiInnovation. He needs your support for sure!


No, this is not some new chant adopted by Mr. Modi. (It’s still Mitroooooon…). MITRA is an acronym for Machines, Information, Technology, Resources for Agriculture. It is a Nashik based Startup that has come up with various machines to solve every issue plaguing our farmers, one at a time. These machines include harvesters, sprayers, dusters, etc.


The technology is brilliant – they are 30% cheaper than sprayers available in other parts of the world and takes less than an hour for an activity that would otherwise require a man force of 10 to 12 farmers working all day doing it manually. However, their service does not stop at simply providing machines to farmers. They also provide a variety of follow-up and after-sales services so that the tech can be used as effectively as the makers intended it to be.

  • Skymet

A farmer can do everything correctly, use all the correct tools, but when the weather Gods have decided to play truant, no one really stands much of a chance, do they? Skymet tries to be the truce between God and the mere mortal farmers. While controlling the environment as per our whims and fancies is still a fantasy best left for a Christopher Nolan or Bryan Singer to encapsulate in his movies, the most we can do on our part is predict, prepare and prevent. Skymet’s technologies aspire to accomplish the same.


Skymet provides dozens of instruments such as Automatic Weather Stations, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s), Lightning sensors, soil moisture and temperature sensors, ceilometers, etc that quantify and analyse data related to various aspects of farming and inform the farmer if any adverse scenario is likely to arise or if the conditions are suited to sowing or not. It has a network of over 3500 stations over 20 states and is inarguably India’s biggest technology provider for the food-providers of the nation.

  • Aquaponics

Aquaponics is not so much as a brilliant technology, as it is a brilliant technique. But that’s an opinion for later. First, let’s see the whats-what of it. As simply put by TheAquaponicSource – “The most simple definition of Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (the soil-less growing of plants) that grows fish and plants together in one integrated system.” Wait, our schools taught us that farming and fishing are 2 different jobs, didn’t they? How can both be carried out together? That’s the precise beauty of the technique!


The waste of fish acts as a nutrient source for the crops to grow, and vice versa. Check out this video by AquaponicsIndia, the pioneers of the latest agro-revolution in the nation

The benefits to farmers are immense. It uses less than a fifth of the water used by traditional farming techniques, can increase output by 4-5 times the average previously, saves a lot of time and money wasted by farmers on chemical fertilizers that ultimately harm the soil, as also ensuring continuous production, even in the off-season. The only costs associated are the one-time installation costs which might be high initially, but the profit generated by the excess output more than covers up for it over time. Need for sustainable development, anyone?

  • CropIn

What’s a singer if his/her songs are never heard by anyone? What’s an author if his/her books never reached the shelves? Similarly, what’s a farmer whose produce never hit the market? CropIn seeks to address just that issue – the inability of farmers to get value for their sweat.

To cut a long story short, CropIn uses technology tools such as geo-tagging to monitor crop development, and when they’re ready for harvesting and consumption, it links buyer (food companies/wholesalers/industrial managers etc.) to the seller (the farmer) in quick time to ensure ready supply of worthy money to the farmer and raw material to the industry. Both can connect to each other using internet-based apps and web. Additionally, the Bangalore based startup also stores and transmits important farm-related data and records, as also managing the shipment of the goods. In short, it is a one-stop logistics-supply chain technological solution for our farmers as well as the people directly dependent on them.

Do you still think India is a “Rogue Nation”? Or have you begun Hunting for hope? Only time will tell whether our farmers will one day Cruise around joyfully in their tractors. Till then, they hang on for their dear lives, supported only by the rope called technology. Like,





6 Awesome Career options for Wanna-be Entrepreneurs

We Indians are an amazing group of people. Especially the new, younger lot. Born into a tradition of “khaandani dhandha”, we have managed to sway away from this centuries-old custom of joining the family business established by our forefathers and are willing to take risks to create our own identity. As per reports published by popular business website BusinessStandard, a  whopping 87% Indians wish to be entrepreneurs at one point in their life. Almost 30% also reported being interested in opening up their own ventures immediately after completion of their studies.

So the question is – what’s stopping them? Here’s the answer – Funds, and a lack of sense of direction. Sample this –

Biggest stumbling block


The area of start 17%
Funds 28%
Fear of failure 9%
Entrepreneurship knowledge 11%
Don’t have partner 13%
Don’t have mentors 22%
(source: ISEED)

And so, TCF is right here, to give you the sense of direction that you need. We bring to you 6 cool career options for your entrepreneurial ventures. What’s cool besides them being cool? There’s potentially no risk in ending up as a huge loan defaulter like Mr. Mallya – because you wouldn’t need to take a huge loan in the first place! Cool, isn’t it?

  1. Your own eatery


The whole world earns so they can eat. Well now, you get to earn BECAUSE people eat! How better does it get? The lovely part about India is that everyone here is a foodie now, be it the middle class or the super-rich. Which means, that irrespective of whether you sell expensive 1000-bucks-a-plate authentic Mexican food, or humble yet satiating pakodas and vada-pavs for Rs. 10, you will always have takers. Simply put, if you have food to give people, people will always have money to give you! In this land, opening an eating joint is one of the most profitable and risk-free ventures one can take up. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a local fast-food restaurant like Shiv Sagar. You can also dedicate your cuisine to just a single, but authentic kinds, like Japanese or Lebanese. All you need is perfection and authenticity of that kind.  You also get a plethora of options to style your joint, e.g like a classic fine-diner

fne diner

or a vibrant and hip cafe


The growth potential is immense as well. The likes of McDonalds and Starbucks have catapulted into billion dollar chains. You too, can keep expanding across various areas – the kind of cuisine offered/extra services /franchising… the possibilities are endless!

2) Writing and blogging


Today being a writer is hot property especially when content is king., With  brands continously trying to capture the users attention with great copy if you can channel the inner J. K Rowling or Amish Tripathi then you are on to something. You can open up your writing agency and service clients in need of good content for their products.MNC’s look forward to tapping into local markets of India, but the 2000 plus languages is a hurdle in communication. As a writer or  agency you can help to provide local language support for such companies.


Writing does not only imply curating content for others. You can be your own client too. You can start your own blogs using platforms such as WordPress and choose your own domains at nominal prices. You can write anything – a travel blog, a food blog, movie reviews, latest gadget info and reviews, fashion blog, or even as a columnist for popular newspapers. Or you can go big like Indiblogger – where the creators built their own platform for blogging way back in 2007. A decade later, they’re churning out crores of business as an Influencer and have clients such as Lakme, Castrol, Apollo Hospitals, Mahindra & Mahindra, Cleartrip, Vodafone, Dove, Samsung, Surf Excel and Fiat, to name a few. Who said there’s no scope in writing, now?

3) Freelancing

self made

“Do whatever you want to do man!” are probably the wisest words ever to come out of Salman Khan (if not the only). Freelancing allows you to do exactly that! You do everything on your own, and still, get paid a lot more than others toiling about getting kicked around by their bosses. You can choose any field you excel in – be it writing, photography, dancing, musician, motivational speaker… as long as you have a skill that you have complete mastery over, you can be assured success. Of course, the only trick here is to get established. A brand name, an image, individuality – all of which require a lot of time and networks. Working on your own can get make it difficult to find clients, at least in the initial phase of your career, because no one knows you. You can manage that problem partially by signing up on websites such as Truelancer or FreelanceIndia which help to connect freelancers and clients – like a Tinder for freelancing! You can also visit Sutrahr for more info on websites.


It is recommended, however, that you take up freelancing only after working for some years and gaining requisite experience. Not only does it teach you the finer nuances of the trade, but it also helps to make connections, contacts, networks… the oxygen that any freelancer needs! An article by TOI can also help you realize and overcome the challenges coming your way. Check it out on And if you need more reasons to compel you to try freelancing, well click here!

4) Tiffin and catering services


Who said you need to be a 20-something youngster to be an entrepreneur. Indian housewives should have a shot at this too, right? After all, who doesn’t love maa ke haath ka swaadisht khaana? The dabbawaalas of Mumbai have successfully been carrying out this business since centuries, at six sigma levels unachieved by even major billion dollar MNC’s. That too, by just cycles! With growing demand for food, coupled with the inability of most people to personally visit the restaurants due to the paucity of time, providing direct-to-place delivery of food provides the best solution to bridge demand and supply. Which is exactly what ventures like Spicebox are doing. The beauty about it is that even housewives with limited resources at home can start this business. Teeing off from providing tiffins for neighbours and friends, over a period of time, can result in immense expansion.

This of course, also brings us to parallel fields of catering.


In a country that revels in lavish celebrations – for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, success parties, product launches – the need for class caterers is at an all-time high. And in India, always will be. After a considerable amount of time, you may even end up having tie-ups with major conglomerates for all their functions. Talk about brand image! All you need to dish out is a quality performance!

5) Creative arts and gifts


Is creativity your forte? Do people always run up to you whenever they want to gift cards and presents to their loved ones? Then you’d do well to follow the wise words of the Joker – “If you’re good at something, never do it for free”. What seems like a hobby can very well earn you neat bucks! Since creativity is too limited a talent, and demands of girlfriends and wives for being pampered are constantly on the rise, pre-curated gifts as well customized accessories are the sought after heatedly. Fancy cards, boxes, custom-painted t-shirts, mugs, keychains, bouquets – people are always on the lookout for such items. Do the math yourself – 365 days, 1.2 billion birthdays! Not to forget anniversaries! The potential is mammoth! The youth of today is slowly recognizing the potential of this burgeoning market and is taking various steps towards creating a niche for themselves! Like 21-year old Nidhi Jadhav, who came up with Giftery, whilst still in college and caters to hundreds of orders through its Instagram page.


If you still think there’s no profitability, we’re here to make you see differently. Your brand doesn’t have to remain stuck on the plateau of gifts. Over a period of time, you can start selling merchandises of popular brands. The way TheSouledStore does. It creates official merchandises such as t-shirts, phone covers, mugs, etc for popular TV shows and movies such as F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Avengers, etc. The scope here is magnanimous!

 6) Advertising and marketing


Who doesn’t like being talked about? Having good features announced to the public and making money out of it! Which is why advertising and marketing is a profession that will never go out of vogue. More so, in today’s digital world that runs on clicks likes and subscribes, marketing has now an exciting challenge on its hands to tap into the obscurest of markets. All you need is the right way to do it! Usually by combining the Holy trinity of modern marketing – Technology – Strategy – Creativity. SEO and Geofencing are new-age but potent tools still being under-utilized by traditional marketers, and so, your mastery of these skills can guarantee you success in this field! Do we need tell you the money prospects?

There you go. An enlightened soul. Much more ‘wisdomous’. If you still need more business ideas, hop onto MoneyExcel for some more. Maybe now that figure of 17% as an area of start –  stumbling block can drop down? We’ll wait for the next report of Business Standard!  Meanwhile, you, get ready to be featured on Forbes, maybe?


7 Effective Tips to Ace GMAT

Ever dreamt of being a billionaire like Bill Gates or maybe the next Zuckerberg? At some point we all have. The innate desire for fame, wealth, status and the pride of standing out from the herd is intrinsic to us social creatures. Joining Harvard, dropping out, becoming a billionaire –  these are stuff new age legends are made up of. The likes of Gates,  Zuckerberg, Elon Musk have laid down benchmarks for achieving the pinnacle of success, haven’t they?

Let’s snap back to reality for a moment. To drop out of Harvard, you first need to GET INTO HARVARD! And anyone who plans on doing that would know it’s no mean feat. As per popular business website Business Insider, you would need a score of over 720 to be considered being called by Harvard Business School for their MBA program. Suddenly, getting a reply from your crush doesn’t seem as difficult anymore, does it?

The following 7 tips can help you channel your inner Zuckerberg or Bill Gates –

  1. Dump that “Smart” phone.

phone throwing

Turns out, our mothers have been right all along (as always). Our phones are no good for us. Studies conducted by psychologists have found out that excessive use of smartphones decreases the concentration and attention span of humans. And this has got nothing to do with ‘being online’. The study also goes on to claim that mere presence of the phone is enough to get you distracted and make you have FOMO. So if you aim to get into Harvard folks, it’s time to get out of those Whatsapp forwards (please excuse the horrible attempt at rhyming!)

2) Don’t be Phoebe – Have a “Pla”

Plan - It could work

“Make a plan” – This is a statement which has been used by successful people more often than Shahid Afridi’s “Inshallah the boys played well”. As clichéd as it may sound, failing to plan means planning to fail. Making the plan, however, is the easiest part of the job. It is sticking to the plan diligently, that decides which side of the Harvard gate you stand on. Start from broad but definite goals. E.g “I have to complete 3 chapters of QA this week” and then work towards the macro aspect of it like “2 days for Time & Work” and “2 days for speed math”. Ultimately, create and follow even more minute targets like “10 sums per hour”. Once you cultivate a habit, the previously tedious task of following a schedule will now seem like an easy, everyday affair for you.

3) Start with Quantitative & Verbal Aptitude

Now that the plan has been made and you’re finally on the study table, start with the toughest of them all, so that you can devote maximum time to it. The trick to scoring well lies in both speed and accuracy. This double delight can be achieved only after regular practice over a long period of time.
*free additional tip related to this: ALWAYS study on the table. Do not recline lazily on your couch/sofa so that you end up dozing off comfortably!


4) Improve your writing skills.


The one thing that sets GMAT apart from other exams is the section of “Analytical writing Assessment”. As you would know, AWA is an essay based question involving acute logical reasoning to critique the argument presented in the question. Developing the skill of logical reasoning is quite manageable, trickling down to how well you can put pen to paper. It is essential you stick to the point and not beat around the bush. This is not your 10th-grade exam which gives you marks based on how many sides you write, is it? Improve your vocabulary, but don’t keep blasting words superfluously like Shashi Tharoor – you don’t want your essay to be an “exasperating farrago of distortions”, do you?

5) Choose the correct study material


This is a confusion that most students have. Tonnes of tutor classes have now cropped up on every nook and corner, with every one of them offering their own versions of study material. Choosing the correct material seems more difficult than choosing a combo at Subway, doesn’t it? Well, have no fear – we are here! According to most top scorers, the best books out there are The Manhattan Prep guides as well as the Official Guide, available at Amazon. Besides, various sites like RetailMeNot also offer attractive discounts for various packages. For those who think their fundamentals are weak, well, Harvard still has gates open for you. Head to Magoosh and improve your fundamentals with their creative tools like flashcards that help you work over the smallest of weaknesses. And don’t worry about the costs – most of Magoosh content is – wait for it, FREE!

6) Take multiple mock tests.


Ask any ranker, like Tarang Gupta who scored 780 in 2016, or Thrishnaa, who scored 770 in 2013, they would state the following – “The key to judging your level of preparation lies in giving mock tests”. Not once. Not twice. Not even thrice. You have to keep giving as many tests as you can, at multiple levels of preparation, in order to realize where you truly stand. The tests also make you aware of the chinks in your armor that you need to fortify before D-day comes knocking. Make sure you walk into the exam center fully equipped like James Bond on a mission to kill. Various sites provide you free as well as paid exam prep packs. Make sure you check out the official site – as well as ManhattanPrep for the best test experience.



Go ahead, take a break. You don’t have to be Ross to do this. Taking breaks allows your mind to refresh and then keeps it ready for the next round of ‘hammering’. As cool and satisfying as it may sound, this is where most students tend to go awry – do not let a 10-minute break turn into a 10-episodes-of-F.R.I.E.N.D.S marathon, as delightful as it might be. Rest, but do not give in to temptations  – yes you can check and reply to those meme tags – but only in a limit. Better still, treat your taste buds with their favorite lip-smacking delights at equally delightful discounts available only at TheCollegeFever – you know you’ve deserved it!

Giving tips is not the end of our story though. We’re going to be here, waiting and hoping to hear the news of you ‘Making it Large’! Good luck for the exams, and yes, we’re pretty sure if you follow the above guidelines, Harvard will be waiting for you like…