7 Cool Gadgets from CES 2018 We Need ASAP!

Consumer Electronics Show is one of the biggest electronics trade fair shows that is held in the city of sin every year. Here all types of electronics companies big and small introduce their upcoming slate of products. Below is a list of all the diamonds found in the show.

1. Project Linda


This cool gadget is every gamer’s dream. Razor has come up with a smartphone that doubles up as a laptop. The smartphone fits into space that is filled by the touchpad on a laptop body, then connects to the monitor, keyboard, and hard drive via USB-C. This gadget tests the waters for a merger between the desktop and mobile computing devices. Project Linda repurposes the phone’s screen as a touchpad, which can also passively display information.

2. Philips SmartSleep



No, it won’t help you in getting more sleep. But, it will surely help you in getting deep quality sleep. The device transmits a sound apparently develops slow-wave sleep. It is a stage of sleep cycle at which brain waves and breathing are at their lowest levels. According to its makers, such kind of sleep can further increase attentiveness and the ability to keep focus. Two sensors on the headband identify when you fall asleep and can identify when you enter deep sleep. Then, an algorithm customizes the amount and level of the sound being transmitted in a way that will heighten slow wave activity in the brain.

3. L’Oréal UV Sense


One of the tiniest gadgets, it is a sensor which is able to detect ultraviolet exposure. It is so tiny that you can wear it comfortably on your fingernail like a nail art. The great thing is, it is battery-free and has an NFC antenna, a temperature sensor, and a UV sensor. It can store up to three months worth of information and transfers information to the accompanying app. The app keeps a record of the exposure levels and provides tips for handling sun intake.

4. My Special Aflac Duck


This cute looking duck is specially designed to provide comfort to children diagnosed with cancer. Children can imitate their medical care routines on it and can communicate their feelings through it by pressing a circular token to its chest which indicates it to assume the corresponding emotion. Holding a token with a smiling happy face or a frowning angry face to the duck, for instance, will allow it to react accordingly. This gadget is supposed to provide company to kids as they undergo treatment and therapy.

5. Sensio Air


A must-have for those who suffer from allergies. This football-shaped allergen detector tracks grass, mould, pollen and dust inside your space so it can alert users that their allergies could act up. In case the user goes out, the Air’s corresponding app joins with 220 sensors placed all around the world by Sensio to measure environmental conditions like pollution and weather.

6. Oska Pulse



It is literally a painkiller for those people who suffer from chronic pain. This Pulse Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) device is created to boost blood flow to affected areas of the body. The company claims that the gadget relaxes muscle stiffness and briefly relieves minor pain. It works with an app so users can manage the device remotely or track the pain relief progress.

7. ModoBag



Probably, the most fun gadget on the list. ModoBag is a piece of luggage which can charge your devices through its USB ports and it also has a small hidden handlebar and stirrups which transform it into a miniature electric motorbike which you can use to zip around up to a speed of 8 mph. No more dragging of luggage instead let the luggage drive you around.

There is little that technology can’t do at CES and with such innovative products around the corner, the future of mankind looks exciting. 

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5 Super-tech Solutions For The New Age Woman

We know Women’s Day is a long way off. But then, why do we have to wait to dedicate a piece to our beautiful naaris? After all, all that our society dishes out to our womaniyas otherwise is either restraint orders to “protect” them from the big bad world or the daily dose of explicitly snide remarks. Fortunately, there are still some good Samaritans who believe in making the world a better place for women to live in. More fortunately, when these few samaritans happen to be tech wizards, the result is an invention of empowering pieces of technology for the lovely ladies! Here, we bring to you 5 such tech-marvels meant exclusively for the fairer sex (stereotype un-intended) …

1. Yepzon Freedom Keychain

Yepzon Keychain


Started by Finish cereal entrepreneur Otto Linna,  Yepzon provides safety wearable technology to women, children and elders alike. In India, they have launched Yepzon Freedom which is a personal safety GPS tracker equipped with an SOS button.   In case of a crisis situation like a sudden attack or medical emergency, the SOS button helps you to send an alert to chosen friends/family, thus giving you added safety at all times. The device is portable,  enabling it to double up as a keychain, making it ideal personal safety companion for college going girls and the go-getter women, especially those who ride scooters or drive cars.

2. Torch-cum-Stun Gun

Torcch cum stun gun

Who says a girl always needs a male to protect her? For the gutsy women looking to tackle attackers themselves, this James Bond-esque tool is here for you. Here are it’s outstanding self-defence features –

  • A strong 160 lumen light to illuminate far and bright, yet also effective for self-defence purposes.
  • 10,00,000 Volts Shocking Torch. Sparking shock with Sound; powerful enough to fend and immobilize an attacker.
  • fully rechargeable and has a bulb life of up to 100,000 hours.
  • ON / OFF button so that you can not press the shock button by mistake.

At just Rs. 599/- on Rediff, this device is the most lethal weapon you can put in your artillery besides those knives and pepper sprays! For Harry Potter fans, here’s your chance for some Lumos Maxima! and Stupefy!

3. iBreastExam

It is no secret that breast cancer is the biggest killer of women in India. Nearly 25% of all cancer cases in India is that of breast cancer. What makes it worse is that more than 60% of the women are diagnosed with breast cancer at stage III or IV in India. Which effectively means that the survival rate in India is nothing less than abysmal. The surprising fact is that cancer in itself is not as potent in its nascent stages as compared to other tumours. Why do our women still fall to it then? The biggest reason – late detection.

Early detection of the cancerous tissue is the most effective way to combat this killer. Which is exactly why all women need iBreastExam, the most convenient, on-the-go device created by Mihir Shah, whose mother-in-law’s own tryst with the disease inspired him to come up with such a marvel.

The iBreastExam is a simple handheld device that scans the breast for lumps or abnormal tissues and then sends the data to an app on your smartphone. The app’s in-built logarithms then analyze the data obtained and provide results on par with proper medical machinery used by hospitals. Thus, not only does it allow low-cost screening for malware resonating in your body, it also saves your time from cumbersome commute to hospitals in case one is not near your location.

4. Livia – The Off Switch of Period Pain!


Ladies, we know there’s no pain quite like menstrual cramps, or childbirth. Unfortunately, both are biologically destined to be borne only by the females. Fret not, here’s a solution to one of them – Livia

Here’s how it works – simply attach the leads to your stomach and fit the cute small device anywhere – your pocket or simply pinned to the waist of the jeans. The device passed low doses of electric currents that soothes the abdominal muscles and reduces pain to a huge extent. As easy as that!

Here’s to enjoying chocolates and icecreams in your pj’s without writhing all over in pain!

5. WomenCabs

How tired and sick are we of hearing cases about women being molested and raped by cab or rickshaw drivers? Most of us think it’s inescapable, considering long work hours forcing women to return late at night when bus services are shut and all cab drivers being men. Think again. At least that’s what the makers of Womencabs did.

women cabs

As the name goes, WomenCabs is like an Ola/Uber – but only for women. A Bengaluru-based venture, it is a unique public transport service platform, which provides safe and secure transport solution to women commuters. Needless to say, its driver fleet is all-woman. These women undergo extensive driving training including vehicle maintenance, soft skills, communications, customer handling, and last but not the least, self-defence training.

To ensure the safety of women commuters and drivers, the cabs are fitted with GPS tracking devices, microphones and panic buttons, which can alert the control room in case of any incident. The company has five mobile quick response teams consisting of two ex-army men who can be deployed anywhere in the city.

It also runs a special service for pregnant women who need immediate medical assistance. The women drivers, who are trained to deal with such emergencies, are rushed to the spot.

As mentioned before, it is based on the same app-based business model of Ola/Uber. You can download the app here


Also, check out these exciting new upcoming tech headed your way in the next few years-

Still think the tech-world is the domain of the males? Why should boys have all the fun? More power to you, ladies! You go giirrrlll!

you go girl