7 Unusual Statues And Monuments Across The Globe!

There are some monuments and statues that instill a sense of pride, beauty or emotions among the viewer. Those are unforgettable pieces of art that you get to see on field trips or in the pages of history books. But then there are some less-explored monuments, which are in a way an ode to the weird, the wonderful, and the just plain wacky which would make you think, “Seriously Bro? Seriously? Were you high or something before you ended up making these?”

Let’s look at some of them, One cautionary advice would be to just enjoy the view instead of trying to understand them (not if you don’t have something better to do).

7. De Vaartkapoen

Pic Courtesy : https://www.pinterest.com/pin/393572454909693397/

This statue was erected in 1985 in the Molenbeek area of Brussels. The scene it depicts is reminiscent of a comedy sketch: a man unexpectedly emerges from a manhole and pulls the feet from underneath a policeman. It’s author is Belgian sculptor Tom Frantzen.

6. Shit Fountain


Pic Courtesy : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Hr3jYKvydY

Artist Jerzy Kenar got tired of stepping out of his Chicago home and constantly stepping in dog poop. So, he decided to put his talents to good use and created a visual monument that would serve as a reminder to the dog owners of the neighborhood to scoop up what their pups leave behind. Enter Shit Fountain, a fecal-shaped bronze coil on top of a cement pillar with the monument’s title carved into the side.

5. The Headington Shark


Pic Courtesy: http://armchairtravelogue.blogspot.in/2010/04/headington-shark-which-survived-attack.html

The significance of this sculpture is much greater than may appear at first sight. It was erected on the 41st anniversary of the nuclear attack on Nagasaki at the end of World War II. The sculpture depicts a beautiful , if potentially deadly lethal weapon falling from the sky.

4. Die Badende


Pic Courtesy: http://www.panoramio.com/photo/56875945

Artist Oliver Voss created the sculpture as an advertisement for British beauty company Glory. The company wanted to make a “big splash” in thanking the German people for embracing their latest line of products. The advertisement proved very successful; customers and a large crowd gathered to watch the woman hoisted from the water. The movers had a large towel ready to conceal her lady bits from peeping eyes.

3. Jimmy Carter Peanut

Jimmy Carter Peanut.png

Photo credit: National Park Service

The Jimmy Carter Peanut might give you nightmares, standing at 4 meters (13 ft) tall with a wide, toothy smile and no eyes. The peanut can be found on the side of the road in Plains, Georgia. The structure started out far from Georgia, however. It was actually constructed in Indiana in 1976 to honor Jimmy Carter’s visit to the state during his presidential campaign tour. Why was a giant, smiling peanut, of all things, used as a tribute? Well, before he was president, Carter was actually a peanut farmer.

2. Jeju Loveland

Pic Courtesy: http://thetravellingsquid.com/2017/01/08/sexciting-visit-to-the-jeju-loveland/img_0951/

The salacious monuments found on Jeju Island in South Korea were made to honor sexual acts. The park itself is called Jeju Loveland and arouses more than just curiosity from its many visitors. The theme park opened in 2004 and has a collection of more than 140 erotic statues depicting sexual encounters between both humans and animals. The goals of the theme park are to break down barriers and taboo feelings surrounding sex and promote the “natural beauty of sexuality.”

1. Brownnosers

Pic Courtesy: https://www.trover.com/d/rZqN-futura-gallery-%C4%8Dernys-brown-nosers-prague-czech-republic

Brownnosers, created by Czech artist David Cerny, takes the term “brownnoser” to an entirely new (and literal) level. The two statues stand, or rather bend over, outside the Futura Gallery in Prague. The two figures are positioned side-by-side with the lower portions of their torsos protruding from a cement wall. Viewers are invited to climb ladders attached to the open anuses of the figures and stick their heads inside the openings.

Featured Pic Courtesy : http://www.siteadvisor.com

Presenting our very own Twitter Champion, KRK!

Sure Donald Trump’s tweets are hilarious and knowing that he’s the President of the United States, talking like a 12 years old on Twitter makes it even more funny. But, amidst this air of Trump tweets, let’s not forget what our country has to offer us, (#NotAnAntiNational) our very own Kamaal R Khan, self-christened as KRK. Sure Trump tweets about missile buttons like it is a toy but KRK is in an altogether different league. We bring to you, 10 of him most AMAZINGLY tweets that will make you say, “Why did I read that?”


  1. You haven’t or is it the other way round?


  1. Girls stop hitting on the most eligible bachelor of our country


  1. This is the opposite of a blackmail man.


  1. Itni confidence kahan se laatay ho bhai?


  1. What about your mom? You don’t call your mom? Tsk tsk tsk


  1. *cough* Desh Drohi *cough?*


  1. Oh yes! I’m still in the race!


  1. She can give herself a gift and block you.


  1. Just who are these girls? Where are they?


  1. Whoever is doing the black magic can you guys please do a better job?


Sherlock: Real vs Reel!

Imagination is the real thing they say, makes you who you always wanted to be, and that brought me to the question, how about becoming the most intelligent detective the world has ever seen! Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock’s world is where everything happens following an order! Every situation has a set of definite outcomes. It assumes that the people’s habits or activities are absolutely perfect and Sherlock is the unsolicited King. In reality, we have problems in choosing Pizza over Burger.

f1f53888-db5d-44c6-a586-a5e1f13cd953_560_420                Image Source: http://cdn.playbuzz.com

Let’s take an example, Shall we? (That’s how he speaks, I suppose! 😛 ) in ‘The Blind Banker’, Sherlock identifies that the person is left-handed saying “The butter knife on the kitchen surface has butter on the right side of the blade because he used it with his left.”
In the real world, almost nothing is perfect! Even a left-handed person’s butter knife would have butter on both the sides, maybe some jam too, considering his delight for jam !! 😛

Screenshot (70).png

Image Source: http://www.khanakhajana.co.in/home/121-bread-butter.html

In Sherlock’s world, we are constantly reminded of the fact that he is a high functioning Sociopath who doesn’t really care about human emotion,  is far away from its clutches and likes to live life dangerously duping himself in drugs as if they were candies. Trust me when I say this, we would die, yes die even if we consider taking in that much drugs out of shock, leave alone doing it.

high_functioning_sociopath__by_harry_potter_addict-d4n0xuu.pngImage Source: https://darwinsfinch.wordpress.com/2015/07/08/dexter-sociopath-or-physcopath/

Sherlock Holmes in Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss’ Sherlock at times seems to be a genuinely nasty bloke going head over heels going to a point where he is seen telling children that their grandfather is rotting in the ground, and even being dismissively rude towards Russell Tovey’s potential client, for instance. Him telling Kitty Reilly, the journalist in The Reichenbach Fall, that “you repel me” was more than a little over the top. (Well, She was selfish, ambitious and a little manipulative, but she repels him? A man who deals with criminals more or less every day?) . Just consider telling that to a person on his/her face and see the world burn.

Image Source: https://www.bustle.com/articles/39056-9-things-you-should-never-say-to-a-fan-of-bbcs-sherlock

 Then again, comes the point where Sherlock is seen to be almost perfect at whatever he does and so does Moriarty, his nemesis, but really? In his infamous “Reichenbach fall” you want me to believe that you can fall off a building and then fly like a bird off to glory, that’s some fantasy ‘shizz’ going on there.

Falling is like Flying.gifImage Source: https://giphy.com/gifs/sherlock-benedict-cumberbatch-mvfkUUWCBEmZi

Oh Oh Oh!! how can I not talk about The Mind Palace when I talk about Sherlock, that’s one thing which has perplexed everyone with it aura on how clear can one’s vision and thoughts be, let me break it to you,  no matter how cool it may sound, it’s next to impossible to get such a high dedicated  sense of mind mapping.

giphy.gifImage Source: https://giphy.com/gifs/sherlock-benedict-cumberbatch-best-show-ever-KMsmPrCDrNGgM

Well, that is unless you are Chacha Chowdhary and your mind works faster than a computer. 😛

9Image Source: http://topyaps.com/chacha-chaudhary-becomes-next-prime-minister-india

I know this article is going to bring me in the bad books of all Sherlock fans and they might have even listed down various ways where I would end not in a condition I would like to be in, but then again, Anonymity is Bae and I am loving it. So I would want to end this saying Boo Yeah !!

Image Source: https://www.bustle.com/articles/39056-9-things-you-should-never-say-to-a-fan-of-bbcs-sherlock

PS: I love him, just like anyone of you do and it would be a shame if we don’t get to see more of him. *Drools*

*Awaits for the next season with the Bunny Cap on*

Image Source for Featured Image: www.sherlocked.se 

5 Reasons to Boycott Bigg Boss Asap

Every other year, India’s favourite bad boy, Salman Khan brings us another crude and crass season of Bigg Boss. In the name of a social experiment, it is basically saas-bahu saga all over again but with an intense dash of swear words. From throwing piss on each other to throwing water bottles at each other and often acting like primitive children. Actually, to be fair to primitive children, even they show some likeness of restraint in their wildness. Here are a few reasons why you should stop watching it asap!

1.Inhuman Tasks

In the name of so-called tasks, the Bigg Boss of the show makes contestants perform tasks which are shoddy and inhuman, to say the least. This season saw TV’s favourite Bahu aka Hina Khan putting red chili powder in Bandgi Kalra’s eyes whereas the latter was seen rubbing garlic on Akash Dadlani’s face. Apparently, all this is done in the name of entertainment.

2. Who This?

who this.jpg

One can easily divide the contestants in every season into two categories – never ever heard of them and heard of them in the last decade. Most of them are self-confessed celebs of the glamour world or are in desperate need of an image makeover. But, for the past few years, commoners aka aam aadmi has been a part of the show as well. People like Puneesh Sharma, a Delhi business family offspring, —who announced: “party karna mera shauk hai”. They are the ones who are doing the show for a short span of fame, or notoriety, should I say? Well, no publicity is bad publicity. Right?

3. Same Old Formula


Anyone who has been following the show for the past few years can blindly tell what kind of participants will be on the show. Thanks to it’s same old tried and tested formula of a decade! There is always a god/woman. This time this divinity slot was filled by Sshivani Durgah whose strangely spelled name couldn’t keep her from participating in the show. There’s always a member of LGBT community, who was Sabyasachi Satyapathi this season. A firangi model introduced in the middle of the show who can’t even utter a word of Hindi and two people who will immediately fall in love with each other and make out in the dark under the blankets like Puneesh and Bandgi. The makers hit repeat on this formula every other season! How Original?

4. Physical & Mental Abuse

No season of the show has been complete without these two! This season saw Akash Dadlani forcibly kissing Shilpa Shinde and Vikas later landing few punches on Akash, leaving viewers shocked. Not to forget the constant nagging, fights, arguments, throwing shade against each other, intentionally create fights among two people just for the heck of it and seeing Hina Khan belittle every other woman has just exposed the horrible mindsets of these so-called celebs. But, for how long this physical and mental torture can someone tolerate and the non-stop bullying is just annoying, oh and, boring too.

5. Bhaijaan ki Bhaigiri

Bollywood ka Bhaijaan aka Salman Khan has been hosting the show for half a decade now. But, the actor seems to misunderstand the concept of hosting, he bores everyone with his stale jokes, he looks tired and yes, he also acts as the judge, jury and executioner on the show. He is accused of being biased and ganging up against contestants, and all of this is completely dictated by his impulses. For instance, this current season he has been favouring country’s favourite Bhabhi Ji aka Shilpa Shinde.

Bigg Boss is nothing but a bunch of celebs under house-arrest who would go to any extent to win the show! Don’t waste your precious time watching this rubbish.

Feature Image – Source

7 New Year’s Resolutions That We All Failed to Keep in 2017!

Remember we all had some resolutions in 2017 thinking that we are going to fulfill all of them. Well, the year is coming to an end and 2018 is soon to follow. So, before you make another list of resolutions while promising yourself that ‘I’ll definitely fulfill this next year’ read below and see which resolution/s of yours you only made to break in 2017!

1. Start Exercising!



You promise to get fit and start exercising. You are so motivated that you end up getting an expensive gym membership and even end up buying a nice pair of workout shoes! You even go to the gym for a couple of weeks. But, all this comes to a sudden halt when you realise that gym membership is burning a hole in your pocket and you decide that an early morning 5km run will keep you in shape but…only if you had managed to get outta that bed of yours!

2. Eating Healthy



Eat green, eat clean, becomes your motto when it comes to making healthy food choices. You ditch those “oily-paranthas” and eat “healthy oats” for breakfast and start drinking fresh juices instead of soft drinks. But, then there is that one day where Domino’s is offering a crazy discount on that yummy cheese burst pizza and that too with a free coke. So, you decide having junk once or twice a week won’t do any harm and soon you are back to your old eating habits.

3. Learning New Skills!



You promise to learn new skills like cooking, driving, designing, photography, etc and take up new hobbies like reading because smart people read books and you buy a couple of books. You open one, read a couple of chapters, and then promise to go back to it…the truth is, you usually never go back.

4. Ditching Social Media

social media.gif


You realised that you are addicted to social networking websites and end up wasting a great deal of your time over there and decide it’s wise to quit them all. You did try this one for less than a day and failed, because how are you going to see all the pictures of your crush’s images of celebrating New Year on Instagram if you aren’t using Instagram? And how will everyone know your opinion if you can’t Tweet about it?

5. Sleeping Early



You decide to not stay up late and got to bed early. You promise to watch lesser movies and don’t binge watch tv-series back to back. But, Netflix is your life and you end up falling asleep early in the morning!

6. Stop Procrastinating



Everybody is well aware of the fact that procrastination is the root cause of all the problems, but who wants to start another task right after they finished one? We all need a break, which is great until that break continues to the day before that assignment is due.

7. Quit Smoking!



You know smoking is injurious to health and can even cause cancer. But, a rough day at work and you find yourself lighting up a stick while reminding yourself that you have to quit it but soon realise that maybe slowly like in a year or two.

New Year’s resolutions are commitments we make with enthusiasm and are soon forgotten about. 2017 sucked, we all know it. So, to make 2018 better, hold yourself accountable for these resolutions and make sure you achieve them!

5 Type of People on Facebook Who Always Keep on Complaining About it!

One of the biggest inventions of the 21st century, ‘Facebook’ is a virtual cosmos in its own. It’s a voyeur’s paradise. Never dull and often entertaining. Be it articles, news, selfies or posts, you can find everything and meet every kind on Facebook. Although it was meant for communication yet some people don’t leave a stone unturned to complain about Facebook (on Facebook):

1. The Gullible Ones



They are the ones who believe everything they read on Facebook and then talk about how everything on the internet is fake. The same uncle who shares posts how Modi Jee is going to ban Rs 2000 notes, is also the same uncle who is neurotically paranoid about scammers on the internet. Well, if you think everything written on Facebook is fake, then why do you think the Internet has the “correct” information? A mind-boggling paradox, this reveals a lot about people.

2. Selfie Haters

selfie haters.jpg


Smart peeps who complain about others uploading too many photos on Facebook, either they’re just jealous about your selfies or think that they’re too busy so they just scroll down them. But, they seem to miss the fact that it is a photo-sharing platform. Complaining about photos on Facebook is like becoming a cab driver and complaining about traffic. You just cannot.

3. The Threateners



The “I’m deleting my Facebook soon, here are some deep thoughts about why I’m doing this” update. Wow, cool. Are you taking a week or a month off of Facebook to focus on #real life shit? Congrats!! But, the world doesn’t need some elongated post about it. Just do it, bro.

4. Hilarious Hypocrites

not good.jpg


They’re the anti-Facebook folks who want to warn that you can be robbed of your money, become a victim of revenge porn, have your possessions stolen, your bank details can get leaked, and whatnot! The best part is that they spread the word by ranting on Facebook (WTF!).

5. The Senior Citizens 

old people.jpg


Oldies who don’t know the basics of using Facebook, constantly complain about it. They whine about how you, their niece, nephew, child, or friend’s child, are always on Facebook, and how you shouldn’t be on it because it is unsafe, blah, blah. Why? Because they have a total of three friends on Facebook, in addition to their wife, and their son who has put them on limited profile. As a result, your activity is the only thing they see on their timeline when they log in once a month.
And at some point, you really wish to tell all of these moaners:S




Winter of the West – 6 Graphics That Illustrate What Winters Mean in the Land Outside The North

If you’re anywhere in the kingdom of the North right now, and by that, we mean the states that Raj Thackeray absolutely loves to hate – chances are, you’re reading this while being held captive by the comfy-confines of your rajai. That, on top of 2 jackets, 3 sweaters, 3 woollen vests… and we guess that’s just snug enough. Because that’s what winters are for, right? Tailor-made for the lazy and the introverts to just stay holed up inside all day. But have you ever wondered what winter in the Indian Westeros feels like? Of course, you won’t go and find out for yourself – you’re too lazy being warm and snug right? So sit back, keep sipping on that heavenly cup of tea, and have a look at 6 illustrations that epitomize what winters in West India be like –

1) To see or not to see?


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Mumbaikars are an intelligent bunch of people. They would know the answers to 99/100 questions. That 1 other question being – “What is fog/mist?”. Indeed, on the coldest of winter mornings (that’s 12° C for us!), the visibility is still enough for us to spot our crush from 100 metres away (that’s as close as we can get to them anyway). “Fog chal raha hai” is a sentence we speak only in reference to the ad…

2) Speaking of winter mornings…


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To you northies, the ultimate winter accomplishment would probably be stepping out of the bed, one reluctant limb at a time, and going to work. For the people down here, our biggest accomplishment is realizing sleep is no sweat-session anymore. No tossing, turning or waking up 10 times in the night to wipe that sweat off our backs – it is finally time to have a sweat-less sleep (because that’s as good as it gets for us!). Yes you may bring on the pitiful laughs…

3) Ingredients for the recipe to a warm house…


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The westerners will never know this – the northerners have a whole basement/cellar full of winter material! Call it their armoury of sorts, which is stocked up with sweaters, jackets, gloves, heaters, coal, kerosene, etc. After all, creating the recipe for a warm house involves Masterchef-ish skills! What’s the recipe for a warm house in the west though?

A house with the fans switched off. Yup, that’s all folks.

4) What’s essential here is not essentially essential elsewhere…


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What’s winter without sipping on some boiling hot tea, right? What if we asked you to gulp down an ice-cream in the winter? Don’t worry we won’t – we can hear your bones shivering and teeth chattering at the mere prospect of it! But that’s winter down here in a nutshell – the perfect opportunity for us to fully and truly enjoy ice creams and kulfis without worrying about them melting away within 2 minutes like they do during the other 11 months of the year… #TheOnlyPositiveThingAboutOurWinter

5) Fake it when you can’t flake it


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Ah, the joy of snowflakes! Collecting a bunch in your hand and then smacking it across the face of a nearby human… is an event the people down below can only watch in a movie and envy! For, the only “flakes” available here… give us not joy, but cancer! Talk about “breath-taking” things… #PunIntended.

6) The Theory of Romantic Relativity


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Well, if you’re lucky enough to have found a partner, you would know that every relationship has certain rules/guidelines. Here’s a little pro-tip: NEVER touch your S-O’s face if you’re in the North during winter! You vowed to be with each other through health and sickness – not summer and winter. They might love you and everything, but if lay your cold, godforsaken hands on their poor frosted face – be prepared to go back to Tinder swiping for new partners…

… or you could head here to the west. And let the barely-there winter allow you to get all warm and cuddled up with your partner without ending up irritating them. Yes, romance does blossom here – after all, why else would the King of Romance himself shift to Mumbai?

winter tweet

This tweet basically summarises the stark difference between the winters of the 2 regions that we love to compare. Guess we know who wins the winter battle!

(PS – If you haven’t already guessed it, yes, I am a poor victim of the winter-less west – the land where “winter” is nothing but a summer mellowed down temporarily by some weed. If you’re a North Indian, I bet you’re probably laughing at our miseries. If you’re a westerner like me, hell, catch up with me and we’ll do something these northies can only dream of – get out of the home. And maybe grab a vanilla cone. Drop by in the comments!)