8 Ways to Overcome Sadness and Despair

“Despair, despair, despair.”

I remember beginning an article with the above phrase in 6th grade because I couldn’t learn to ride a bicycle until that time. Sadness is something very transient as a kid. More temporary than a pinch mark on your hand. And at that time these young emotions seemed too hard to bear. With age not only do we grow, our problems and emotions start to grow as well. We tend to equate these seemingly larger problems with complications. Even if we fail to notice, none of our problems is bigger or more complicated than us. Sometimes we are so lost that we don’t even know what we are sad about. We might feel that we have reached a dead end in our life, but don’t let the darkness deceive you. Keep walking and you definitely will find a pinprick of light at the end of the tunnel. Here are some of the ways which might save you from drowning in your own head:

  1. Try to know the problem:

Remember how knowing a demon’s name in horror movies gives you power over it? Well, being able to pinpoint the thing(s) that is bothering you gives you power over it as well.


Image source: Pixabay.com
  1. Let it out:

Talk about what’s going on in your mind. Going into a shell might seem the easy and comfortable option, but take your time and talk about it to someone. You might as well write everything down. Just get it out of your system. That’s the important thing.


Image source: Pixabay.com
  1. Keep yourself busy:

An empty mind is devil’s workshop. Keep yourself occupied. Develop a hobby or take up a passion you lost when life happened. Read, write, draw, dance, sing, watch movies. Absolutely anything.


Image source: Pixabay.com
  1. Perspective matters:

When everything seems grey, try to change your perspective. Maybe, it won’t seem so pathetic after all. Don’t they say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder?!


Image source: Pixabay.com
  1. Is it going to matter so much always?

When I had almost given up on life, a friend who now means a lot to me asked me a question which made me think hard. He asked me, “Is the problem you are facing right now going to have the same importance in your life a few years down the line?” More often than not we get hung up on things which matter a lot now, maybe more than a lot, but is it going to be the same always? The only good thing about life is that it goes on. And so should you. Get yourself out of the spiral which is choking the life out of you.


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  1. The human touch:

We are social animals at the end of the day. And human touch is as beautiful as Midas’ touch. It won’t turn anything into gold but it definitely will leave you touched. Find that human who has the gift of understanding you when you can’t even understand yourself. It can be anyone, a friend, parents, siblings, a counsellor or maybe a long-awaited love? Someone who is willing to fix you for your happiness.


Image source: Pixabay.com
  1. Prioritize:

Life might seem the worst thing that has happened to you but make the most of it while it lasts. Mould it according to you. Craft it the way you want. You are the protagonist, narrator, writer and creator of this piece of art. Get a grip and prioritize your life.


Image source: Pixabay.com
  1. You are worth it:

So worth it. Do not ever doubt that. You are worth it and you matter, if not to anyone then to your own self. Build a self that others can look up to and not one you cannot look in the eye. Love yourself. Care for yourself. For you are going to live with yourself till the last breath escapes your mouth. You are worth every bit of it. Period.

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Is there a Life after Death?

Humans are the only species on earth who know for a fact they will die one day. But then again, this knowledge isn’t the one they relish. Throughout history, people have sought eternal life trying almost everything and most recently trying to fulfill this hope by pinning it to science. The only thing that surpasses this hope that death can be postponed forever is the hope that life will continue after death. And this belief in life after death comes in all shapes and sizes. In between the views involving continued existence in a physical body, and those in which survival takes place outside the body we are still stuck with it, trying to reason and understand the same.

Today let’s talk about that one question which has troubled every mind for centuries, And the question is, is there life after death? I mean, what we know for a fact is that one hundred percent of the people that you’ll ever meet are you going to die because we are structured to. But, is that it? What happens to you after you die? And if that is so, what’s the basis of the same? How does it even work? Let’s try to evaluate.


Pic: http://bigpicturequestions.com/what-is-a-walk-in-or-a-soul-exchange/

If words of Plato were to be considered, he said that “I’m not sure what’s after death but nature seems to give us a picture of what it will be like, some new kind of life after death. Inside of every piece of fruit is a seed and if you plant the seed, you get the tree that brought it. An oak tree has an acorn and the acorn, if you plant it, you get another oak tree. The caterpillar goes into this cocoon and it seems to die and then it bursts forth as a butterfly.” Does that mean we have an ulterior purpose ? or is it all about For you are dust, And to dust, you shall return.”


Pic: semioart.livejournal.com

According to Anthropologists almost every culture and religion known on the face of the earth believe in some kind of afterlife – everyone from the primitive cultures to the Amazon to the Himalayas to urban cultures.

There is this something in human beings that believe that death is just not an end, there’s something. Some people end up building pyramids while others build tombs, if we look closely into the rituals, people think that they can take their riches with them. Somehow death unites us all (at least the way we think). There’s a universal belief system in terms of life after death – a common thread of all people.


Pic: theverge.com

That hunger, that thirst for knowing the meaning, the significance which never quite gets satiated. No matter what we accomplish, no matter how good it gets, there’s always that, hmmmm, we’re not quite there. And that is another reason to believe that there is life after death. Heaven or hell whatever you name it, there has to be something.

And then, even a part of science, i.e. “NDE” or the near-death experiences conducts various researchers trying to put an end to this mystery. With numerous people reporting near-death experiences where they see a light at the end of the tunnel or a mystic figure waiting to take them has been largely reported.


Pic: gazeta.ru

Then comes our mythologies, the Hindu Mythology for that matter has a whole book called “Garur Puran” which tells you about how will you treated in hell or heaven according to your past deeds and the way you had led your life on Earth. Bible Claims that Jesus resurrected after being dead and buried for 3 days which yet again gives us hope of the same.

Pic: www.patrika.com

What is the truth behind Life and Death? Can we somehow live forever? Is there a light waiting for us at the end of the tunnel? Only time will tell. Till then let’s hatch more conspiracy theories.

Featured Image: https://www.gotquestions.org/is-there-life-after-death.html



Live-In Relationships ~ New Kid on the block?

A rush of chilliness ran down my spine when he asked me if I wanted to move in with him. I stood there, dazzled and confused at the same time. Did I hear it right? Or maybe he meant something else? A sense of delight was slowly chipping in but I kept a blank face on, holding my ground, waiting for him to come again. As startled as I was, I didn’t want to give that away. I slowly moved towards him pretending as if I haven’t heard him in the first instance. “Sorry,” I said. “I guess I couldn’t hear you”, gently sliding that strand of hair that was covering my left eye while the right lay glued at him, catching every last bit of reaction I could gather. He, for once hesitated, and then mustering up his voice said again, “Do you wanna Move in with me?”. And there I could see him turning pale as if he had seen a ghost. While I, on the other hand, was trying to control my laughter on looking at his face which was showing signs of uncertainty and fear. I leaned towards him wrapping my hands around his shoulders, staring him in the eye and said, “I thought you would never ask.” and that was our moment, A moment to cherish. While the sun was setting down, giving way to the moon, the sea met the horizon, crimson redness scattering all around as if it’s giving an approval for us to be together.


But it was a day later when reality struck. LIVE-IN was supposedly a huge deal for people around. I couldn’t understand why. I mean, It’s me who is the one who will be impacted and it’s everyone else around who are feeling the heat. Why so? Well maybe because it’s their job to judge! But then I don’t know what makes them judge it anyway. Two grown-up individuals who like each other decide to live together under one roof. Where in this world does that sound Corrupted? And yet, It’s frowned upon. It’s easy to judge others but then judging someone on the basis of a preconceived bias which is all but positive might be termed as a jerk move. (Oh Damn. Are the moral police reading this? :3)

maxresdefaultPic Courtesy: https://youtu.be/O6233wzermI

Let’s get into some statistics while we are talking about this to make it a solid research supported account about the new kid on the block, and most importantly, one who is here to stay, Live-in Relationship! The National Institute of Child Health and Human Development reports that more than half (54 percent) of all first marriages between 1990 and 1994 began with unmarried cohabitation. This said I guess more than half of the people can’t be that wrong. Eh?

BUT BUT BUT, There always has to be a but. Isn’t it? 😂

Live-In comes with its own share of problems and downfalls. Let’s me try to lay that down too :

  • Living together is considered to be more stressful than being married.
  • Just over 50% of couples who have lived-in ever get married.
  • Couples who lived together before marriage tend to divorce early in their marriage.
  • Compared to married individuals, those cohabiting have higher levels of depression and substance abuse.

Should that stop us from getting into one? Naah. We are the Millennials. We love to live dangerously. But then again completely ignoring the fact and the noticed patterns would be a foolish move. It’s always the decision of the couple. What can be done is put in the rationality of thoughts about your motivation for living together.
Is it just out of convenience?
Is it to spend more time together?
Are you uncertain about the relationship and want to make a more informed decision?
Or, is it just a prelude to marriage?
What’s need to be Kept in mind is that couples who live together seem to have the most successful outcomes when they have already made a clear commitment to each other.
Let me try to draw a line to this now for two reasons.
One, He is getting bored and I can’t see him wait on me while I am glued to my screen.
Two, The first reason is important enough. 😉

Last but not the least guys. Whether you choose to live under the same roof or miles apart. Distance is never a problem when you love someone. It’s always about priorities and if you could make the person of your life your priority. Then trust me, all these statistics and research would be of no use at all.

Featured Image: http://www.youthincmag.com/live-relationship-pros-cons

7 New Year’s Resolutions That We All Failed to Keep in 2017!

Remember we all had some resolutions in 2017 thinking that we are going to fulfill all of them. Well, the year is coming to an end and 2018 is soon to follow. So, before you make another list of resolutions while promising yourself that ‘I’ll definitely fulfill this next year’ read below and see which resolution/s of yours you only made to break in 2017!

1. Start Exercising!



You promise to get fit and start exercising. You are so motivated that you end up getting an expensive gym membership and even end up buying a nice pair of workout shoes! You even go to the gym for a couple of weeks. But, all this comes to a sudden halt when you realise that gym membership is burning a hole in your pocket and you decide that an early morning 5km run will keep you in shape but…only if you had managed to get outta that bed of yours!

2. Eating Healthy



Eat green, eat clean, becomes your motto when it comes to making healthy food choices. You ditch those “oily-paranthas” and eat “healthy oats” for breakfast and start drinking fresh juices instead of soft drinks. But, then there is that one day where Domino’s is offering a crazy discount on that yummy cheese burst pizza and that too with a free coke. So, you decide having junk once or twice a week won’t do any harm and soon you are back to your old eating habits.

3. Learning New Skills!



You promise to learn new skills like cooking, driving, designing, photography, etc and take up new hobbies like reading because smart people read books and you buy a couple of books. You open one, read a couple of chapters, and then promise to go back to it…the truth is, you usually never go back.

4. Ditching Social Media

social media.gif


You realised that you are addicted to social networking websites and end up wasting a great deal of your time over there and decide it’s wise to quit them all. You did try this one for less than a day and failed, because how are you going to see all the pictures of your crush’s images of celebrating New Year on Instagram if you aren’t using Instagram? And how will everyone know your opinion if you can’t Tweet about it?

5. Sleeping Early



You decide to not stay up late and got to bed early. You promise to watch lesser movies and don’t binge watch tv-series back to back. But, Netflix is your life and you end up falling asleep early in the morning!

6. Stop Procrastinating



Everybody is well aware of the fact that procrastination is the root cause of all the problems, but who wants to start another task right after they finished one? We all need a break, which is great until that break continues to the day before that assignment is due.

7. Quit Smoking!



You know smoking is injurious to health and can even cause cancer. But, a rough day at work and you find yourself lighting up a stick while reminding yourself that you have to quit it but soon realise that maybe slowly like in a year or two.

New Year’s resolutions are commitments we make with enthusiasm and are soon forgotten about. 2017 sucked, we all know it. So, to make 2018 better, hold yourself accountable for these resolutions and make sure you achieve them!

7 Things We Can Learn from ‘Mondler’ about Relationships

They say love is a dying art. That the days of true love died in the 20th Century. That the concept of “love” has been reduced to mere right swipes and one-night flings. That relationship these days last for lesser time than a sock. And if you look around, you wouldn’t disagree with any of the above, would you?

Maybe it’s time for the Tinder generation to rewind a bit – to the days when if something broke, you fixed it instead of throwing it away. To the days when love outlasted buildings and empires and wars. To the days when satisfaction meant finding a second home in the arms of the person you couldn’t do one day without. To the days, when love was, as The King Of Romance himself once said,

And who better to epitomize that than 2 best friends who found soulmates in one another, and became the #RelationshipGoals for people to follow even 20 years later! Here’s how the new generation can learn a thing or two from Monica and Chandler, or Mondler, the most romantic couple the TV world ever came across!

♥ To be best friends first!

On the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S, Chandler and Monica were best friends for 4 seasons. And that is exactly what they never stopped doing throughout the course of their relationship. The love took seed one night, and grew forever after that. But what never changed was that they were always best friends first. Be it the time they called it even, or when a wife ordered a stripper for her own husband and then became one herself for him

call it evenstripper

And who can forget all the little pieces of roasts they dealt in with each other?

joke joke blah blahroast

Who is such great friends with their partner these days?

♥ Being romantic, also, jealous in cute quantities!

No disrespect to SRK fans, but anyone who has seen both him and F.R.I.E.N.D.S would say the same thing – Mondler’s Romance>Any SRK movie. They didn’t even have to be a couple to be romantic –

Not that things ever changed later…

i like maintaining you

Do we need to even have any nominations for the award of the most romantic proposal ever?

Who can forget the time Chandler’s boss took him out after his supposed “breakup” which ultimately made Chandler realize how tragic his life would be without Monica?

grow old together

Millions of romantic moments interspersed in everyday life…

And of course those moments when jealousy crept in (as it should) and they kept it at harmless levels (as everyone should). Like the time when Chandler got jealous over a chef with too much in common with Monica, or when Monica met the funniest guy and it wasn’t Chandler. Also, when Monica thought Chandler was hooking up in Tulsa.

How many relationships has our generations ruined over getting worked up because of mere FB likes?

♥ Being loyal to each other

Millenials are a fickle lot. They find it much easier to keep jumping on every new opportunity that looks great, without so much as considering the long-term effect of it. Betrayalals, drunken hook-ups are as common as tea and coffee.

But Mondler didn’t. Not when Chandler had a chance to hook up in Tulsa even when he knew he could have hidden it from Monica easily.

chandler im married

Also not when Phoebe wanted to kiss Chandler as part of an unofficial contest


Because the hallmark of a true relationship is having eyes, heart, and comfort only for each other, rather than giving in to stupid temptations that can destroy something that could have been so good, as it was with Mondler…

♥ Not cutting out other friends from your life…

The one mistake we all make in relationships is to give too much priority to our partner. Agreed, spending time together is important, but doing too much can actually cause you to get fed up! Hence, spending quality time with other friends is as essential to keep the relationship strong and fresh. Which is something Mondler ensured they always did.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After all, friends are the ones that keep you going if something goes wrong with your relationship, don’t they?

♥ To keep going even when the going gets tough!

So what do you do when you come across a difficult question in exam? Skip it and move over to the easier ones, don’t you? This tactic may get us what we want in exams, but unfortunately, we end up applying the same even to our relationships. Us rookies bail out at the slightest hint of trouble.

Not Mondler.

Yes, they fought the first weekend they tried to spend away together. But they made through it.

When Chandler was upset with Monica, she made a complete fool of herself just to please him-

And who can forget the hilarious fight when Chandler smoked and Monica used him for sex.

They underwent the toughest of days… like when Chandler thought he would lose Monica to Richard. And so, he fought FOR her –

And when their world came crashing down realizing they could never have a baby, they fought life TOGETHER!

Because a battle is not won without a scar or injury, is it?

♥Accepting each other with all their fault and imperfections

No two humans are 100% like each other, unless they’re clones. Also, no human is perfect (unless they’re Rajnikant! :p). A true relationship is about liking each other’s positives, and loving each other’s negatives.

We all know how bossy and controlling Monica was. Hell, it even made Phoebe stop living with her. But not Chandler. He allowed her to be herself, all faults included.

love you inspite of it

And Monica reciprocated in equal measure when Chandler couldn’t perform in bed and felt like he had let down Monica –

chandler cant perform

The faults never made a difference to them because the love is all that mattered for them. A good leaf to take out of their book, don’t you think?

♥Growing with each other!

you make me the best

Chandler… the poor child wrecked with divorced parents and growing with serious commitment issues. Monica, the shrill, baby-obsessed bossy woman who broke up with the first love of her life because she was hell-bent on having a baby.

To the point Chandler won everyone’s heart with his impromptu wedding vow-

mondler wedding

And Monica giving time to Chandler to grow and be ready. They grew. Together.

Chandler went from being an irresponsible mess who lost a baby on the bus to admonishing Rachel and her sister for misbehaving in Monica’s apartment. If there’s any one who worked as a true team, it is MONDLER!

growing up



Don’t you think it’s time we learnt something from the Mondler Handbook of Succeeding at Relationships that they wrote over 6 years?

chan cant kiss phoebe

Artificial Intelligence: Throwback 2017

So, we’re in the last month of the year, bracing ourselves for those annual resolutions, terrible New-Year jokes and digital nostalgia. But before you and I shut off our senses and social media to protect ourselves from all those nuclear nonsensities, it’s time to have a bit of #throwback. Not the instagram ones with stock captions of “#majormissing #takemethere”, but rather, something that sounds artificial, but is very, very much real in the context of shaping the upcoming years! We’re of course, talking of Artificial Intelligence – the AI that is actually taking off, unlike its abbreviation-namesake in India…

Let’s have a quick look at the timeline of 7 events that made everyone stand up and take note of the most exciting tech-kid on the block…

emoji - crop JANUARY 2017

» AI Beats Humans At Poker

AI poker

Last year, AlphaGo made headlines for being the first AI to beat a human Go master. Come 2017, the AI juggernaut rolls on. Libratus, an AI designed to excel at Poker, just beat 4 of the best Poker players in the world. By a margin of – wait for it – $1.7 MILLION! That’s right. Even as the world cries over how foreigners come steal their jobs and money, a new money-stealer is already on the horizon. Watch out…


emoji - cropJULY 2017

» Microsoft releases AI-enabled app for the blind


Trust Mr. Benevolent Gates to usher in AI for the purpose it should be intended for – helping mankind. Microsoft launched SeeingAI, an app on the Apple store, to enable the blind to “see” what’s in front of them. The AI understands its surroundings and then describes it to the blind user by way of voice functionality. Smooth! Way to go, Microsoft. Maybe try and make MS Word as smooth too… #JustSaying


»Two In a Tango: Elon Musk vs Mark Zuckerberg


When two of the world’s most dynamic young leaders and innovators debate over an issue, everyone better stand up and take notice! Earlier this year, SpaceX founder Elon Musk and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg had a difference in opinion over AI, with Musk dubbing AI as “a greater threat to mankind than North Korea”. Mark lambasted him as “being a naysayer” and “spreading doomsday rumours”. Musk retorted back at him, tweeting “his knowledge of the subject is limited”. Who’s right? Who’s wrong? While the jury is still out there, it surely has spruced up the debate that has been going on ever since AI first broke on to the world stage…


emoji - cropAUGUST 2017

» Facebook shuts down its AI bots after they create their own language


Even as the 2 stalwarts debated on the issue of AI, a month later, Facebook had to shut down a part of its AI program. Why? Because the bots started developing their own language! Suckers of the popular movie Terminator went berzerk with their comparisons of this incident with the Skynet AI portrayed in the movie. To be perfectly honest, robots doing their own thing… does sound pretty spooky doesn’t it? Well, the end had to come some day… #PrayForYourSinsMortals!


emoji - cropSEPTEMBER 2017

» Rahul Gandhi goes for AI conference, gets trolled royally!

Rahul troll

When “RaGa” and “intelligence” are used in the same sentence… kidding – they never are (duh!). So when Rahul Gandhi, already famous (read: notorious) among the Twitterati as “Pappu” announced that he would be speaking in a US conference on AI, the nation couldn’t be faulted for trolling him right-left-centre in 140 characters! As expected, Indians lost huge amounts of oxygen laughing their guts out at the irony of the situation. Sometimes, it feels sad seeing him face such harshness. After all, he is the only one who wakes up in the morning, at night… #TheRealArtificiallyIntelligent


» Apple forays into AI with Iphone X


At the much-celebrated 10th year anniversary of the Iphone, Apple made one small step that may one day prove to be the giant leap for mankind. Unveiling the new, much-hyped Iphone X, Apple made a foray into AI, by instilling in its A11 bionic chip a form of neural AI that can accurately scan and recognize human faces, without the need of a cloud-based system or internet! Although the technology is still in its nascent stages, Apple has once again set the benchmark when it comes to innovation. With competition growing by the day, expect more research and development in this field in the upcoming years. The ultimate winners? The consumers!


emoji - cropOCTOBER 2017

» AI makes ground-breaking progress (pun intended!)

AI Earthquake

At the fag end of the year, scientists managed to breakthrough in what might be one of the biggest life-saving technologies on earth! While it has been a centuries-long attempt by mankind to predict catastrophes and take precautionary measures, the efforts just got a major shot in the arm by AI, which managed to identify and pick-up seismic signals long before an earthquake was about to occur. Seeing as these signals had never been recognized before by existing technologies, scientists naturally are drooling at the prospect of finally having achieved the Holy Grail of modern geology!


It’s no secret that AI is the future of mankind. Chatbots are now passe, Japan is doing what only Japan can do – talk about sex robots. Facebook is testing newer AI, Tesla is foraying into self-driven cars… suffice to say that being human is so ‘normie’ now! Even as the debate forages on, one thing is certain – 2017 heralded a new era of advanced AI which is sure to impact our lives like never before. Read this and you’ll realize just how…


7 Annoying Moments You Will Relate To Every Time You’re in The Exam Hall

To the one reading this right now – our deepest condolences lie with you. We know the horrors you’ve undergone and the hell that you’re going through. Been there, done that. Yes, we’re talking of exams – those damned things invented by Satan himself to make poor little kids like us die not another, but every other day! The wretched feeling of writing an exam is no alien to any of us. Which is why we’re sure you would relate to these 7 extremely annoying moments we all endured (or continue to) while scribbling down those pages!

1) “Dillon ka shooter hai mera scooter, dillon ka shooter! Ah! Ah!”

get outta my head

The question that the paper asks – “What is the Keynesian theory of aggregate demand?” The answer that your brain comes up with – some Dhinchak lyrics of a dhinchak song! Anyone who has suffered from this disease called ‘songstuckitis’ would know how horrible it is when you’re desperately trying to think of answers and all that your scumbag brain can do is replay the lyrics of an annoying song! To make matters worse, it is often just that 1 sentence that keeps playing on loop over and over again; of a song that you have no recollection whatsoever of having heard in the recent past. And yet, it pops up like an un-skippable youtube ad and makes you want to shoot yourself in the head!

sk haider

2) “Ma’am Supplement!”


2 words. 2 magical words that make you want to punch 2 people at once – the nerd who asked for the supplement 10 minutes into the exam, and then yourself for not knowing what to write unlike the nerd! Even as you’re scratching your head, still trying to figure out whether to do objectives first, there will always be that one guy/girl who will face the wrath of a hundred other losers like you by screaming those damned words! Dork!

3) “Palat! Palat!”


“Agar who mera sacha dost hai, toh who palatke meri help zaroor karega! Palat! Palat!..” goes your mind silently as you look desperately towards your friend in search of some answers. But damn! That dungbeetle of a friend who called you last night to say “yaar maine haath bhi nahi lagaya book ko” is now going Ferrari with his writing even as you keep looking towards him hoping he’d turn around and help you. LOOK AT ME YOU FILTHY FAKE FRIEND! HELP ME OR I’LL KNOCK YOUR TEETH OFF! And yet, he doesn’t…

4) The One That Just Won’t Shut Up!


There are only 2 types of invigilators in the world – the normal ones who ask you once before the exam to not cheat (haha sure!) and not carry phones with you. And then those idiots who think shouting continuously, even as the exam has already commenced, is the only way to drive home the message of not cheating. Yes, you know you’ve had those moments – when all you wanted to do was grab him by the neck and scream in his face “Shut the **** up! We’re trying to concentrate for ****’s sake!” If only! But then such is the travesty of life…

5) When you know you don’t know what you know

i dont know

A F.R.I.E.N.D.S fan might have been able to follow this train of thoughts. And if you’re not one (get a life!), here’s what we mean – that moment when you can recollect what page number the answer was on… you can even recollect its positioning on the page… but, you can’t recollect the words! That frustration when you know read and prepared that answer but just can’t remember the damned words! Relatable much?

6) “Somebody wants you… somebody needs you… that somebody’s ME!”

hum saath saath hai

So you’re done writing down whatever your mind could possibly allow you to, and think about handing over the answer sheet to the examiner, but wait! It’s still half an hour to go till the bell and no one has left as yet. You look around and see everyone gushing their pens about like they still have tonnes to write and all you can think is “What!!! What the hell is everyone writing so much! I can’t be the only loser to finish so soon… somebody get up!!!” You desperately hope to have some company while walking out from the hall… away from all the prying, judges eyes screaming “haha loser!!”

7) Last ball, Dhoni goes for the hit… and BOWLED!


Let’s face it – it sucks to know that you’re not legendary! Dhoni can hit those last ball sixes and win the match, but when you try to do things last minute… the bell goes off and the invigilator starts screaming “Pens down everyone!” You try to squeeze in words thinking they will miraculously (and quite illogically!) fetch you additional marks… till the invigilator comes around, snatches away your paper and all it reads is gibberish like “Thɇƨƺˁ…”. If only they gave you 5 more minutes… you’d have made Einstein proud. Or so you think.

We’re sure we’ve riled you up by bringing out all these demons that haunt you during exams. Well, we can’t drive those demons away, so yes the annoyance is here to stay. But why fear, when TCF Pro is here! Check out, chill out and de-stress yourself with some quality reads! Also, save on that Jio data limit by having all information delivered to your doorstep, and instead, use that data for some good purpose. (We won’t suggest, but you know what to do with it!). Have fun. You know you’ve earned it!

Living life a Debaters way!

“It is better to debate a question without settling it than to settle a question without debating it.”
― Joseph Joubert

These words of Joseph Joubert perfectly describes the motto of life as a debater. You just can’t settle and accept anything or everything in life without debating the “for” and “against” of it. Leading a life of a debater is one hell of a roller-coaster ride and you love the adrenaline rush! Keep on reading below to know what it’s like to deal with a life of a debater.

Knowledge is Power!


Your morning isn’t complete until you have carefully gone through each and every page of dozens of newspapers and yes, it includes those weekly magazines too. You are actually one of those students who frequently binge watches debates on Youtube and all your friends look at you like, are you for real?

P.S. Not to forget those current affairs monthly magazine subscriptions!

Exposure and Experience

Being a debater carries its own set of perks and one of them is travelling. You get the opportunity to go for outstation events and explore new places and meet a new set of people. As a debater, you face people who possess a different style of debating than those whom you usually face in your local debating circuit. Debating brings you exposure and you gain a lot of invaluable experience in life and you ultimately become wiser.

A Loyal Listener

“Most of the successful people I’ve known are the ones who do more listening than talking.” -Bernard Baruch

To be a great debater you need to be a good listener. Your friends love to rant about their life woes around you because you know that hearing out to other people’s views and problems are of immense help in the construction of your perspective on various matters and this bumps up your chances at winning debates 😉

Pro Note Taker


Thanks to those debating events where you mastered the art of making notes of your competitor’s arguments. You are now a pro at making notes and research work and your friends, as well as professors, always look up to you for inside classroom discussions and debates.

Determined Persuader

If you are a debater you know you are master of persuasion. Knowing that “two-thirds” sounds better than “75 percent” is the beauty of being a debater. The persuasion possibilities are infinite when you face critical circumstances like negotiating with your landlord for rent or convincing your friends to order pizza over pasta.

Not One to Forget!


As those debate rounds go at the speed of lightning and involve a lot of facts, figures and names in the mix, you are the person who remembers pretty much everything. And apparently, you remember things about others which they wish you would forget, like, three months ago your friend borrowed your favourite Batman t-shirt and hasn’t returned it yet.

Those Stupid Questions

“What do you debate? “What kind of debate do you do?” “How do you practice? “Oh, I bet you’re good at arguing!” Yes, I know the last one is not really a question but you are always pestered about it. Common folks often take arguing and debating as one of the same things and you often have a hard time explaining the difference between the two!

Are you tired of participating in the same debating events again and again? If you are looking for an exciting new opportunity to showcase your knife-edge debating skills then don’t miss the chance to be a part of Speak for India event. A unique debating forum for all college students in the country who pride on their oratory skills and want to voice their thoughts about their home state. They are currently running a contest on their Facebook page and three lucky winners will get the chance to win ₹500/- PayTM. So, get yourself registered here and don’t miss your shot to win exciting cash prizes, scholarships and other goodies.

So, on your marks, get set and Debate!

Have you tried the World’s Second Best Exercise?

Are you one of those people who at the beginning of every month, promise themselves to eat healthy food, exercise daily and take care of the body? But, after two-three days of following the regime sincerely, all your spirits fizzle out and thanks to the frenetic schedules and sometimes, the lazy us, we forget about it and promise to properly follow the schedule at the beginning of next month. Well, most of us are guilty of making these empty promises and the consequences are ugly.

According to a research conducted on a global level, over two billion people are suffering from health issues associated with overweight and obesity, and a growing number of people are dying from these health maladies. Yikes!
So, when you are living in a world which is getting fatter day by day, it’s imperative that you convince your lazy self to sweat it out every day! And, if you are confused about how to get started?
Running, my friend is the answer. Yes! Running! It’s simple and anyone can do it.

Quick Fact: 26 bones, 33 joints, 112 ligaments, and a network of nerves, tendons, and blood vessels, in the feet have to work together when you run!

Below are twelve reasons, that will definitely send you running on your way:

1. Run Your Worries Away

Most of us are so entangled in our daily lives and stressed out that the mere idea of a gym session sends our mind into dizzy. But, running doesn’t put any pressure on your mental health. Instead, it helps fighting mental issues like anxiety, Alzheimers, and depression. And, all you need to do is put your one foot in front of the other and breathe.

2. Cheap

Kiss goodbye to your expensive gym membership and that super expensive workout equipment. You just need to invest a little in a nice, comfy pair of running shoes and you are good to go. Here is a quick guide to help you choose the perfect pair of running shoes.


So, save yourself some good bucks and go for a run without worrying about breaking your bank balance.

3. Do it Anywhere

Running is definitely one of those rare exercises, which you can do anywhere and doesn’t demand fancy infrastructure. It gives you a chance to move out of the four walls of your home and go out give some fresh oxygen to your lungs.

4. Go Socialize

friends running.jpg

Well, who said you need to run alone? Shut off your Facebook and Twitter for a while and go meet some real people and make some real friends while running. You can even join or form a running club with your ‘run pals’ and guide as well as encourage others to do it too.

5. Burn Crazy Calories

An extensive study performed by researchers at Syracuse found that men bust around 105 calories on an average running a mile in 9 mins and 30 secs whereas the women in the study, almost burnt 91 calories for the same time span. Although, metabolism plays a key role here, still burning calories equal to a half cup of ice-cream in less than ten minutes, isn’t bad at all!

6. Combat Diseases

According to a study done by British Journal of Sports Medicine Study, people who do any kind of aerobic exercise for minimum five days a week have 43% less chance of getting respiratory diseases compared to those who don’t do it at all. Experts say that a daily 30-minute run can help combat common cold even before it starts showing symptoms.

7. Take your furry friend with you

Dog run.jpg

Guilty of not spending enough time with your dog? The furry being cannot accompany you to your gym, but, you can take him along on a run with you and dogs are great runners, thanks to their bone structure and they enjoy running. So, both of you go and hang…run out together.

8. Do it Anytime

Who said you cannot run once the park is closed? You can run at any time be it 5 in the morning or 5 in the evening it doesn’t matter. Just, go out on the street and run along on the route of your liking.

9. Live Longer!

Run along to live along! Yes, this is very much true. According to a study conducted by Archives of Internal Medicine on about 1,000 adults, ages 50 and above for 21 years, found out that only 85% of the runners were alive whereas 66% of the non-runners had kicked the bucket.

10. Eat More Carbs!

Who said you have to give up your love for fries and pizza?
As carbohydrates are runner’s fuel for running, you can relax and still munch on those delicious fries and pizza that you like but do it in moderation as the excess of anything is bad.

11. 6/6 Vision

Running not only burns those crazy calories but also, reduces the chances of having any vision related illness like cataract,
age-related eyesight loss, and even blindness. As per a research printed in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise, claimed that people who run an average of 5 miles or more a day have 41% lesser chances of developing any vision-related diseases.

12. Jam it Up!

girl running

Put those headphones on and blast your favourite tracks while you are burning those crazy calories away. Play those upbeat and high on bass tunes, to boost your mood. A recent study done by the University of Northwestern confirmed that music can make one feel powerful. Well, what better way to show you power than going for a long run?

“Now if you are going to win any battle you have to do one thing. You have to make the mind run the body. Never let the body tell the mind what to do. The body will always give up. It is always tired in the morning, noon and night. But the body is never tired if the mind is not tired.”
— George S Patton

This motivational quote will definitely make you leave your seat, put on your sneakers and go out for a much-needed run!


8 Things you’ll get if you go to an all-girls college.

Yes, it’s the 21st century and only women colleges still very much exist. Studying at an all-girls college may not sound like a very exciting proposition at first (some may not even consider it) but it is for those of us who crave for brand new experiences and adventures in life and are brave enough to endure fairer-sex as their only classmates for the rest of their academic life.

Quick fact: Did you know Nobel Peace Prize winner and popular political leader, Aung San Suu Kyi did her graduation in political science from Delhi’s Lady Shri Rao College?

Like Suu Kyi, there are other many ultra-successful and famous women personalities who completed their education from only girls colleges. So, these institutions in any way aren’t below the level of their co-ed contemporaries.

This comes as no surprise as according to MHRD’s 2017 college ranking, three prestigious girls college made it to the Top 10 and the college which came on top was none other than Delhi’s famous Miranda House, an all-women institution.

In case you happen to be a part of those brave and adventure seeking women clan and go to an all-girls institution, below are 8 things which will leave you shaking your head and saying same.

1. Who runs the world? Girls!

Since our Indian society is patriarchal in nature and as a girl you were often told girls aren’t good with technical stuff and they don’t even know how to replace a remote’s battery! (btw total b.s.)
Well, all these notions are broken once you enter an all-girls college.
Remember the first time you successfully turned off an entire college floor’s power so that you can skip giving your presentation and the professor thought it was a normal power cut 😉
The best thing about studying in a classroom with just fairer-sex is that sexism is stripped from the classroom teaching and Feminism finds its way.


P.S. Not to forget those well- informed classroom and canteen conversations regarding women empowerment and the issues.

2. Why should BOYS have all the fun?

Who said that only boys are the mischievous ones and girls couldn’t be naughty?
Well, ask your all-girls college friends and their stories will leave you rolling on the floor crying happy tears.
When it comes to playing pranks, there exists this one girl gang in college who is infamous (or famous you decide) for always taking “pangas” with the professors and others are secretly glad they are there because without them classroom time would be no fun.

3. Makeup Vs No Makeup

On some days you love it and rest of the days you loathe it.
Yes! basically, there are just two looks. One is the quintessential diva look where you are dolled up enough to make people believe you just straightway dropped from Vogue’s cover shoot and the other one is no “makeup-shakeup” a.k.a deglam “homeless beggar avatar” characterized by night suit, flip-flops, and a greasy hair bun, thanks to that early morning class which you can’t afford to miss because 75% attendance.
But, you can’t deny that this made you see people beyond their looks.

makeup vs no makeup.jpg

4. Healthy Competition

Apart from the jizz and jazz, studying in an all-girls college is quite very competitive. Everyone turns into a nerd when finals come knocking at the door. Studying with a bunch of talented and intelligent female species only pushes one to give their best and study.
How can you forget the walk to the library with your girl pals, the assignment making days? And neck to neck competition in every field from co-curricular activities, sports to food.
Yep! food too….Remember those gol-gappa competition days in the canteen?

5. Sisters before Misters!

Your girl gang always come first and bf always ends up being the last. Sometimes, you and your girl pals spend so much time together that there were rumours of you all being a lesbian gang at some point. (Yikes!). Whenever there is an emergency or your friend needed a shoulder to cry on (post-breakup scenario) you are always there for each other. When it comes to misters, the entire gang together checks out the guy who somehow lands on the college premises and then every single one of you rate his look :p

6. Girls Night Out

Most girls appreciate girls night out with their respective college mates but when you are a part of an all-girls college every single night out or even night-in is with your girl pals. From having a slumber party to staying out late roaming the streets of the city at night, You’ve done it all with your girl pals which include the booze induced shenanigans and endless attempts with Ouija board.

slumber party.jpg

7. No filter!

Conversations in the hallway revolve around periods, body hair, sex and not to forget the overdose of cuss words. Your day-to-day discussions revolving around such topics don’t even make you wince anymore.
Added bonus- you can always find someone to borrow a sanitary pad from…or..share your PMS-ing symptoms with.

8. Female Friendships Forever

You prove those people wrong who always think women are jealous of each other and can’t be super close friends. Your close bond with this amazing bunch of women loaded with talent, brains and beauty 😉 is for life beyond college and you all are going to stick together with each other thick and thin!

But, you still can’t find the logic of having so many male washrooms on an all-girls college campus.

8 Weekend Getaways – Finding An Escapade From The Hectic College Life

College life, in a nutshell, is incomplete without getaways, with the best F.R.I.E.N.D.S of your lives. The friends who stick by your side, through the thick and thins, undaunted by anything. The assignments, mid sems, vivas, conferences, lectures and tutes and the blah blahs, suck on your very enthusiastic and venturesome vibes. But yeah, the perks of this hectic life is the extended holidays and weekends that you get – thanks to our diverse culture and festivals. This is the last phase where no boss is going to cringe, on you taking a leave, and you can explore the places and your friendship simultaneously.


Fasten your belts, put on your boots, settle those glares, pack your bags and go on a trip with your buddies! Here are 8 weekend Getaways from all the four directions of India that should be on your list, this weekend!  Rev up people, Kyuki – Zindagi Na Milegi Dubara!!

1. Auli – The Switzerland of India

Save yourself from the humdrum of the city life and explore this gorgeous location, sketched with snow-covered peaks, serene lakes, and astounding prayags. Enjoy a train journey to Haridwar from Delhi and take a cab up to Joshimath. Devour in the holy aura of the pith, founded by Adi Sankracharya. The 22km Longest Cable Car in India takes you from Joshimath to Auli. You will be left gaping at the awe-inspiring beauty of the Garhwal Ranges of the Himalayas. Experience the adrenaline rush as you ski in the Alpine like ranges – The Ghori, Nar, Hathi, Nilgiri Parbats. Get lost in the serenity of the Chenab Lake and the beauty of the Trishul Peaks.

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2. Yeh Jawani in Manali

If you are a student from Delhi or NCR. This is the best escapade for all you venturesome folks. With a superhit Bollywood film as a reference, picturesque mountains, cascading River Beas, woody forests, and a holy charm, Manali is India’s most visited tourist attraction. It is a great vacation spot for people who love adventure. This town also has a multitude of options for tourists looking for adventurous activities like trekking, paragliding, skiing, zorbing, white water rafting and the Hadimba, Raghunath temples for all the devotees. Push yourself a bit and extend your trip to Leh!

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3. Allepey- Venice of the East

Backwaters, Beaches, and Lagoons offer the perfect rejuvenation, one needs after a tiring expedition. Dotting the coastline of the sea, Allepey is the oldest planned backwater town in Kerela. Alleppey is also known for its beaches, temples, boat races and Ayurvedic spa and wellness centers. If you are lucky enough to reach there on the second Saturday of August, you can witness the madness and the josh at the Nehru SnakeBoat Race. Pallipuram with its white sand beaches, Krishnapuram palace – an epitome of Travancore’s Kerela architecture, Vembanad- the longest lake in India, the Alphuzza beach and the houseboats; offers a perfect destination for a well deserved holiday!

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4. Meghalaya- Abode of Clouds

Well known for Cherrapunji, Meghalaya can leave you spellbound, with its majestic hills, valleys, secretive caves, and lakes. The Double Decker living root bridge, a masterpiece of the amalgamation of nature and engineering; located in Tryna village, is the biggest attraction in Meghalaya. Watch agape, the Mawsynram Falls as it strikes you with eternal beauty. The Umiam Lake (lake of tears), is yet another gorgeous man-made reservoir, lined with beautiful conifers and Gulmohar trees. This Abode of Clouds will give you all the tranquility you need to rest in nature’s lap!

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5. Alibaug – The one with the beaches

Who doesn’t enjoy wading through the waves, crashing at the shores? Alibaug with more than 10 beaches is a perfect stop for you, this weekend. Discover the history of the Kolaba Fort, 1-2 km from the shores of Alibaug. Surrender to the beautiful yellow sand Akshi beach, lined with pristine suru trees. Enjoy the enchanted waters, beautiful weather and birds at the Mandwa. Witness the wooden Murud Janjira Fort, 54kms away from Alibaug and get lost in Shiva bhakti at the kanakeshwar forest.

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6. Kamshet – Fly with the wind

Located 45 km from Pune, it is a Paragliders paradise.  The area is surrounded by paddy and sunflower fields and it provides an awesome view while you are enjoying the world-class paragliding facilities here. Have a closer look at the village life in India with muddy huts and village markets. Breathe in the beauty of the Pawna Lake as it takes your breath away. Bedsa caves, dating back to 60BC is a perfect instance of architecture and nature. Shinde Wadi hills, is a beginner paraglider escape, with a height of 100-200 feet. Due to its proximity with Lonavla and Khandala, you can push your trip further.

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7. Chickmagalur – Coffee Land of Karnataka

What’s better than experiencing the chiming silence of the forests by actually spending a night amidst the forests. Known for its coffee estates, it is a 7-hour drive from Bangalore. The road trip is smooth with CCDs and A2Bs welcoming you throughout the Bangalore-Mangalore highway. Retreat to the verdant grass, the wonders of nature in its purest of forms at the Mullyanagiri and Kemanagundi hills. Experience the thrill of rafting in the Bhadra river. Head to the National Coffee Research Station to grab the perfect variety of coffee grown here. Stay at Homestays, situated deep in the forests with gaping hills at one side and the endless rainforest at the other. Enjoy activities like trekking through the forests and waterfalls, camping, shooting and coffee estate visits, organized by the homestays.

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8. Ooty- Queen of Nilgiris

Situated at 2500 meters above sea level, with roads entwined on the lofty hills, with the aroma of tea and the salubrious air, Ooty is a great destination for the weekends. On a road trip, you can visit the Bandipur National Park and encounter bathing elephants, posing deers and exquisite birds all along your way. On reaching Ooty, head to the beautiful Ooty Lake and go boating with your friends. The breathtaking Pykara Lake is yet another boating spot. Grab a cuppa tea at the Tea estates and take a toy train to Conoor, and pose amidst the tea gardens with astounding Sleeping Lady Hill Ranges. Hire a guide and take a trek up to witness the turtle rock. The hills present a beautiful sunset view, which shall be forever etched in your memories.

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I hope you are not going to waste any time and head straight to planning your next Trip with your friends. Discover more options and witness the enthralling beauty of our Incredible India. The giggles and an unforgettable trip with your ‘yaaras’, will always stay close to your heart. Ready Steady Po!



Mission Impossible: Saving our farmers from the Ghost Protocol?

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to save the dying farmers of India. This country will otherwise self-destruct in 5 seconds”, is probably what the glasses would tell every Indian if he wore it and chose to see the plight of our farmers. Unfortunately, most of us do what Ethan Hunt does immediately, that is


but not what Ethan Hunt does eventually, like

mission accomplished

Which is why we still hear cases of farmers preferring the ghost world, and committing suicides, right? You and I, just like 1.1999999 billion Indians may think we’re incapable, but there will always be those 0.0000001 billion Indians that will still believe in a miracle. And half of those will actually set out and make those miracles a reality. So what if you can’t get down and dirty in the fields yourself? There is no paucity of brilliant minds in our country that has the ability to create tech marvels which strive to improve the quality of life our farmers. Here are 5 such wonders our farmers can only bless the creators for –

  • Bullet Santhi


How many of you remember this notoriously irritating song about fusing pens and apples, which did the rounds in 2016? If it was up to Mansukh Jagani, he would probably go like “I have a Bullet. I have a tractor. Uhh! Bullet Santi!” Because that’s precisely what he did. Forced to live in abject poverty and unable to complete even primary education, he came up with an innovation that will be studied about for decades in all the premiere IIT’s of the country. All he did was fuse a Royal Enfield (Bullet, as we lovingly call it), and a tractor. The result?

bullet santi

This simple but marvelous piece of technology has ensured farmers are able to get much more yield than they could afford to, in the absence of tractors. It provides all services a rich farmer could avail using expensive methods, such as sowing, plowing, trazing, kneading, etc. at a fraction of that cost. One of the biggest reasons for farmer suicides is their inability to repay debt. The Bullet Santi is a cure for just that. Farmers would no longer need to sell their blood and bones to buy and take care of tractors and bullocks. This low-cost technology, assembled within Rs. 50,000/-, promises to make life a lot easier for farmers. At least monetarily.

While it does pose a unique solution, it still needs some time to enter mass production, considering the mastermind behind it is still in search of adequate funding. You can check out more of the Bullet Santi’s features at SristiInnovation. He needs your support for sure!


No, this is not some new chant adopted by Mr. Modi. (It’s still Mitroooooon…). MITRA is an acronym for Machines, Information, Technology, Resources for Agriculture. It is a Nashik based Startup that has come up with various machines to solve every issue plaguing our farmers, one at a time. These machines include harvesters, sprayers, dusters, etc.


The technology is brilliant – they are 30% cheaper than sprayers available in other parts of the world and takes less than an hour for an activity that would otherwise require a man force of 10 to 12 farmers working all day doing it manually. However, their service does not stop at simply providing machines to farmers. They also provide a variety of follow-up and after-sales services so that the tech can be used as effectively as the makers intended it to be.

  • Skymet

A farmer can do everything correctly, use all the correct tools, but when the weather Gods have decided to play truant, no one really stands much of a chance, do they? Skymet tries to be the truce between God and the mere mortal farmers. While controlling the environment as per our whims and fancies is still a fantasy best left for a Christopher Nolan or Bryan Singer to encapsulate in his movies, the most we can do on our part is predict, prepare and prevent. Skymet’s technologies aspire to accomplish the same.


Skymet provides dozens of instruments such as Automatic Weather Stations, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV’s), Lightning sensors, soil moisture and temperature sensors, ceilometers, etc that quantify and analyse data related to various aspects of farming and inform the farmer if any adverse scenario is likely to arise or if the conditions are suited to sowing or not. It has a network of over 3500 stations over 20 states and is inarguably India’s biggest technology provider for the food-providers of the nation.

  • Aquaponics

Aquaponics is not so much as a brilliant technology, as it is a brilliant technique. But that’s an opinion for later. First, let’s see the whats-what of it. As simply put by TheAquaponicSource – “The most simple definition of Aquaponics is the combination of aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (the soil-less growing of plants) that grows fish and plants together in one integrated system.” Wait, our schools taught us that farming and fishing are 2 different jobs, didn’t they? How can both be carried out together? That’s the precise beauty of the technique!


The waste of fish acts as a nutrient source for the crops to grow, and vice versa. Check out this video by AquaponicsIndia, the pioneers of the latest agro-revolution in the nation

The benefits to farmers are immense. It uses less than a fifth of the water used by traditional farming techniques, can increase output by 4-5 times the average previously, saves a lot of time and money wasted by farmers on chemical fertilizers that ultimately harm the soil, as also ensuring continuous production, even in the off-season. The only costs associated are the one-time installation costs which might be high initially, but the profit generated by the excess output more than covers up for it over time. Need for sustainable development, anyone?

  • CropIn

What’s a singer if his/her songs are never heard by anyone? What’s an author if his/her books never reached the shelves? Similarly, what’s a farmer whose produce never hit the market? CropIn seeks to address just that issue – the inability of farmers to get value for their sweat.

To cut a long story short, CropIn uses technology tools such as geo-tagging to monitor crop development, and when they’re ready for harvesting and consumption, it links buyer (food companies/wholesalers/industrial managers etc.) to the seller (the farmer) in quick time to ensure ready supply of worthy money to the farmer and raw material to the industry. Both can connect to each other using internet-based apps and web. Additionally, the Bangalore based startup also stores and transmits important farm-related data and records, as also managing the shipment of the goods. In short, it is a one-stop logistics-supply chain technological solution for our farmers as well as the people directly dependent on them.

Do you still think India is a “Rogue Nation”? Or have you begun Hunting for hope? Only time will tell whether our farmers will one day Cruise around joyfully in their tractors. Till then, they hang on for their dear lives, supported only by the rope called technology. Like,